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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Since Spring is right around the corner we are all starting to make plans on what changes we might like to make in our homes.

I shared in my last two post that we are upgrading to a King size bed. This has forced us into making a change, or two in the master bedroom.

Once we decided on which bed we will be purchasing I immediately started looking at new bedding.

I like a pretty simple no pattern look in my master bedroom. It is just more peaceful to my minds eye.

The color scheme will be the same, very very pale blue walls, cream furniture, and  mostly white bedding.

In my looking I started looking at how others place pillows on their beds more intently.

I have written a post on this subject before, you can go HERE  and HERE if you would like to read it.

Shall we take a look at some of the many ways one can place pillows on their beds. 

I know this will be subjective so keep in mind that my observations are based on a less is more way of thinking. 

The reason I will be telling you what, and how I think is because many of you have told me that is what you like to read on my blog, so I hope you don’t mind if I do so in this post.

If you are a more is more kind of gal please do not feel that I am criticizing that way of thinking. 
I am just writing this post in hopes that it will clarify my own thinking, and the approach I plan on taking when placing pillows on my new bed.

Lets start with the more is more approach………

I think this bed is gorgeous, and the whole setting is beautiful, but the pillows are just too many for me.

Even thought this is simple in its lack of pattern, and color I would eliminate two of the darker pillows for my taste.

This is just way too many pillows for my taste. A total of twelve pillows. It looks as if they could not make up their minds on which ones to use so they used them all. I love each pillow in its own right. I love a Greek key, Hotel band, and a monogrammed pillow, I am just not sure they all needed to be on the same bed.

Lovely colors and bedding, but I think one of the trellis patterned pillows in the middle of the soft blue would have been plenty. No need for the little bright yellow pillows in my book.

I am a gal that loves symmetry, but this takes it a step too far, and goes into a SMATCHY look.(an overtly matched look,my own word please feel free to use it when every you feel it is appropriate!) I would eliminate one large blue, and two of the starfish pillows for my own personal taste.

This looks like another case of, “I have so many cute pillows I just HAD to use them all!” They really are some cuties on this bed, but again way too many.

I tend to love a stacked set of pillows, in fact this is the configuration that you will see on my very own bed, now. But, I do not like the look of pillows in a pyramid type stack.

Are you ready for a less is more approach?!……….

I am showing you my very own room as it is right now. This is probably the simplest form of multiple pillows on a bed that you can get. Two sleeping pillows, and two shams in a stacked formation. Now that I got that out of the way shall we see what others have done?…….

I love the softness of this bedroom, it is very appealing to me. I also like the pillow configuration, however I would make the rectangle pillow a little less high so you can see the pillows behind it a little better. 

Although I like the bed I do not like all the pillows on the settee. I would have left that empty since it is such a small seating area. 

I told you I am more of a less is more kind of gal. I have been told I am very well edited. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but that is what I am!!

I really like this configuration. Two shams, two decorative, and a long bolster in the front. The sleeping pillows are behind the shams. 
I find that I gravitate towards long bolster, or rectangular pillows in the forefront.  In fact I did a post on long pillows, HERE!

This is probably one of my favorite configurations of all. Simple, but still decorative. Sleeping pillows behind two decorative with one rectangle pillow in the front. Yes! I think this might be it for me!

Since I have never owned a king-size bed I am beginning to realize that I need to have either 3 standard shams, or two King size shams in the back of my front pillows as a backdrop.

I am not quite sure how I feel about three vs. two. Three looks a bit busy to my eye as in this picture. Hmmmm? It looks like I need to clarify this in my brain!!!

This was the configuration that I thought I would most likely  be using until I started writing this post. Two in back, two in front of those, and one long rectangle as a decorative touch.

More of the same configuration. I like this idea, it is growing on me.

Nice and simple and yet there is something not quite right in my minds eye. I think it is that the two pillows behind the decorative need to be a bit larger as far as their width goes. I think if they were a bit wider I would like this look better. I am learning a lot by writing this post. I hope you all are too!!

Source: bhg.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

Now this is exactly the look I said I liked the most and yet there is something amiss for me. I think the green pillows need to be a bit larger than they are. I need to keep this all in mind when choosing pillow sizes.

Nice and simple! I love everything about this bed and the pillow configuration. In this particular arrangement I do not feel that another pillow is needed, such as the long rectangular pillow I seem to like. I think this bed is perfection in every way!

Pretty, simple, and in a configuration of three. I had three son’s, and I loved that, and three is my favorite number, but I am not liking three pillows lined up, or at least not for my bedroom.

I told you I was learning right along with you all. I am discovering things about myself as I analyze each image.

I think I have come to some good conclusions for myself. I seem to want two king-sized pillows as a backdrop with two smaller pillows in front, and maybe one rectangular pillow in the front of those. 

A total of five. Or maybe just the two King sized pillows with one rectangular pillow in front of that.
We shall see!!! Once I get the bed here, and in place I will be playing around.

How about you all. How do you like your pillows configured? 

I am sure you  got way more information on pillow configuration than you ever needed. Thank you for tagging along with my thought processes as I figure my room out!!

 "Enjoy the Process!" Of:

Making some self-discoveries!