Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do YOU Have “The In-Between’s?”

Do you have the “In-Betweens”? You know, it is not the exciting time of the holidays or the uplifting time of Spring. We are just stuck in the “In-Betweens!”

Symptoms that may occur:
  • Feeling tired.
  • No ambition to do anything.
  • Lack of excitement or enthusiasm.
  • The need to stay home and cuddle up with a blanket.
  • When looking around one’s home, nothing looks right.
  • Feeling the need for a whole transformation of one’s home.
  • Nothing seems to inspire you.
  • Avoid looking in the mirror.
Do any of these sound familiar?

Possible Cures:
  1. Enjoy cuddling under the blanket by adding a cup of your favorite hot beverage and a good design book or magazine.
  2. When grocery shopping buy a bouquet of flowers and a couple of new house plants to brighten up your space.
  3. Place pretty fruit in a bowl on your counter.
  4. Remove a few accessories from cluttered areas to open up the space
  5. Start making a list of projects starting with the small ones
  6. Go to an antique show or a garden show to get inspiration.
  7. Take a walk and enjoy the beauty around you.
  8. Look in the mirror and spruce up a little. Blush and lipstick go a long way in helping us look a little perkier.
  9. Make a lunch date with a good friend and talk about how you feel.

I have a lot going on right now and I am totally excited about the process of getting our playroom done, but I still have been a recipient of the “In-Betweens.”  I am working my way out of them by doing some of the above suggestions.

I hope this helps a little to know you are not alone in this malady!!
What do you all do when you get the ,”In-Betweens?”

  Please share we can all use good advice to get us through this time of year!!

“Enjoy the Process” Of :

Figuring out how to get rid of:
 “The In-Betweens!”



A Perfect Gray said...

you will NOT believe it! I have every last one of those symptoms, and I was just wandering around my house thinking, 'what's wrong with me?'

love your little cures!

thanks, kathysue!

prairiedog said...

That is it! I have the in-betweens.This is the first year that I am not working outside of my home and it is bothering me more than other years,more time at home and more time to think about it.I have been shopping and bringing new things in while decluttering and getting rid of the old,still working at it.oh...and trying not to look in the mirror anymore than necessary

Tote said...

I def have the in betweens! First, I am not feeling well, sore throat & caugh. Just came from the dentist and I need a root canal! I am just falling apart.
It was such a lovely day that I did take Jake for a nice walk just to feel the sun on my face. I think that really helps. We need the sun!


Sally@DivineDistractions said...

I love your label for that time...I usually call it depression!!LOL No, seriously, I don't have time to get the "in-betweens"...wish I did! I think the best cure for the doldrums is to get up and do something decorate a playroom! I always feel better when I'm busy, and obviously you do too. Can't wait to see what you've been up to!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Yes, Kathysue, that is a good way to describe them. The inbetweens. I certainly have them.

lizziefitz said...

If you add Broke from Christmas shopping? Then you just described me .

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Great post, and this assessment made a lot of sense when you left a comment on my facebook page yesterday. The in-betweens perfectly sums it up. I have had zero energy, going to bed as soon as the kids go to bed, but today is much better! The sun decided to come out and I went on a long walk with a friend...


vignette design said...

Yes, all of the above Doctor! And, I'm trying to do all the things you suggest too. Still, here it is one in the afternoon and I'm still not dressed! Oh, the sun just came out. I'll take your suggestion and go for a walk! Must get over the in-betweens! Glad I'm not the only one feeling it.
xoxo Delores


It's feels like I have parked myself right there is that idling spot.

A slow and steady factory is fine, but I am procrastinating still besides.
Who has time for that?!!
So I just keep cleaning, and sweeping, and walking up and down hills, and stretching in the living room, just to gets the juices flowing.


Casa Bella said...

I love the cures! Great ideas. I always buy myself a "just because it's winter and i need some color" bouquet in January and one in February. Normally very bright orange or yellow tulips. Love this post! I'm forwarding the link to a few of my friends who I think have a terrible case of the in-betweens. Thanks for sharing this :-)

L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

The in-betweens! YES! Finally, a word for it:-)

Yes, I have the in-betweens and I had no clue until reading this. Great post!

laxsupermom said...

Thanks so much for this post! Now I have a name for it - the In-Betweens. Yesterday, I really needed to go grocery shopping. Instead, I curled up under a blanket and did nothing. Today, we had no food, so I did grab groceries, but I wish I had read this earlier and grabbed some flowers at the mart.

I did go antiquing earlier this week with my hubby(he surprised me for Valentine's Day by taking a half day,) and plan to do some more of that this weekend. Thanks for this post! Looking forward to seeing the playroom finished.

casey at loft and cottage said...

