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Monday, January 25, 2010


Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge

Don't forget to vote for my friend Eddie Ross here. He has designed this amazing window for Elle Decor magazing at Bloomingdales. If you have a chance to read the narrative about who he designed this window for please check it out here. After I read his narrative I decided I want to hang out with this lady and do a lunch date and go shopping.  See if you feel the same way?

You Are About to See Dots Before Your Eyes

 But do not worry it is not your eyes!

We are all drawn to certain patterns for our home.  It usually will be a combination of the design itself and the colors.  By now it is no secret what colors I am drawn to if you have seen pictures of my home.  For those who have not, the colors I love are: green, black and white combinations; soft buttery yellows, blue and white combinations; and watermelon pink.  As you can see they are very springtime colors.  The natural guess would be that I would like florals!  I actually don't like too many floral patterns to decorate with.  I love real flowers in an arrangement or a botanical in a piece of art but not so much, in fabrics. The patterns that I do love are: stripes, checks and polka dots. I know they sound a bit cutesy for a rather Traditional home. 
In the next few posts I will be posting pictures of rooms done in these patterns in a grown-up and sophisticated manner. Today, I'll focus on Polka Dots, and how you can bring this pattern into your home in some unexpected ways.

I know I said unexpected, this definitely falls under that category,Yikes!!

How fun is this?  Love this idea of the upholstered double wide headboard. Notice the lights attached to the headboard for some nightime reading.

A very traditional room with older and some new pieces. The dots/circles make this room more fun and keep it from being too serious. Even the Staffordshire dogs on the bookcase have a somewhat dot motif on their backs. Notice the black dots in the gerbera daisies. Repeating patterns and colors in a room keeps it well balanced and pleasing to the eye.

Great big polka dots on this rug can still have a grown up look by repeating the same colors that are in the draperies.  Notice the repeated pattern in the open work of the desk chair, that is good design. The motif  is repeated at least three times in this room.  That is not a rule just a good guideline to follow. Can you see one more repeat of circles? (hint: it produces light!)

Look at the repeated use  of circles or dots in this room. How many do you count?
Don't forget the buttons on the sweater, coincidence? I think not. I think the stylist knew exactly what they were doing on this photo shoot.

This room just makes me smile. I know Erin at The House of Turqouise would love this room.

Fun pillows made with felt circles appliqued on a pillow.

This is a fun and cheerful nursery, with a repeated circle/dot motif.

Another fun room but still very grown-up.  Notice the rug and the great textures with the urns full of shells.

The circle motif here is a bit irregular in shape but it still reads as dots/circle. Notice the ottomans with the nailheads,yet another way to introduce polka dot/circles in a room in a more sophisticated manor.
(last two pictures from House Beautiful)

A darling childs rocker with a bunch of polka dots forming a line down one side, Love this!

What a great cupboard to add a fun and interesting look to this sparsely decorated room

Would you believe that these two pictures are actually of tile.  Very interesting!

Two fun chairs in poka dot patterns

Veranda magazine Jan.2010, photographer Antone Bootz

John Saladino chose to use  these wonderfully worn leather chairs in his design.  Notice the large nailheads?  What do they remind you of?  I doubt that he was thinking about polka dots but remember this is a way to get the look in a grown up way if you gravitate towards  dots or circles.

So if you like polka dots/circles as a pattern don't be afraid to introduce it in your rooms. Whether it is traditional, contemporary, country or modern. you can find a sophisticated way to use your favorite patterns.

I would like to leave you with this one and final picture

Too much of a good thing is just too much!!!!

"Enjoy the Process" Of: Adding your favorite patterns to your home in a fun and sophisticated way.