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Thursday, May 19, 2016

A FASHION POST! : To Bare or Not To Bare?

If you have been reading about the trends for the Spring/Summer season you probably know that the bare shoulder look is quite in vogue.

Now for the BIG question should we women of a certain age bare our shoulders or not? Obviously this is really up to the individual so I can not answer for all of you. However I have been looking around to see if there would be any styles that would tempt me to bare my shoulders.

I have found many cute tops for the under 40 group, but for me personally I won't be wearing the bare shoulder look. It has more to do with my modesty than my age. I think I would feel too exposed and would be tugging at my top to keep it in just the right position all the time.

Let me show you some looks that I really think are stunning and if I were to wear an off shoulder or cold shoulder look this is the direction I would go. You all have to make your own judgement on whether you would wear this look or not.

Since I love stripes I would go for this look. I like the way it is somewhat fitted and it is simple. I would probably wear this with a pair of loose white linen pants and a cute pair of simple natural leather sandals. Great dangling  earrings and a simple bangle.

Keep in mind I am dressing a woman of a certain age in the off shoulder look so there will be no midriff showing, but this look is stunning to me and if you have the figure to wear it, this is the way to go, keeping it classic.

REMEMBER no tummy showing so get a longer top that goes a bit over your waist, but the all black look with the natural leather, and the simple hair-do and great earrings is the way to go!!

 This white top is nice and loose with a special little detail at the base of the sleeve. 

Since the top is loose the choice of bottoms need to be tighter. If I were to wear this I would go for an all white outfit, with slim white pants to my ankle and I would wear gold leather flip flop type sandals and gold chandelier earrings. 

With the tie  embellishment on the sleeve I would skip the bangles for this outfit. If you happen to have slim ankles you could wear a cute pair of gold lace up sandals. Since I am not blessed with slim ankles I like to wear a simple flip flop in a gold leather.

If money is no object this is my favorite look for off the shoulder tops. I saw this on Elements of Style blog and I thought to myself, " If I would wear an off the shoulder top this would be it!"

I normally do not wear floral prints, but this is stunning and I think classic for this look. This is what I call a statement piece.

Slim white ankle pants would be the pants I would wear, but I think I might wear a cute pair of black patent sandals for this ensemble. 

I would keep my earrings very simple since the top is so outstanding and I would wear a wide cuff bracelet in either gold or silver.

This next look I have mixed feelings about. It is a combination tank, and off shoulder look. I know it is more of a modest look, and yet it feels a bit confusing to me. However this is ideal for those of us that can not commit to the whole shoulder being exposed.

This particular dress is the only one I have personally found of this style that I would consider.

You will notice all of my choices are black and white. I find them more classic when going outside my comfort zone or when buying a trend piece.

So what do you think, would you wear or have you worn an off the shoulder look? Let me know what you think in the comments. We are here to learn from each other and to help promote women of a certain age to care more about their style and appearance!!



Mary said...

At my age, I'm not showing my shoulders also. And I would imagine a strapless bra would be required & I'm not comfortable in that either.
My opinion is that if you're showing a lot of skin, you're trying to be sexy. Which is fine if you're young. But I'm not, so it would just look pathetic.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I like the looks.....I just bought a "off the shoulder ~ not quite committing" top from Chicos last month...Wasn't sure if I would like it until I tried it on and got the thumbs up....I do think it is fun.
I also want to recommend the strapless bra from Soma...best strapless I have ever bought. Have a great weekend Kathysue!

michele said...

i was definitely a bare shoulder girl back in the day (esp. my wedding day!), and you have reminded me it has been quite a long time since i have worn that style. frankly, i am trying to keep the attention away from my neck...can i get an AMEN? peace, fashionable friend.

June from Oregon said...


Your blog has been so inspiring!! I love your fashion sense and how you map out the entire outfit, down to the shoes.

After retiring at age 57, I immediately chucked all my career clothes. I'm 66 now. Been wearing T-shirts (long or short sleeved depending on weather), jeans and athletic shoes. No jewelry except my diamond stud earrings and wedding band.

TIME TO BUST OUT OF MY RUT! I wish my Mom were alive to see it, as she was a classy dresser, like you. She always hoped I'd show up in something other than Ts and jeans.

Loving my new white and colored capris...and feminine sandals...still kinda stuck on the Ts, though. But fitted, colorful Ts with V- or boat-neck look nice with my other new items. Have added dangly earrings (my husband LOVES them) and bracelets.

Love the first two off-shoulder looks you featured. But would I wear them? Even with my new venture into fashion, probably not. Although tall and slim, I need a bra...and STRAPLESS have never stayed up on me up (maybe new ones on the market would...?)

THANKS AGAIN, ever so much. You are an inspiration on so many levels!!!! Enjoy following your landscaping progress. Also learned much from the choices you made--within the slim selections you had available to you--in building your home.


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

I have several of the cold shoulder tops and love them. I do not care for the off the shoulder tops myself. Enjoyable post!