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Friday, November 26, 2010

Fresh VS. Faux!!

There are two camps when it comes to fresh vs. faux greenery for the holidays. If you are talking about flowers, I say "fresh!" If you are talking about greenery,  I say, "either/or!" I also say,"Sometimes use both!"

I think it depends on where you are putting the greenery and how long you might need it to last.

There are fire law requirements in public places and there is the sap problem on finished wood. With that in mind you might need to use faux.

Today’s post is showing FRESH Greenery!

I love the smell of fresh greenery and it always looks so lovely for Christmas.
Here are a few stunners using fresh greenery, Enjoy!!

blog mantle 2008 1[1] (400x420) (400x420)
I love, love this simple idea. You not only get the fragrance of the natural greenery, but you have the safety of it being contained. The other plus is it is a great way to display your ironstone!!! Great idea!

8 (360x460)
This is just simple and fun!!

2 (360x460) (360x460)
This is my all time favorite vignette. Go figure!!! It is black and white and green, be still my heart!

5 (360x460)
This mantle is lush and lovely. If you have the space and the greenery is available I think more is more!!!

3 (297x400) (297x400)
Talk about more is more. May I have MORE Please?!!!

4 (360x460)
A beautiful mix of fresh greens, berries and hydrangeas. Just lovely against the beautiful cobalt door. Doesn’t this just make you want to go inside and see what is beyond this wonderfully colorful door?

6 (360x460)

7 (360x460)
9 (360x460)
I can only imagine how wonderfully this would smell. A touch of pine, eucalyptus and citrus, Yumo!!!

10 (360x460)
As I have said before, “For the holidays I like simple or over the top for my decorations.” This is simple and I think, Oh so pretty!!

12 (360x360)
So pretty!

11 (360x460)
Red and green!!! Notice the pop of turquoise in the pitcher filled with red roses?!

Which camp do you reside in? Faux, Fresh or both?

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Using fresh greenery to give your home the scent of Christmas!!


Holiday hint:

Remember to check Lowes and Home Depot for fresh wreaths and garland at reasonable prices.

When using faux garlands use two different types inter-twined to get a full and original look. Sometimes it cost less to buy two inexpensive garlands and double them up.

When it comes to fullness More is More!!