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Thursday, May 29, 2014



When we live in a home for a very long time it is hard to imagine it looking differently. 

The same thing goes for the accessories and furniture in our homes.

But, when we do change things out, it can actually give an old piece new life.

I change some of my accessories out for the change of the seasons. I have a winter/fall, spring, and summer look.

Since it is summer I brought out one of the paintings I change out….

Sailboat print 002 (800x671)
I add more blue and white to keep the room cooler looking for the hot summer months. This blue print does the trick.

What use to be here was this painting……

Family Room Picture 015 (800x600)ribbit
When my hubby took this painting down he leaned it on the console at the back of the family room, and we both knew it had to be hung there. 

Otherwise it would be hung in his den until winter.

P1130944 (800x588)

I love walking into the kitchen from the family room and seeing this painting, it is a favorite of mine.

P1130945 (800x580)
An unexpected plan, 
but a good one!!

It just reminded me to try elements in different places in my home. I did this for my clients all the time, but I don’t do it for myself very often.

Do you give pieces new life in other rooms?
Try it you just might be surprised at how much you love it somewhere else. I sure was!!!