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Monday, August 23, 2010

Is Decorating For FALL Hard For YOU??

Decorating for Fall can be hard for me. Don’t get me wrong. I love the fall as far as the crispness in the air and the changing colors of nature. The reason it is hard for me is because my design aesthetics lean towards a fresh, spring look. Using the existing colors in my home, which consist of:
  1. Maize yellow
  2. Spring greens
  3. Porcelain blues
  4. Watermelon pinks
  5. Black and white
As you can see more Spring-like than Fall! I still embrace the Fall season by doing something that has helped me over the years and it makes it much easier to make changes in my home.

I think of the colors of fall that I do enjoy, the textures  and the elements that I enjoy. Then I make a list!!!
  1. Wooden bowls
  2. Wooden turned candlesticks
  3. Wooden cutting boards
  4. Clear apothecary jars filled with beans in black, white and split peas for my pop of green.
  5. Pomegranates with their wonderful pinky red color
  6. Eucalyptus wreaths or leaves for the soft green
  7. Cream colored candles
  8. Basil colored candles
  9. Black silhouettes
  10. Crisp red and green apples
  11. Brass candlesticks that glow
  12. Pumpkins and gourds in white and greens
  13. Touches of cheetah print in pillows or throws
  14. Black lampshades in place of my crisp white shades
  15. Mums in white, purples and golden yellow
  16. Clay pots
  17. Artwork with black backgrounds or black frames
  18. Textural baskets
  19. Bakelite silverware
  20. Lanterns
  21. Nuts and acorns
  22. Branches in vases
  23. Leaf prints
By having a list of elements that are pleasing to my "Spring eye", I can bring warmth and texture to my home for the Fall season.
What would you put on your list?

“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Thinking of Fall elements to bring into your home!


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Interesting to read how you add texture through wooden surfaces etc to make your home feel more cosy for fall. I tend to change my textiles, too, using different bed linens and cushions.

Hope you had a fab weekend, Kathysue!

Anonymous said...

I would say I would use most of these.... I LOVE fall! I wish it lasted longer. xo

PAT said...

I don't usually make a lot of changes for fall. I add a little color to the otherwise neutral bed linens, which are usually creams and beige.

Our "country style" breakfast room and hearth room decorate wonderfully with fall colors.

I did a table, in the dining room last fall, of creams and lime grean and black, that worked wonderfully for fall, even in the blue room.

I love the idea of using baskets and other textures for the season. I did a table yesterday to sort of edge fall a little closer, this extremely hot Missouri summer, that had pops of orange.

Most of my vignettes through Fall tend to be neutral with lots of texture.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I like to add a lot of those things, too and add some darker pillow covers, throws and spicy scented candles. Hurry up fall. I want to step outside and fell cool crisp air instead of this very heavy air we have now.

Allie and Pattie said...

I love your list- great idea! I love warm colors, so fall isn't hard for me though I have moved to more neutrals and texture lately. I find it soothing
xoxo Pattie

style chronicle said...

I like to add fur throws and pillows once the weather has cooled!

Jules said...

I just love that you change things for the different seasons. We just change rooms...the sun room in summer...the lounge in winter. The lounge is a bit of a problem though as two of the dogs seem to have appropriated that room and the two most comfortable seats...We are relegated to the wooden chairs!!!!!!!!

Karen said...

Wonderful ideas. One of the reasons I choose neutral colors for my high ticket items is so that I can change out my look with the seasons without spending a fortune. I like the way you incorporate textures and finishes to get a new look for the changing seasons.

La Dolfina said...

You are so impressive!
I love the way you think and constantly evolve through the seasons always making your environment so cozy and welcoming... just like you!!!
Maybe I'll get to see the Fall version soon :)
Love you!!!

Sue said...

I do struggle, because orange just isn't my color. I love it for pumpkins and Halloween, but I lean more towards the creams, browns, burgandy and green shades for fall.

Haven and Home said...

I always have big fall plans but usually it ends with Mums! You have inspired me!

vignette design said...

I have no problem decorating for fall because my house feels like a fall/winter house. I have trouble decorating for spring! haha. The one problem I have with fall is the color orange. And orange and black together for Halloween colors. I'm kind of a Halloween scrooge!

Melissa Miller said...

I adore everything on your list Kathysue!
I just love the welcoming decor' in your beautiful home in any season. Lovely!

Warmly, ~Melissa :)

Leah said...

Love your ideas here Kathysue! I adore fall but I find it hard to decorate for it, so this really helps!


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Kathysue,
I like the list that you have compiled. I like everything you have mentioned. I do very little fall decor. I might add a basket of apples and some candles with fall scents and some mums on the porch. I'll probably add some birds nests under cloches....but I keep it light. I love the white pumpkins you can get now.


Dovecote Decor said...

Last year for Thanks giving, we mixed long low containers and combined some mums, succulents, and believe it or not twigs. It came out really nicely, we also did it with orange roses, and a few other greenish flowers, I'll have to get back to my archives. I'll search for your contact info and send you a pick.

Bring Pretty Back said...

Kathysue, I am so very excited to decorate the little house for fall this year! I will put out pumpkins and of course tons of candles.
I am not exactly what I will do until we move in. I am hoping to be in by the end of October.
I am so ready for fall!
Have a pretty day!

xinex said...

It's easy for me cause I like warm colors, Kathysue, and I already have a lot of browns and oranges and greens. Thanks for the good luck on my shop. I need that! I am excited, can't wait to see how the paint turned out and I can't wait to arrange and rearrange stuff....Christine

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

Thanks for checking out my "list" yesterday. You know what? After reading your post, I looked around my house and it is so "Spring/Summer". Even though there is nothing wrong with that look, I am going to take your list and see if I can incorporate more "Fall-y" looking things in my home. Thanks!

Emily A. Clark said...

Great list, Kathysue! Thanks for the ideas. I never end up doing much seasonal decorating bec. by the time I get around to it, the next season is here :)