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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Favorite Quick Fix

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Are you in the mood for a change in your home? Me Too!!!

Sometimes we need to think about making small changes instead of major changes to our homes.

Even a small change can make us feel inspired, and give us a whole new outlook.

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It doesn’t have to be elaborate to be appealing, or to make a difference.
Bringing in some fresh flowers, or greenery is just one way that can make a room feel more inviting, and happy.


Simple flower arrangements are my quick fix!

How I do it!!

  • Determine which rooms will you and/or your guest be in the most.

  • Look in the room and see where you eye goes first. This is the place you will put your fresh flowers.
  •  Remember these are small, simple arrangements   so they need an area they can call their own.

  • Decide what color will make that area pop!

    Now for the fun part!

    Look in your yard to see if you have any pretty greenery that could be added to a small vase.


    A few small flowers are all that are needed, just pick two or three little flowers.


    Next time you go to the grocery store, pick up a small bunch of flowers. I prefer all of one type or color, it seems to make more of a statement for the least amount of effort.

     Need a little Sparkle in your life!?

    Add some sequins to the water!!

    “I Don’t Have Any Pretty Vases!”

    Not to worry!! You can use anything to put flowers in! Look in your cupboards. You will be surprised how your options will open up!!!!

    A common gravy boat can look amazing with sweet violas placed inside.

     So Whether you choose:


     Two Blooms

     Three Blooms

     No Blooms At All

    You  still can add a little prettiness to your home today!!

    Now get a pair of scissors, and go out into your yard and start cutting!

    Here is What I did for myself:

    “Enjoy the Process” Of:

    Using what you have to make your home a little more lovely!!

    BTW: I just realized today is May Day!!
    Another reason to add  a little bouquet of loveliness to your home today!


    Sorry for the spacing in this post!! Blogger was a problem child today!!


    Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista said...

    So bright! I love the teapot-vase and the vase filled with lemon slices, so pretty.


    Barb @ The Everyday Home said...

    LOVE this post. And yes, sometimes all I need to do is add a vase of pretty. This is one thing I tell my Sellers to splurge on when they are selling their home, add a vase of two of fresh flowers. Now you know I love my silks, but there is nothing like a bunch of pretty flowers. You have some pretty flowers and greens to cut from in your own garden. I thought I would surely see a piece of Mr Foxy Tail in a vase. :) Great inspiration pics, but none as pretty as your own. xxoo

    Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

    Kathysue, I am always changing things up. Occupational hazard! Cant blog-spot be a pain? It erased one of my favorite posts and for the life of me, I couldn't get it back. I was so mad.....It can be a problem child!

    michele said...

    loving your bottles and that disco vase gets me every time.

    my may day was fabulous. no access to internet, got a deep tissue massage, and made a portion of our home feel sparkly clean.


    smiles to you.


    busanalayali said...

    This really is wonderful article ! I simply love’d it !
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    Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

    Fantastic post, Kathysue! There are endless possibilities, aren't they?
    I love every single one. What a way to start of the day!
    Happy Wednesday.

    Victoria said...

    Lovely suggestions, easily achieved. I am especially fond of the violas in the gravy boat. I agree with you, it is the simple things that often give the most delight.
    Thanks, Kathysue.
    XO Victoria

    SHERRY HART said...

    Sometimes it truly is the little things....flowers can definitely make you smile. Thanks for the pretty :)

    Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

    Yes, flowers are always nice and blogger is a butt this week.

    Linda Hartong said...

    I am going out to cut a peony right now and put it in an old glass milk bottle.

    Lee said...

    ah, the gravy boat is my favorite, melts my heart!

    Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

    I am always in a "change mode"...always re-arranging, etc...yes, flowers are great aren't they...they make you smile every time you pass by...That is why you should always have fresh flowers in a work area...it makes "work" less undesirable...say laundry!!

    Have a great week!..Loved the images!

    Mary Ann Pickett said...

    Just lovely....I can't wait to cut some blooms from my yard. I have some new pillows to pick up on Friday made from a great deal that I got on fabric.

    Happy weekend...if I am not back before then, Kathysue!

    Karen said...

    I love the way adding a few bits of greenery gives your bottles a spring feel. My favorite thing about spring/summer is that I can go out in the yard and clip flowers or hosta leaves to place in vessels throughout our house. (Thanks for the inspiration about using non-vase containers, it's got the wheels in my head turning!)

    Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

    Such great ideas. You amaze me. Hugs, Marty

    vignette design said...

    To me, fresh flowers are my special indulgence. I almost always pick up a bouquet at the store, along with fruits and vegetables. Finding cute, unexpected vessels is half the fun! Even a tin can can look good with a bouquet. Happy May to you my friend!

    Melinda said...

    Lovely ideas and just a great pick me up that doesn't cost anything and has a huge impact on your house and mood. Am going around now to see where I can add some little touches like this for make my house a little brighter.

    La Dolfina said...

    So lovely!!
    We can always count on you to bring a little joy into our hearts and home my friend...
    Love you,

    Cashon&Co said...

    I love all these flowers!!! You always curate the best of the best!! like the bottles you used on your kitchen sink window. beautiful. xoxo