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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Porch “Good News”

Do you have a friend that just seems to come to the rescue just when you need her? Well, I do!! I was talking to my friend and we were sharing Spring Fever stories and the projects we were working on and the one’s we wanted to do in the future. I just love talking about stuff like this with my friends. Anyway, I  started telling her the porch saga and my plans to make a No-sew panel for the porch. She offered to actually sew it for me!! Yippee!! I still can not believe she is going to do it for me. I am one very lucky girl!! Oh I forgot to tell you  that I bought 3 yards of fabric and then upon further thinking about it I actually needed 6yds since the panel is double sides, Duh!! That meant another trip to the store for more fabric.
My sweet, sweet friend made the panel today and hopefully we will get it hung soon. So I am on my way, except for the replacement cushions. I also need to find a rug but have one in mind. Soon, I hope, I will be done. I just hope by that time the flowers don’t die and need to be re-potted.
“ Enjoy the Process” Of: Sharing plans with friends.