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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I would venture to say we all have certain things in life that we love just, “BECAUSE!”  One of the things I have an affinity for is stacks of white towels.

This might be strange to some, and relatable to others. If you are like me, and love the look of stacked white towels, or just love a great way to display your towels you are about to get some great eye candy.



You will notice all of the following displays are not just
practical, but they are displayed beautifully with other objects to make a lovely vignette………..A
Source: bhg.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

Source: bhg.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest


Sometimes it is nice to have a towel that we, or our guest can easily grab………….


Not everyone has a large bathroom area to display towels. We have to find clever, decorative ways to have our towels on display……….

This is my small  display in my very own guest bathroom.


For those of you that like to do something a little more unusual, or unexpected you will like this next line-up…….

Vintage pieces of furniture can make for unexpected towel displays. My friend Delores of Vignette Designs did a wonderful post on furniture pieces in the bathroom, HERE!

An older cabinet and a bar cart look right at home in this lovely bathroom.

Whether you choose to display your towels out in the open, in an unusual manner, or for convenience………

In my book there is nothing prettier than a fresh, fluffy white towel display!!

How do you display your towels in your home? Inquiring minds want to know so leave a comment, and share what you do!!!


Being Creative with your towels!


Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Well, I just pinned a few. Whew, this is one gorgeous post, Kathysue! Love!
I hope that you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

vignette design said...

What a wonderful post! I was wondering when you would post about stacks of white towels! haha!
Love all your stacked towel eye candy and especially love that last image with the armoire filled to the brim of all things white: towels and linens.
Thanks for the shout out too! ~Delores

Sunflowers With Smiles said...

I agree I love white fluffy, crisp towels. I display them rolled up in a willow basket that I have and I also have another bathroom that I roll them in in a vintage wired basket.

Thanks for sharing!

The enchanted home said...

Hi Kathysue..loved this post because I too have a thing for rolled towels! I love all your gorgeous examples, who knew there were so many beautiful ways to display them!
Well done:) Hope you had a wonderful Mothers day!!

laxsupermom said...

I love stacked white towels, too! I think it's because they make me think of hotels, which means a real vacation(vs. camping,) which means eating out and not picking up after children, which is the ultimate in bliss. Beautiful images! Thanks for sharing.

L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

KathySue I LOVE WHITE TOWELS!!!! Seriously! That's all I buy. My family asks why I buy all white since I have boys and I'm like really? They are the easiest to clean!

Lovely post:)

michele said...

gorgeous terry cloth porn right here!!

have always loved stacks of fresh white towels. in our bath, they're piled on a vintage prayer chair.

smiles to you.


Stacy CUrran said...

What a beautiful post. I love the one where the designer so creatively stacked the rolled towels in the silver urn. i saw an image recently of a bar cart in the bathroom with towels and things on it...to doe for!! Beautiful post!!

Victoria said...

I am a big fan of white towels. I also am a big fan of bleach...a symbiotic relationship. I have stacked towels on an antique chair, a garden seat, in large wicker baskets and on glass shelves, depending on the amount of space I have. The towels on the glass shelves are displayed with a collection of antique bisque "hand" vases and vintage perfume bottles.
I loved this post, Kathysue.

The Buzz Blog said...

Sadly, not in a very creative way and hidden in a cupboard. Will have to rectify that when we redo the master bath - love the idea of built-ins next to the shower! Hope you're having a wonderful week, Kathysue!

Melinda said...

Lovely ideas and beautiful examples in the photos. Will be using some of these for my bathrooms to pretty them up and make them not just look nice but work well.

Melinda said...

Lovely ideas and beautiful examples in the photos. Will be using some of these for my bathrooms to pretty them up and make them not just look nice but work well.


I totally agree...no colored towels for me. I have always loved white. Some of these images are gorgeous so I will be pinning :)

Linda said...

but, how do you KEEP them white?!