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Thursday, June 16, 2016

New House Update: Let There Be LIGHT!!!


You all know I am a planner by nature so it will be no surprise when I tell you about my latest lighting purchases for the new house.

I am an avid pinner of ideas and rooms that I love. I even have a all time favorite board and I am pretty consistent in my likes.

 My goal for my home and even for my clients when I was doing consults was to have a home that they would truly love over a long period of time, not just for one or two years. 

So many people try to stay on trend and trust it is pretty impossible and very costly. They become what I call Trendzilla's. (that is a topic for another post!)

The trends won't matter to you once you get the look, and feel in your home that is truly YOU.

 Dog sculpture done by the ever so talented Mark Perry.

So, let me show you a collage that I made several months ago for our new homes lighting changes.

So far we have the sconces purchased and just this last week I found a tripod lamp that I loved. 

My sweet husband hung the sconces, and we are waiting for the electrician to call us back for an estimate to have them properly installed.

There is molding to be added, and a new round mirror, but for now this will work just fine.

The tripod floor lamp

There were actually 3 floor lamps for me to choose from....



When choosing a floor lamp you need to take a few things into consideration.

Once you determine the style you like then it is time to look at the spot you want to put it in and decide the height you need.

Next take a look at the shade width, and make sure it is going to fill in the area you want it to fill in. 

The way it functions is also important, does it have a dimmer will it be enough light for reading etc, in your room?

Here is the area I want my new floor lamp to go....

You can see to the right of my reading chair the bottom is filled in with the garden stool, but up by the window I have plenty of room for a fairly large shade. 

I measured the height that I thought would work, and the width of the shade.

After doing the measuring, and looking at the specs of each floor lamp pictured above I made my choice, and I chose #1. It fit all the needs and wants I wanted in a floor lamp.

I am really enjoying the new fresh look of this floor lamp and it ties in so nicely with my sconces.

 Sconces are from Visual Comfort

Simple clean lines is the name of this game!

Next on the agenda is a new table lamp! Step by step it will all come together. I am not in any hurry to get it all done. I am enjoying each big and little moments in the process.

If you are interested in what I am pinning check out these two boards. Just click on links below!



Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I love your new lamps, Kathysue! Your home is just darling and it's so fun to see it come together step by step! Your new backyard is gorgeous!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Love the lamp Kathysue!....looking forward to your Trendzilla post!

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Excellent! The sconces look wonderful and so does the new floor lamp. I can see your new backyard through the window- what a treat!

auntp said...

I really like the sconces. Can you give the source, please?

Thanks. Paula

michele said...

i am loving loving loving the inspiration images and the actual KATHYSUE magic you are executing. i so agree about the trend dangers, and the classic direction you are heading will never look passe. peace, friend and bon weekend.

Mary said...

I appreciate how much thought & effort you put into purchases for your home. And I look forward to your thoughts on trends. In my experience...it seems my friends aren't into fixing up their homes. They don't watch design shows on TV. And they certainly don't read design blogs. So they don't have a clue as to what the latest trends are. They bought whatever was on sale when they moved into their homes & it's stayed that way ever since.

cotedetexas said...

Loving watching your process !!!!

Lexi Keppel said...

Kathysue, as usual, a great post! Your blog is one of my daily reads and I am obsessed with design blogs. Just a thought for the corner of your room where you currently have a fern on the column plant stand, what about a tall/large palm in a woven basket? You seem to have the space for it and I bet with would not block your window views. I bought some this year for my home (I live in FL) at the Home Depot and they are only about $30. Just a thought! Can't wait for a "Trendzilla" post!!!