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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ina Garten Taught Me Something!!

We all know Ina Garten is a wonderful cooking teacher, but I learned something from her other than how to cook!!

Last Saturday I spent the day watching taped episodes of Barefoot Contessa shows, enjoying a nice quiet day.
Show after show I studied Ina’s kitchen. There were some elements that I absolutely loved. Her use of hotel silver, white platters and the way she has silverware housed in a clear glass holder on her counter. I love how she has herbs growing in white pots. I mean, after all, what is not to like about her fabulous kitchen?! What caught my attention and gave me some inspiration was her use of a clear glass holding silverware. Although this is not a new idea, or one that I have not seen before, today it struck a cord with me.

new kitchen
See the spoons in the clear glass jar next to the limes? That is what inspired me to do my knives in a clear glass container. You will also notice the small crocks with utensils in them. I like the look for Ina’s kitchen, but having my cooking utensils in a holder  is just one step too much for me. I know it is a very fine line with me!! I struggle with this fine line all the time. It is a personal comfort level for me. I think we all have one and I think it is important to realize where your own  personal comfort lies.

The inspiration hit!! I could bring in a touch of fall to my kitchen by adding my ivory Bakelite knives to a clear glass holder. I love the warmth that ivory Bakelite can bring to a table setting. I used it one year for a Thanksgiving table setting inspired by my friend Eddie Ross. You can see my knives in the below picture of my Tday table.

Thanksgiving Table 2008 038

Putting anything on my counter can be real iffy for me because I like a pretty well edited counter top space. I got out a glass and put the knives in it, Hmmmm??!! I think I like it! Next I got out a solid white holder and Hmmmm??!! No, that is not it! Clear it will be.
My next step was to go thrifting to find the right holder. I knew it needed to be clear and at least six inces tall.
I found one!! It is simple and I like it. I am still going to look for a real vintage spooner, but for $2.99 I think I will enjoy this one just fine while I am still on the hunt!!

Bakelite knives 002 (800x600)
Bakelite knives 006 (800x600)
Inspiration can come in all forms and in all kinds of different places. Keep an open mind and when you see something that catches your eye, think of a creative way to apply it to your own space. I did! It is not spoons in a glass, but I chose to put knives in a holder and it works for my space and for my own personal design aesthetic!!
“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Looking for inspiration in your surroundings and applying it to your own environment!


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

It looks wonderful Kathysue. YOu do have such a definite design taste that so suits you and you are always so true to it. Love the knives. Hugs, Marty


Hey girl...how are the three little pots doing?? I like that vignette too!

Allie and Pattie said...

LOVE it! While I fantasize about clear open spaces in my kitchen, reality and storage constraints dictate that some "stuff" needs to be out. I like to choose accessories that I think look wonderful as well as function well. I keep assorted silver in ironstone pitchers, cutting boards in a huge wicker basket, and onions, garlic, and shallots in wire baskets. in my dreams I have a skullery attached to the kitchen for all the "stuff", but in my real world I do the best I can :)
xoxo Pattie

Design Esquire said...

Looks wonderful! And your Thanksgiving table was gorgeous!! What a beautiful way to celebrate.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Looks good to me Kathysue. Love the container.

Debbie L. said...

I am another who is conservative when it comes to having just the right things on my counters. I think choosing the clear glass container for you knives works very well for your space. Looks very nice next to the glass lamp and mirror and the cream pitcher compliments the bakelite knives perfectly. Love this idea!

PAT said...

I love your bakelite in the glass container. I am inspired.

I usually have utilitarian things on my counters. Eventually things tend to get a tad cluttered. I am in Fall nesting mode and decluttering the kitchen is on my list. I am going to copy your clear glass idea.

Beautiful Thanksgiving table!

Nancy's Notes said...

KathySue, what a great idea, looks great!

Have a great day!


La Dolfina said...

I love it when inspiration strikes!
Your bakelite knives look wonderful in that glass holder. Sorry I've been MIA lately but I wanted to tell you how lovely your front porch looks. Next time please have your husband take a photo of you when you are out there enjoying it. Now that I'd love to see :)
Big XO's

vignette design said...

When I saw that photo of Ina's kitchen a while back, my eye zeroed in on the tall branches and also the basil in a vase, like a bouquet. It went in my idea file.
I love how your eye zeroed in on the silverware in a holder and you took it to your own level using your ivory handled knives. So when my eye zeroed in on your own vignette, I was noticing how the glass spooner compliments the crystal lamp. How the lampshade picks up the wallpaper, and how the white pitcher (what a find!) compliments the ivory knives. It all works so nicely together in your little corner.
And girl, can you ever set a table! Love your Thanksgiving tablescape. That centerpiece is going in my idea file. Oh, we're gonna have fun!

xinex said...

