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Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Lighting Saga Continues With More Choices!


I think light fixtures are like jewelry in a room, and just as you coordinate your jewelry with your outfit you also need to coordinate your light fixtures if they will be in close proximity to each other.

The next light fixtures I have to choose are in my kitchen area. 

Several of you thought it would be more helpful to visualize if you could see the area that I am talking about. 

I only have the models images of this area so you will have to use your imagination when it comes to color.

All my walls are white, cabinetry white with quartz counter tops that are white with gray veining, flooring is hickory in varied sizes of planks for a more casual look.


Here is the kitchen and great room area that you will see straight through from the entry hall

The opening into the great room is NOT arched in our home, which I am very happy about.

Do you have it all pictured in your mind, all white with wood flooring?

This area will have a chandelier over the dinette and possibly something over the 9ft. island.

I actually have only considered one fixture over the island, and I am not sure it will work because I do not want any visual clutter.

The back cabinets will be the focal point and I am not sure I will be happy with something hanging in front of them. 

Most people would hang 3 pendants above an island that is 9ft long, but that is just too much visual clutter for my minds eye. 

Personally I can handle two, I think, but would prefer one, or there just might not be any depending on what I feel once we move in.

I have found one that I like very much and it comes in two sizes…

New House lighting over island
The 8 light fixture is 48” wide by 15.75” high. We have 10ft ceilings so it can accommodate this size nicely.

The 5 light fixture is 50 in. wide and 9.5in. tall. 10in. deep.

This  probably seems somewhat more contemporary than most of you would think I would choose, however I have found that with my lighting and my jewelry, I tend to  like antique, or contemporary, and I feel that lighting is the jewelry of the room.

The tie-in for all my lighting styles, and fixtures is the use of antique brass, and oiled rubbed bronze/blackish.

I have already shown you some of the fixtures for my entry hall.

Ribbet collage New House entry lighting collage
So far these are the top contenders. The entry is only 5ft wide by 7ft long and then it opens up into the entrance to the kitchen and great room. I want to make it a nice introduction to the rest of my home.


The next light fixture to consider will be over the fireplace mantel in the form of sconces. Again, I am keeping it in either black or brass, or a combination of the two

Ribbet collage Next House Lighting sconce collage


Ribbet collage New House sconce collage
I found several sconces that I liked with simple lines.

Lots of information to absorb, isn’t it so where does one begin now that I have all of these fixtures to select.


The first place I started was the main fixture which is  the dining chandelier, then I will try different combinations until I get a mix that says, “This is IT!”

Often times there might be more than one combination that feels right, but if you are patient, over time one will speak to you more than others.

I have three options so far for over the dinette table.

We brought the one from our old house because it was black, simple, and would more than likely tie in with my future plans. It is the first one pictured below. You will probably recognize my striped wallpaper.

The new house comes with a brushed nickel fixture which is not going to work for my look.

Ribbet collage Next House dinette chandelier c
I have two transitional chandeliers, and one very traditional piece.

None of the decisions will be made quickly because I am a believer that you need to live in a home for a bit to let it tell you what it needs. 

Who knows I might have to start from scratch once we are in our new home. Luckily I love sourcing and the planning process so this is fun for me.

In my next post I will be doing some combination collages to see which fixtures marry well together.



Ter'e said...

I am giddy watching you put your home together. Such fun. LOVE your ideas.
When you say your walls will be white........what color do you consider white????
We are moving to a previously loved home, and I cannot believe the white choices.

I am a Native Californian, living in FL, moving to MO. How differwntly we all perceive the color white.
P.S. keep sharing. I love your tips. Right now.......I am looking at navy blues. I am in love with Blue Danube BM. Hubs is having a navy and white office......tho, not near as fancy as yours. He is a nautical sort of guy, so we have lots of cool decor for his office.

designchic said...

So many choices, Kathysue. I'm waiting for the collage to decide…can't wait to see what you put together!

Kathysue said...

Ter'e I am using swiss coffee for all walls and moldings. I might add some color to some of the walls as time goes by, like the navy in my husband's den and possibly a color in my master bedroom. I have never lived with white walls before so this will be new for me.

Unknown said...

I also worried about hanging pendant lights over my island during our remodel as I did not want to block the view created when we knocked out a wall. However I am here to tell you that while the light fixture you have chosen is larger than most pendants it really will "disappear" once hung and your cabinetry will continue to take center stage. And I think you will enjoy the light from the fixture more than the overheads and, on a dimmer, it can act as a bit of a night light or ambient lighting once the kitchen is "closed". Good luck...I know you must be anxious to finally move in!

Mary said...

Hi Kathysue,
I was wondering if your builder will be putting in your lighting selections. Or is that something you have to do yourself after you've moved in? And will you be hanging a chandelier over your living area?
I like everything you've selected so far. And some antique ones added to the mix will look perfect.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

We did not do the pendant lights over our kitchen island either. My decorator did not like the distraction and instead we used 3 canned lights. Love them!

So interesting to journey along with you on your choices.