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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Ceremony

I enjoyed doing a guest post , “Five for Fall!” It was hard for me to narrow down to just five items that are may favorites for entertaining for Fall.

I am probably like most of you when it comes to Fall. I like the crispness in the air in the mornings and evening. Living in California we still have days in the 70’s so it is sometimes hard to realize, yes indeed it is officially fall.

In my own home I find myself suddenly bringing out more candles and lighting them.  We say, “The candle lighting ceremony has begun!” It usually coincides with the starting of football season on TV.

I like to use cream colored candles in the Fall. I find them to be classic additions to my home. I have  a low threshold for what appears cluttered to me so sometimes I will bring out extra candles at night time, but during the day when they are not lit I put them away to eliminate visual clutter. I know I am weird, I just prefer a well edited look.

 When nightfall occurs out come the candles and the candle lighting ceremony begins.

I even find that I like to light some of the candles on my back patio. I can see them from my kitchen and family room so it just becomes an extension of my home.

I am all about ambiance and it is very important to me that my home, “feels!” inviting. I am sure I am not alone in this effort!

The candle lighting ceremony is just one of the ways I love to make my home warm and inviting.

I have read that many of you are already having a bit of snow! That is amazing!! Are you all finding yourselves wanting to cozy up inside?

I am finding that it is something that seems to come from within for me. Even with the warm Spring like days I find that I am craving hardy meals of soups and stews. I want hot tea and cider, and of course candlelight.

Next will be the warm throws and the lighting of the fireplace! I can’t wait!!

Oh!! One more thing……… I just bought my first sweater for the season!
A simple classic jewel neckline cashmere sweater in a beautiful shade of camel. Next on the list is a cute, comfy pair of boots!!!!

Bring on the cold weather I am so ready!!!!!!!!
How about you all, what have you done to get ready for the Fall/Winter months in your home?

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Getting ready for the Fall and Winter season!