Nicely done, KathySue. I might use that idea for some of my flatware...Christine

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

I love Ina's kitchen. I'm in the camp that loves a kitchen that looks like someone cooks. Really like the clear glass idea for silverware. Haven't tried that yet, but will now. Your Thanksgiving setting was very pretty. Makes me yearn for the holidays. I just love them.

Anonymous said...

What sits out on your counter is indeed a very personal decision and taste! I am very particular, aside from being a neat-nik, so just have a few things out on the counter...but to my sister even that is too much. Each to his own! What I don't like is having pots hanging anywhere in sight: I know, it makes sense, but it's just not for me.
Your knives are great though. I'm going to be in Paris in a few weeks and think I just might have to go to BHV and some fun flatware (I'm thinking polka dots!!) Will let you know!

Pinky said...

I love how the container matches so well with your beautiful lamp!!! I do have kitchen tools in a crock on my counter next to my stove....mainly because I don't have enough drawers to store them! I would LOOOVE one of those new WIDE drawers that everything fits in! XO, Pinky

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Nice way to bring that inspiration home! Your knives look great in their new holder. I'm the world's worst about having too much on the counter. So bad!

Unknown said...

Oh, lovely! You did such a good job, very chic! I also now think that I need a branch in a vase on my counter! XX!

The Buzz Blog said...

From one huge Ina fan to another, I love your tabletop decor! What a wonderful way to use what you have to inspire you on a daily basis. Thanks for visiting The Buzz!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I love how simple this ideal is, your's look great. I love Ina, her style, her soft and sweet personality, so lady like, and of course her food. I love the way she cooks... I love everything about her and you too my friend.

Unknown said...

Hi Kathysue! I would love to participate in the post, it was a flash of inspiration! I will be away from my computer early in the day but will definitely come by and let you know! Thank you for including me! XX!

Unknown said...

I love that you have Bake-a-lite!!! Awesome!
Clear is best for sure, and works with your other reflective surfaces. I'm glad you were inspired. I love Ina too!
On another note....finally got my email fied tonight!!! yeah...only 3 hours with the computer guy!

Yahnay said...

Your table setting looks amazing! I would have never thought of doing something like that, but it is such a great way to decorate. I agree with how things can just jump out at you and be inspiring. Then you take that idea and make it your own. Changing things around is very refreshing for me, so new ideas come and go but that is what good design/decoration is all about for me.

Anonymous said...

So glad you were inspired! Love this post & thanks so much for the mention! You are sweet!


Eddie & Jaithan

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Kathysue, what you got is called a "spooner" I have a small collection of them and they are so useful and pretty. I have used mine for candles, carrot sticks and spoons! Looks great!!

Dovecote Decor said...

I am coveting Ina Garten's hamptons "barn." I keep my utensils out, and it saves rummaging. Your TG table is beautiful, and I am saving your picture of your vegetable arrangement for fall reference. Thank you!

A Refocused Life said...

I'm a longtime fan of Ina Garten. Like you, her cooking is only part of my love for her show. I've always been inspired by the cool/calm manner in which she prepares for guests - I tend to work in a 'frantic' mode. Her kitchen is wonderful, too - nothing over the top - just comfortable.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving the notes on my posts. Rita

Leah said...

Adore what you have done here! Your table is perfection!


Ms. Cote de Velvet Greige said...

Love your blog. I just started one that I think you'll love too. Please stop by. Ms. CotedeVelvetGreige! :)

Kendall said...

My utinsels are out but always in the way. If only I had a drawer to store them in! Thanks for sharing these pics! I never even thought of looking for kitchen inspiration from a cooking show! Duh :)


Lila said...

I think that it's a great idea! It's totally easy to overlook while watching Ina cook, so this was a great post for me! I love your version of it!
Lila Ferraro

Sue said...

You found the perfect piece. I think it is fun to think outside the box...display things in unexpected ways. I like it!

Privet and Holly said...

I'm a huge Ina fan
and could move right
into her lovely house!
I'm with you about stuff
on the counter....I used
to have a crock for the
utensils, but now I don't.
My ultimate dream would
be to have an old-fashioned
house where the kitchen has
a swinging door and I could
leave all my tools out,
a la Julia Child!!!
Love your T-day table : )
xx Suzanne

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

I love it, Kathysue! Ina could learn a thing or two form you as well! And that container...gorgeous! Hugs...Debbie