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Monday, September 6, 2010

Word Verification

I have been wondering what is the purpose of word verification? You know the little box that comes up on some blogs when you leave a comment? At times it annoys me, but since I blog and know how much I love getting comments and feedback I go through the process.

Next Question!! Who thinks up these words? Instead of getting annoyed I started looking at the humorous side of the whole ordeal. Have you ever noticed some of the made-up words they use for us to verify. Some are actually real words, some are so close to real words it evokes a humorous thought of the newly made-up word and some are verrrry close to being profane( Sorry, I am just not going to go there!)

Here are just a few of the words that I thought were funny and I made up my own definition. Do you do that or am I just weird?
  • Speadess: A female speed racer.
  • Frofte: Someone trying say Frosty with a lisp.
  • Crsti: A crusty curtsy.
  • Su-beep: Little Bo’s sister.
  • menniaga: A tiny little Lady Gaga
  • Zingel: A little more than a single but less than a double
  • Elings: A baby “E”
  • Ablingl: Speaking less than one language.
I try to look at life with a sense of humor so this gets me through the process of word verification. I often wonder if I am missing something about the word verification that I need to know since there are so many that have it. I turned mine off in order to make it a little easier for readers to comment. So what are your thoughts on word verification?

“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Finding Humor in all things!