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Saturday, August 13, 2016

18 Elements To Add To Your Home For Fall

 Today when I was driving home from an appointment I started noticing that some of the trees are already starting to turn. Just the other night for dinner I made a soup that I was craving, even though I am still in shorts and flip flops.

Without realizing it our internal clock realizes that Fall is on it's way so naturally my mind started wandering towards the new season and it's offerings.

GEORGICA POND: A Country Wedding
Every year when Fall comes around I find it hard to get motivated to change out my Summer décor to Fall décor. 

I love Fall weather, crisp air, beautiful colors in nature, but inside my home I have a hard time accepting Fall.

Fall decorating can be hard for a Springtime gal like myself. Especially when I don’t decorate with the typical Autumnal colors,( NO orange in my life!)

To help me get motivated I had to write down the elements, and colors that I DO enjoy.

I thought about what represents Fall to me and made a list.
Wooden bowls
antique bread bowls as decor.
Wooden turned candlesticks
Chunky wood candlesticks
Wooden cutting boards
17th century French stone counters
Pomegranate de-seeded in under 5 minutes. Slice half lengthwise, make several 20-degree slits around the cut-side. Place the pomegranate half, seed side-down, in your palm, over a bowl. Using a large spoon, whack the fruit. The seeds will tumble out!
Such a beautiful pinky/red color.
Soft Green Eucalyptus Leaves
Eucalyptus wreath
Cream or basil colored candles
Green candles
Crisp red and green apples
.Fall colors I can live with
Brass candlesticks that glow
Brass candlesticks barley twist brass candle by cristinasroom, on etsy.
Pale Green/Gray Pumpkins

Beautiful pumpkin
Golden Pears
.beautiful color and texture
Fall Plantings from Halfmoon Bay  http://goodlifeofdesign.blogspot.com/2012/10/i-am-going-to-be-busy-girl_1.html

 I love to use purples, white, and yellows for Fall.
Ornamental Kale
Tone on Tone  ornamental Kale and white pumpkins♥♥♥
Loi from Tone on Tone’s Fall Kitchen
one of my all time favorite looks with two of my favorite elements, baskets and cutting boards= Perfection
Adding texture with baskets adds warmth to any space.
Bakelite or Horn handled silverware
vintage bakelite silverware set
Bring in the warmth of Bakelite silverware. 

adore this idea of all the "lantern" candles together and all lit at once. so pretty.

Nuts and acorns
follow nature's cue and use natural decor in the home to accent each season.
Fall Branches in a vase
FALL*SPIRATION - White Mini Pumpkins in Bowl and on Table,  Dried Leaf Branches in Clear Vase.
By having this list on hand it makes it easier for me to change my décor to a more Fall-like look.

You will notice that in my list there are no russets, or oranges! 

So you see it is possible to decorate for Fall without using any of the colors in the orange family!! 
This year I chose to add a touch of gold to my black, white and blue color scheme in our great room.....

 The gold added to the blue brings in a nice warm glow.

 This Chinoiserie fabric was my combiner fabric in the room. It pulled together my color scheme for me.

As the weather gets cooler I will add some simple touches, nothing too thematic. It's nice to use natural elements so I will be referring to my tried and true list of 18 items!

For more ideas that I like for Fall go to my Pinterest board.......
(just click on the word Fallish!)



Unknown said...

People have been making fun of me for making lists of what I'm going to decorate with this Fall. On my list are greyish-green squash, pumpkins and gourds, mossy branches, Fall leaves, chestnuts and Fall crocuses. I like orange-toned pumpkins, leaves, etc., but they don't fit in with my decor.

Patti said...

Beautiful post! Thank you!

Victoria said...

I love all these images. I am with you about fallish colors...never have been a fan of orange. For me, I believe I gravitate toward colors I would wear and I would not look good in orange.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Oh I cannot wait til Fall....I look forward to going to the Farmer's Market for Fall goodies....and love your
Bakelite silverware...I inherited some great Bakelite when my friend was downsizing and moving..

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

P.S. I am getting away from the traditional oranges and I am so loving the gorgeous white and soft green (Cinderella) pumpkins.

xinex said...

I love all these fall elements, KathySue. Very warm!....Christine

Unknown said...

I actually love orange and use it throughout my home all year long. But I do understand how hard it can be to introduce fall into a non-fall interior. I prefer more contemporary lines in furniture and decor and adding rustic elements is a real dance in trying to find just the right items that dont look out of place in a modern setting yet add that warm and cozy fall factor we all want. Some of your color ideas help with that process...thanks.

Lady of the Manor said...

Beautiful inspiration, KathySue. I can't wait to be in our new house and start decorating! Great ideas, but I'll be using a little orange. :). Zenda

Elizabeth "Libby" Day said...

These are beautiful and inspiring examples of fall decorating ideas. This is my favorite season for which to decorate as I love all the fall colors. I will be referring to this post. Thanks.