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Monday, January 5, 2015

I Thought I Would Never Find It, But I DID!!!!

A Girls Quest For The Perfect RED Lip Color! 

I have admitted in the past that I am probably a lipoholic!

Lipoholic: One who can not pass a makeup counter without purchasing a new lipstick, or gloss, and usually both. This person can not have dry lips, their lips must have color, or a sheen, and feel moist at all times.

Yes, I made that up, but it is exactly what describes me.

In my addiction I have been on a quest for the perfect red lip color for me. I have truly looked for years. 

Those that know me, or have shopped with me, know I am always on the hunt for a red that will look good with my coloring without being too harsh.

Well, I am happy to announce I have found the perfect red lip color for me, finally!!

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lip gloss…

game changer red lip color
They describe this color as Red Carpet red! It is a gloss, but to be honest it is more like a semi-sheer lipstick.

It gives me plenty of coverage. It looks a bit orange in the image, but it is not orange base at all, or I would not wear it!! 

I fill in my lips with a lip liner first by Bobbi Brown (mauve), it is very close to my natural lip color, and then top it with this wonderful color for a red lip that is not too harsh.

red lip color game changer

Since I have spent years looking for a good  red that was not too harsh, trust me on this, you will love it.

Bare Minerals has another red that I might also try it is described as a watermelon red, and I do love that color so I think it is worth a try and at $18 it won’t break the bank.

high roller red lip color swatch

It is called High Roller

high roller red lip color

I was just so excited to find this I had to share it with you all. If I find something that I love, you can bet I will be sharing it with my wonderful readers!

I have a couple more new to me products that I am happy with, more on those later. Be sure to check out these two colors if you are looking for a red lip color, you can thank me later Winking smile