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Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Really Need Your Opinions On This One


There is so much being written about the soon to be demise of Google Friend Connect that I felt compelled not to be a techy, and tell you all about it, but rather tell you how I plan on dealing with it.

There are two types of Bloggers in blog land, “BLOGGERS!” and “BLOGGERETTES.” 

You will notice one word is bigger than the other. That is because there are those that are big time bloggers with lots of  followers that will really  work at creating more traffic in order to promote their blog for advertising purposes.

Not to say that they don’t entertain, and educate at the same time, but they have attached their blogs to advertisers, and sources to get their blog name out there in blogland.

These bloggers are using their blogs as a business of sorts. I commend them for doing so, and we all know that there are those who are really big enough to make an income doing so. They are the heavy hitters in blogland.


Now the smaller blogs, or Bloggerettes  like me, are blogging for a creative outlet  in hopes of inspiring, entertaining, and possibly teaching a few along the way.

We all have so many questions and concerns pertaining to this subject.


I am definitely not an expert in this techy world of blog land, but merely a person that is using my logic on how I will be  approaching this situation, and how I will be taking care of the Google Friend Connect demise on my own blog!


You will notice on my side bar I have a subscribe by email option.  I have always ascertained that this is probably a truer representation of who is really following along with me on my blog journey. These subscribers want to be sure they don’t miss one of my post by getting them sent via email.


This is probably the easiest and most straight forward way for a reader to follow along with our blog post. By putting their email address in the slot they will then become a subscriber via email and each time I write a post they will receive it in their inbox.

I know there are those that do not want their email jammed with blog post so there is another option on my sidebar. It is a way of getting my blog via an RSS feed.

Right now I only have it for Google reader, but I have  contacted my blog designer, Elizabeth Chaffee from the Mustard Ceiling blog about adding more RSS feeds so that you may choose which reader you would like to receive my post in.

If and when Google Friend Connect goes away so will the number count of followers. I am not sad about this at all. I find myself fixating at times about the numbers or the lack of numbers, and I never wanted to be, “ That blogger girl!”

I have thought about taking away the number many times, but did not know how to do it without making all of your images go away. I like seeing your faces over there on my sidebar!
That is the one sad part about GFC going away, all of your faces will disappear also.

So with all that being said I have a question for all of you my dear readers………

“Which readers (RSS feed) do you like to receive your blog post on?!”

I figure if I get your opinions I can add the most popular readers, and limit the amount of feeds on my RSS feed button.

Please leave me a comment I really need your feedback on this one.

I also want to thank each and every single person that follows me through Google Friend Connect, via email or through RSS feeds.

YOU my dear readers are the reason that I keep writing, and you have all made this process so enjoyable.
I will continue to:

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:




Luckily I can follow you on FB....but am I to understand that even people who use blogger will lose this? Of course I am probably less technical than you are....but I thought that it would not affect people like us????

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

This is one of the best posts on the topic I've read and just may quote you!! Janell

Libby said...

Well.... I've never even had Google Friend Connect on my sidebar, and don't have it set up at all. I definitely prefer people to subscribe through email, which is loud and clear on my sidebar. But, I do also have the option to follow through all the various RSS feeds: you just click that icon and then choose which reader you want to use.
And personally, I've just started subscribing to the Google Friends: somehow I never really went there. I like to get the RSS feed in my email on my Mac, down below my mail inboxes etc. Make sense?

Stacy CUrran said...

I use a reader called Feedly, which i LOVE. It pulls all of your feeds from Google Reader. So, I follower in Google Reader (and would hate if that weren't an option), but then access them in Feedly

PS - I think I know how to make the number go away in GFC..I THINK..if you want me to try for you :)


Kathysue said...

Sherry from what I have read at first it will only effect non blog.spot bloggers, such as word press, typepad etc. There are mumblings that eventually it will be totally phased out so I think everyone is following the boys scout motto,"Be Prepared!"

I have read so many articles it can make your head spin so after all of the reading I put on my own personal logic hat and decided this is how I will handle it!
Remember I am the girl that did not even know how to turn the computer on 3 years ago. So a TECHY I am NOT!!! xo kathysue

Rashon Carraway said...

