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Monday, April 5, 2010

Mr. blogger Goofed!!

For some reason my post for Today has posted three days ago on the dashboard. I am not sure why? It was scheduled for today so Mr. Blogger goofed. I figured this is the only way to let Dashboard readers know that I have a new post up.
Have a great Monday!

How Many Looks Can a Kitchen Have?

I have a kitchen that is very easy to change its look for the seasons. It is a 1970’s kitchen that we did a make-over on.

 We had the lovely(NOT)1970’s overhang cabinets over the kitchen bar area that we took down. I only did this after emptying them out and living with them empty for almost 6 months.

 I love a well designed room but I am also a very practical girl. We were only going to do a make-over until the time was right for a complete re-do. Naturally, that will mean new paint!!

 I wanted my kitchen to have a vintage look. I love the look of the 1930-40's.  I chose a color that is a depression-era green by Pratt and Lambert called Northern Green. Before we painted, we added moldings, a small crown to the top and a skirt molding to the bottom edge of the upper and lower cabinets. I also added up-side down shelf brackets to look like feet, much cheaper than the pre-made feet for cupboards.

IMG_0201 (800x600)

We had the wonderful 1970’s recessed panel fluorescent lighting box that we removed the light and added several different moldings for an architectural effect in the light box. I put up a medallion and a vintage 1940’s mini crystal chandelier.

IMG_0202 (800x600)  The next pieces of jewelry were the glass knobs with bronze backings from Restoration Hardware and bronze hinges. We also added four glass doors made for two of my cupboards that I keep the every day dishes and glasses in.

 On the very back wall of the glass front cupboards I added mirror to give it a window effect. It also helps make the room look a little larger. We added  strip lighting for a soft glow of light. I don’t like the usual lighting made for cupboards as it is a little harsh for my taste.
Now that the kitchen is all done I do not want to do a complete re-do. I love my sweet little kitchen. The only thing that needs to be done is new white tile.

 Yes, You heard right! I love white tile and I think for the look and feel of the kitchen, tile is what will work. Now that I have introduced you to my kitchen, I will show you a few of the ways I change out it’s look………
IMG_0197 (800x605)
I use pink/red transfer ware for Christmas.

fall kitchen
In the Fall/Winter months I add black and white transfer ware to add a warmer cozier look.(Sorry for the blurry picts.)

dressed in all white and clear glass 004
In the Spring I like to make everything fresh and crisp so an all white cupboard works well for that.

summer kitchen 1
We have very hot summers here so I add coolness with blue dishes and glasses. I also incorporate lemons as a reminder of a cool glass of fresh lemonade.

This picture shows the general lay-out of my kitchen, what you can't see in the picture is a large kitchen counter that is a breakfast bar. It is to the right of the sink. My kitchen sink is on an angle and I have a perfect view to  the backyard swimming pool.

my kitchen 003 (800x670) (2)
In this picture you will notice all white with a touch of black. You all know how much I love black and white.

 This is how my kitchen looks today and it is my favorite look to date. The only thing that I change is the pitcher and the alphabet platter. I will add flowers or a bowl of lemons and limes for a pop of color.

 Since it is Easter, I will add my White bunny. This is a picture from last year. This year Mr. Bunny-Boy has wheat grass in his little white pot.

dressed in all white and clear glass 005
Do you make changes in any of your rooms seasonally? I would love to hear about the changes you make!

I hope you have enjoyed my little tour of the many looks of my kitchen.

“Enjoy the Process” Of:
 Finding ways to change a room in your home for the changing of the Season’s.