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Thursday, April 21, 2016



Brick, Brick & More

Last I left you we had the patio poured and the forms all done.

They have done so much work and we are well on our way!! The plan is to use used brick around the lawn on the mow strip and the entire circular patio will be used brick in a herringbone pattern.

You can see the brick is in position and they will perfect the over all patterns before they ever permanently mortar them down. With each step we are asked if we like it or want to change anything. Our contractor is amazing, he is a man of solutions not a man of excuses or problems.  So far his workers have been amazing.

So far we have had to use 3 pallets of used brick and we have another 1/2 pallet coming today to finish it all off. I originally told our contractor that new used brick would be fine because I knew real used brick is hard to come by.

Well, to my delight we got the real deal! This is used brick that was taken from Stanford University.

The image in the right corner is the pile of bricks from Stanford. They have so much character and patina. There are some that have white paint, green paint and even burgundy paint which is Stanford's school colors. Just an extra added feature for our new yard that excites me.

( this little pocket garden on the side will have a fountain, you will see it at the end of this post)
Our walkway and extension of our side covered patio area.

Our brick mason hard at work, we are half way there!! Loving every single brick as it goes down. 
(images taken through screened window)

2/3's the way there. It is really coming to life now!

Waiting for more brick to do final finessing before completing the grouting process. You will notice cinder block on the back side of the circular patio, that is going to be a brick bench seat.

It is all so interesting to watch the whole process and with each element that is added I can see the vision of my completed yard.


....We get to go Monday to pick out all the plants, boulders, and gravel that will be the finishing touches. 

I have been waiting for this day to come. I love choosing plant material and I have a real love of rocks! ( I am strange like that, yes I am!)

Yesterday we ordered one of the two fountains we plan for the yard. This little beauty will be going in the pocket garden off of our side covered patio. Hopefully it will be backed with an espalier vine and ferns surrounding the base.

I sure am , 
"Enjoying The Process!"