With Google being an all mighty ruler, I think the phasing out of goggle connect with non-blogger platforms is just a way for them to promote the new venture "Google +"

Once you have established a good connection and an interactive community on your blog, I definitely think your followers will always come back to see what you are up to.

I think being able to see the number of followers you have is an instantaneous way of getting encouragement.

While google connect may be unavailable for non blogspot users, I think other platforms such as facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, pinterest and so many more will let you know who is coming aboard as well as allow you to still educate and inform.

All these changes...so hard to keep up. Lol.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Kathysue, I follow you via email..I am going to link with Linky Followers..it allows even Wordpress bloggers like me to use it...I love your blog and do not mind email at all as I get most of mine thru email or Google Reader.

Linda in AZ * said...

*** "S*U*G*A*R", Kathysue!!! You KNOW I don't understand A*N*Y of this talk...

In my early-on readings, SOMEHOW< I got onto "GOOGLE READER" or something, & never went back...


Sooooo sweet pal, am I going to LOSE them allll???

*** "Acccck"!!!... help, plz?!?!?! ***

Linda ("in AZ")

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I put the Linky Follower on my sidbar of my blog and I like it, I don't want to go to my email to read blogs or have it so full. I'm not techy at all, like you I didn't know anything about a computer until I had started my other blog a couple years ago. So I'll just keep on learning and depending on other bloggers to help and post about it like you did. Thanks!

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

Does anyone besides me feel like blogging is becoming more and more complicated? I've been taking an extended blogging break and honestly, I'm so confused by all the changes that seem to be taking place lately I've seriously considered giving up blogging altogether. I've never been the most computer savvy person anyway. I don't do Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest and I'm starting to feel really overwhelmed...like I should be doing all of these, plus have all the reader options available to my readers and prospective readers!

Although I personally *follow* a lot of blogs (including yours), you will never see my face or name on anybody's Google Friend Connect. In fact, I've never depended on any of the official following or reader gadgets to "follow." The method that works for me is to just add my favorite blogs to my "favorites" on the side column of my computer, along with all the other websites I like to repeatedly visit and have bookmarked there. When I have time to read blogs, I just click through my list.

Victoria said...

I am not any techier than I need to be to get emails and read blogs. So I always subscribe to blogs via email if offered. For those that don't, I choose google reader, but I almost never remember to look at it.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I have never had Google Friend Connect or Facebook followers...just the people that sign up to follow on the blog page and my email is available. So I guess I will never miss what I didn't have! LOL

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Opps! Guess I have had Google Friend Connect and didn't realize it...shows how much I know.

Sarah said...

I receive your post via email, but honestly I don't think I want my box filled with messages every time a blog I like posts. There has to be a better method. I also have my favorites on my sidebar. Do you know if that is going to change?
Have to say, I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd have 500+ followers. I truly appreciate those who read and follow along. Like you, I'm in this for the creative outlet it offers. I've made some delightful friends through blogging! ~ sarah

Susie @ Maddie G Designs said...

I need to look into this as I have a Wordpress blog. For me personally I "Follow" people on GFC to let them know I am a fan of their blog. But, to be honest I really have a handful of blogs I read regularly and have them on my sidebar....so I read them everyday and then there are some I'll look at from time to time and just type in the name or hop over from someone else's blogroll. On my blog I must admit I like seeing the addition of a follower...and have found some good new (to me) blogs from seeing who is reading mine. I need to find an alternative.

Judy said...

Thanks for putting it quite simply. I follow you and a lot of other fun blogs via email. I guess there isn't any way to know how many people are signed up to receive posts via email?!:) Anyway...thanks for sharing.

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

I questioned blogger and they told me that this was going to affect blogger who are not using blogger, which would men wordpress, etc. Now whether or not this is the case is to be seen. I like having followers, and I would be sad to see it removed.
This is not a fact, this is just what I have been told.
Have a great Monday.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Kathysue, I am like you! I am not a techie. I am trying to find someone to help me with my blog. I just heard about this and just recently put Google friend connect on my blog. Its all over my head!

Melinda said...