Thanks for summing up what we are all feeling right now! I love all your cures. Fresh flowers, blush, and girls' night out coming up asap! Oh, I will also add a haircut and donating STUFF to charity this weekend!

lesley said...

Great ideas... making a shopping list right now and will add some flowers to it

La Vie Quotidienne said...

No...absolutely no time for this around here, too much to do. This is the main clean-up time in the garden and I am still working on the media/family room. What do they rest for the wicked. (-:

designchic said...

Dreaming of Spring...definitely have the in betweens!!


Kathysue...I just can't seem to get motivated to do anything! And the list keep piling up :)

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Hi Kathysue, I just discovered your blog!! Please come visit mine sometime! I think I live in the in-betweens! Enjoyed your post and look forward to reading more!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Your so cute Kathysue!
I felt that way after Christmas...I think that is why I started the mudroom, so I would have something to do :)
Well, hmmmm....let me rephrase...I have plenty to do with my three boys but always like to make my life crazy :)

Tricia Rose said...

The in-betweens - just like a big crack I have fallen into, and I feel guilty because I truly have nothing to complain about! However I am convinced I'll end up toothless and fat in a trailer park - don't know why...

Marcus Design said...

Yes! I have never heard it called the 'in-betweens', that it perfect! I do feel that way at this time of year, sort of nice to know that I am not the only one :) Hope your week is going well Kathysue. Hugs xox

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hi Kathysue! I did the walk! But I'm definitely feeling in-be-tween!! thanks for the answer about the Fostoria glasses. The consensus is that it is the "American" pattern.

lvroftiques said...

I think I live there! Lol! And lately I just want to stay under that comfy blankie with my nice warm beverage and a cookie or two *winks* vanna

Blooming Rose Musings said...

I certainly do! I feel the "in-betweens" at work and at home. I am really looking forward to this long weekend even though I know I will get nothing accomplished because I'm so "in-between" right now. Yikes! I think when we change the clocks in three weeks and get more daylight hours it will help because it will feel more like spring is closer.

Rosemary said...

I woke up early this morning finding myself lying in bed wondering what this day would bring. Feeling tired and no energy, really no reason why! After reading your posting and all the comments, it appears that I am in good company. So I think I will plan a day of special treats to myself. First, a pedi and manicure and on the way home, some fresh flowers for the family room and no cooking today! That should put a smile on my face. Right! I wonder what I will do tomorrow???

Maria Killam said...

Kathysue, Wow I posted about feeling this way just a few days ago on my Facebook page and here is your post! I'm glad I'm not alone. In the rain. . . In blasted February!!!
Thank you!

Shannon {aka}|design said...

Oh my!! It's not just me! Phew! I thought it had something to do with the perpetual virus that keeps going around our house or the ice damming that has our living and dining rooms in a wreck. Perhaps it's just February afterall!
Spring is coming! In the meantime, thanks for the encouragement.

Janet said...

I so, have the in betweens! Thanks for the suggestions. ;)


I heard about your diagnosis on Isabella and Max Rooms. This couldn't have come at a better time. I have the in-betweens, and I have them bad. So bad, that I can't even find the desire to blog. Thank you for giving it a name. I'm going to take you up on your recommendations. Wish me some happy and quick healing!


I discovered your diagnosis on Isabella & Max Rooms. I have the in-betweens and I have them bad. So bad, that I've even lost the desire to blog as of lately. I'm going to take you up on your recommendations. Wish me luck!


I discovered your diagnosis on Isabella & Max Rooms. I have the in-betweens and I have them bad. So bad, that I've even lost the desire to blog as of lately. I'm going to take you up on your recommendations. Wish me luck!

Connie said...

Hi KathySue! Visiting from Isabella & Max and had a bad case of the in-betweens over the holidays. I think I'm making a come back to blogging but it took a new blog design and refocusing on what our family needs before I could come up with a blogging schedule. So far pretty good but it's a day by day process. said...

Oh my gosh, how could I have missed this post? No doubt I did because I am wallowing in this state you so cleverly describe! I'm down to posting once a week because of this devilish state of affairs! I simply have lost my energy and enthusiasm for doing it all and doing it well! Love this reassuring post, my friend! I do love the company

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

This is a great post, we all suffer from this from time to time! I think it is this restlessness that tempts us to buy new things we don't need, in order to fill that void. You provided a great list of reasonable things to do to get our mojo back!

Morning T said...

Love this Kathysue!!! I just hope mine doesn't last for much longer. ;)