Friday, February 18, 2011

The Art Of Pillow Display!!

I know that there is an ongoing debate of how many pillows are considered to be too much on a sofa. Today I am not talking about sofa pillows, but  pillow displays for day beds, and how to configure them in a manner that will be pleasing to my eye.

In yesterday's post you saw two of the fabrics I might use for cushions in my playroom re-do. Since I am going to have quite a few pillows in this room I thought it would be a good idea to really look into the different configuration that pillows can be placed in a room.

There are so many varied ways that one can display their pillows. After doing a little research and really analyzing the images I chose, I was surprised by what I seem to like and what I don’t like at all.

I think it is important to know a few things before buying or having pillows made for an upcoming design project.

  • How many pillows can a homeowner tolerate?
  • Do they like varied sizes and shapes?
  • Should there be a mix of coordinating fabrics?
  • How many different fabric choices will be pleasing to their eye?
  • Do they like symmetry or do they like a more casual look?
  • Should the pillows be tightly stuffed or more loose with a down filling?
  • How about embellishments, ruffles, welting, braid?

As you can see there is a lot to think about when designing the type of pillows and the placement of pillows on a piece of furniture.

Since I am re-doing our playroom, I am in need of a few pillows. I have already acquired some that I am working with, and I think I might need to have a few custom pillows made.

I did some looking around on the web to see which direction I am going to go with my pillows.

Let me show you what I found and I will tell you what I like or dislike for my own personal taste, and maybe you will start to realize what you like or dislike also …………

1 (201x251)
Sorry for the blurry image, but I really needed this image because I like it a lot.  This is what I call a more casual look.

Notice how the pillows are a bit heavier on the left side. I like the use of three different fabrics and the tailored look of the pillows.

2 (360x460)
I love this image for my family room, but today I am talking about daybeds. In this picture I like how comfortable this feels.

I can see lying here to take a little nap or read a book. It is inviting. Again, I like the tailored look of the pillows and the use of three fabrics.

4 (301x400)
This just has too many pillows for my taste. I am not sure I like the varied sizes and shapes of pillows used here.

There is a total of four fabrics being used here. The jury is still out on how I feel about that.

comfortable (383x344)
This looks comfy and inviting to me. I think it is the idea of having the majority of the pillows off to one side.

character pillow I like (398x421)
Very comfortable looking, but what stands out here to me is the character pillow. I think this all works so well because of the cute little owl pillow.

I had not thought of using a character pillow before, but this image has inspired me to visit the idea.

You can tell that these pillows are loosely filled and that makes them look inviting and comfortable.

comfy with pillow at an angle (357x495)
Here we have another character pillow of sorts. The little doxie pillow is adorable.

I am realizing that character pillows vs. a stuffed toy is a more grown up look for older children. It helps to keep the room playful.

I love the off-set pillows more and more. Having one large pillow at an angle in the corner is a look that I am attracted too.

house beautiful like rectangle lumbar instead of round bolsters (460x360)
House Beautiful
This image is introducing me to another idea for pillows at the end of a daybed. Most of the other images had round bolsters. I like the idea of a rectangle lumbar pillow instead.

See how fun it can be to really examine all the details to discover what you will really love in the room you are designing?

I have more images to discuss with you all, so come back for my next post and I will show you more. I did not want to make this post too long.

Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Really examining the details that you plan on putting in your rooms.



La Vie Quotidienne said...

I kind of stand back and throw them on...(-: But I do agree that how you arrange them makes a difference.

Party Resources said...

I love the nursery photo! Happy weekend!

Tote said...

I love pillows, but seeing these pictures I think I like them heavier on one side than the other.
Have a great weekend Kathysue!

quintessence said...

I know that second photo isn't exactly part of the daybed discussion but I love it!! My daughter wants a daybed for her very difficult room. Haven't found anything we love - all the same. She has a trundle now but wants it to have more of a daybed feel - we'll see. Too many things to cram into her awkward room!

xinex said...

That was fun looking at all the photos and getting ideas, KathySue. Come see my new kitchen cabinet when you have a chance...Christine


How many can I tolerate....on the sofa or in my closet??? Ha Ha....gotta have a surplus for that day when you decide...I hate everything...must re-fluff!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Some interesting photos...I love the white and aqua the best. I can't really imagine I would use a character pillow, but never say never!

Beach House Living said...

No wonder my pillows are unbalanced. I just buy them for the fabrics.

Beth@The Stories of A2Z said...

Gorgeous inspiration pics! I'm getting ready to make a bunch of throw pillows for my family room so this post comes at a perfect time :). Thanks for visiting and weighing in my post. I think it's fantastic that you wrote a missions statement before blogging. Wonderful idea!

lvroftiques said...

Love that last one Kathysue! I'm (strangely) not a fan of very many pillows. Don't get me wrong I really love them, but more than three and I just want to throw them out of my way. Hmmm never woulda thunk of myself as a pillow minimalist? *winks* vanna

sissie said...

Hi Kathysue,
Thanks for the photos of all the ways to display and use pillows. As you know, I love pillows, pillows and more pillows! I have them everywhere. I prefer white or cream colored pillows and special pillows for side chairs or benches.

I think the ways to use pillows is endless.


Sally@DivineDistractions said...

I'm kind of into symmetry these days, so I'm a little partial to those that are balanced. Strange, because I've always loved an asymmetrical arrangement...curious? I think I prefer no more than 3 sizes in pillows....well, today I do? Better not ask me, Kathysue. I think I must be very Libran today!!

Mona thompson said...

Love pillows, but always struggle with them. They sound easier to choose and arrange than they really are. alas, I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so that's more the problem. Lovely images as always. Looking forward to the rest...

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Pillows... the more the merrier! and prettier!
( :
Have a pretty day!

thistlewoodfarm said...

See....why didn't I read this post before I wrote mine :) You are in the party pillow category....right there with me :)

Have a great day rock star!