I get both. I have some post updates go into my email inbox direct, and those I tend to read every day as I can see them from my iPhone and iPad when on the road. The others than come in via RSS just all get put in folders on my sidebar and I get to them when I can. I currently have about 345 posts from about 70 blogs to catch up on and that can take weeks. I never get on top of it. So I prefer to have a post come to me by email as I get it daily and can quickly read it wherever I am and whenever I have a spare minute.

Barb @ The Everyday Home said...

Kathysue - this just falls under the "why can't they ;eave well enough alone." :-/ I have a bevy of ways to follow my blog, but I will say the one that I am loving the most right now is bloglovin.com I like that it send me a single daily email with updates from all of the blogs I am following. Then, I can run through them and read what interests me. I am signed up for Linky Followers, but did not realize until our sweet Marty said how difficult it was when actually using it as a way to keep up-to-date on a blog.
I think email and RSS is going to be the way to go. But I do advise you to check out bloglovin' if you haven;t already. Have a great week, my friend.

Lee said...

For me, the simplest method has been to bookmark my favorite blogs that I read regularly and I just click those when I have time. I don't like my email inbox filled with posts and my method is just . . . .ummmm, peaceful.

Erin {House of Turquoise} said...

I use Google Reader to stay on top of all my favorite blogs, yours included! I never got into the Google Friend Connect, not even sure what it is or how it works. I have it on my blog only because someone requested it. I think the email subscription is great. I use Feedburner to offer that and several RSS options to my readers.

laxsupermom said...

I've always followed using GFC, because they pop up in my google dashboard which I check every day. I wish they weren't making this change, because I'll have to learn a whole new way of getting my favorite blogs.

Anne said...

Dear Kathysue, Just got back to blogging myself...(and was so glad to find yours!)I'm definitely not a "techie", most surely a "Bloggerette"...hope it stays "understandable" for me!
www.alittlefurinthe paint.blogspot.com

Linda said...

Wow after reading your post, THOSE THAT ARE ON BLOGSPOT.COM ARE SAFE??
I find it all tooo confusing.

If you get a chance drop by my blog. I'm having a giveaway.

nannykim said...

I read the ones I follow in google reader.

vignette design said...

Google Friend Connect will only be available for Blogger blogs, so I think you're safe Kathysue. Even still, it's the people that subscribe that are the loyal readers who don't miss a post. So that being said, I like the Feedburner site. You posed some interesting questions!

Unknown said...

First, I am tickled to think of myself as a bloggerette. Haven't heard that term before.

Now, for the tech stuff.....I'm a little clueless. I have about the same number of subscribers as I do "followers" so I'm going to just hope I'm not too affected.

I usually follow my sidebar to check on my favorite blogs. So, perhaps I'll be ok.

Good food for thought...and design!
xo Elizabeth

Meeha Meeha said...

Hi, Kathysue, I've never commented before. But I have to share my method: I visited you many times, but didn't follow on Google because I didn't have a blog. Instead, I pin all my design blogs in my BOOKMARKS internet browser and then click on them from time to time.
Even if I re-install the system, I can save my bookmarks and nothing changes!
I've been blogging for a month and my personal friends also bookmarked me directly on the computer.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

As a bloggerette...I am feeling a lot better that a lot of people are confused. I get some blogs by email but now my box is so loaded that it would be better to receive fewer but longer posts. You are on my blog list so I see whenever you have a new post. I'd like to know more about Blog lovin' that Barb mentions above.

Unknown said...

Hi Kathysue, I don't understand all of this and honestly never really understood what it meant when you push the 'follow' button anyway. I thought it was just saying you liked the blog and that advertisers would use that number to determine how much they would pay and who they wanted to advertise with. I used to subscribe by email all the blogs that I "followed" or wanted to keep up with but got tired of all the emails building up so I just put all the blogs I love to read on my sidebar and click on as many as I have time for each day. I like that the photos come up as well so I can kind of see what is being posted before even opening it.
I think the follower list can be good and bad - encouraging if you are getting followers / discouraging if you are not. I just found out the other day that you can actually see how many (and who) are subscribed and that was nice. I agree with someone's comments that the subscribed by emails are better because a lot of times people click the follow button to be nice or because of a giveaway. I don't know that all those people are really reading. I have no idea what the different feeds mean but really appreciated the time you took to write this post. Thanks, "bloggerette" Sherri