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Sunday, April 3, 2011

What Is On The Other Side?

Do you ever feel as if  you are about to go through a new door in life and you are not sure what is on the other side?

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I look at my life as a journey and I have gone through many doors. I will have to admit I am always a bit hesitant to fully open the door and go through to the other side.

Sometimes I only open the door just a bit so I can peek in to make sure it is safe . The only problem with doing this is if I do not open the door completely I will be stuck where I am.

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When I change my focus from fear of the unknown, and put my focus on God and what he has for me, I willingly go through the door ready to experience what God has planned for me.

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At this stage of my life I feel as if I am about to embark on yet again a new journey through a new door. I will admit I am a bit reluctant and my fears crop up from time to time, but I am willing to refocus and walk through to see where life’s journey is about to take me.

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quote by William Blake

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I have so much to look forward too!!!!
Each day is a gift, ready to be opened and experienced.

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Going through the doors of life’s journey.