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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do You Believe In Fairies?

Do you believe in fairies?  I have a special little girl in my life that truly believes! Since there are going to be fairies in our lives we had to make a special spot for them to come and visit.  We love flowers and garden fairies so we had to make a special Fairy Garden. First, we had to have a plan so she drew a picture........
You can see she knew exactly how she wanted her Fairy Garden to look.
We took a trip to the nursery and bought a variety of plants varying in shapes and texture. She was very good at picking the plants out. We knew we needed moss as a ground cover , something soft for the fairies to walk on. We also needed very small rocks for their path, so a pretty colored pea gravel would work for that.
Since we needed a few structures to add to our garden, we took a walk to the park with scissors and a bag.  We went on a adventure choosing straight twigs for the gazebo and fences and bendable branches to make a garden arbor.
Here is the result of our little Fairy Garden that she named,"The Crystal Fairy Garden."

You can see from the pictures that we used a large ceramic pot. After making this one I would use a pot at least the size of a wine barrel. It will give you much more room to add things as you go. We had to eliminate the idea of a shell  bath for the Fairy Queen and a clothes line to hang their fairy clothing to dry after they washed it in the pond. Your imagination will totally take over, trust me on this. I see many other Fairy Gardens in my future.

Suggested steps to take:

  1. Make a drawing or plan
  2. Decide which container you will use
  3. Buy a variety of plants and ground cover
  4. Try making your own structures using natural materials
  5. If natural materials are not available I am sure Michaels would have some things to use in miniature
  6. Place plants where you think you want them to go and then plant the plants first.
  7. Next do the mossLast, add the garden path and the pond. Now you are ready to place your structures

Remember to name your Fairy Garden. Now you have to wait for the fairies to arrive.

Fairies usually come out some time after midnight and before dawn. Since our Fairy Garden was named the Crystal Fairy Garden I was sure they would leave something like crystals behind and maybe a rose petal or two from swimming in the pond. You know they dry off with rose petals. The next morning when we woke up, my special little girl went to see her Fairy Garden and guess what? There were three crystals and two rose petals on the moss and even a flower floating in the pond. I do believe in Fairies, how could I not?

The next time my special boys come to visit, I want to make a garden for them also but theirs will be for dinasours, leggos or cars and trucks.  Who knows what they will create?! They have great imaginations. If you have special little visitors come to your home, I highly recommend this activity. What a fun day it was!

"Enjoy the Process." Of: Using your childlike imagination and creating something wonderful.



Sandra said...

Oh what a pretty little fairy garden! I think she did a great job in planning it out. Thank you for sharing with us.

La Dolfina said...

That is a day your precious granddaughter will always cherish. You really are the most loving and generous Grandmother ever!! I love how you use your creativity to connect with your Grandchildren! Happiness is found in moments!! What a happy day for the both of you :)

Allie and Pattie said...

Kathysue, we also have a special little one who believes in anyting her imagination dreams up. Her visits are always fun and creative. I do think she would love a fairy garden- thank you
xoxo Pattie

vignette design said...

This is such an adorable post Kathysue! I love how you and your granddaughter created this little miniature fairyland. I would have a ball doing this. When daughter #2 was little, we built a dollhouse together. It's true, your imagination and creativity go crazy! I will tuck this idea away for when Granddaughter Reese is old enough.

Anonymous said...

Precious! I wish I could have seen her face when she found the crystals and rose petals.

Thank you for your visit and comment yesterday. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

I LOVE it !! I had my first grandchild this fall, and I can't wait until he and I can share wonderful experiences together. What a memory you created! One of my favorite murals that i painted many years ago was of large flower with little fairies throughout. It was a magical space for the little girl who inhabited that special room. I've loved fairies ever since.
Thanks for sharing such a fun project with us.

Gypsy Heart said...

Absolutely adorable! I so wish my grandkids were little again ~ such fun adventures. We still have fun but they are teens now so their friends are the most important aspect of their lives. :-) I'll keep this in mind for possible visitors though.


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

What a wonderful way to have fun with children.
Your fairy garden is so sweet and what fairy wouldn't want to call it home.


Jeanette said...

LOVE IT! It is going into my summer folder. My precious niece will be staying with me the entire summer and we love stuff like this!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Kathysue, what a cute way to enjoy time with her. That is so cute what both of you made together. She will always treasure these visits with you.

Jules said...

Of course I believe in fairies! Every house should have a spot for fairies to visit ...well done Kathysue

Heidi said...

Hi Kathysue,
That is so adorable. Your little one was lucky to share that special time with you. She will always remember it! I remember making a fairy garden with my "little girl" who's now 20, when she was a tot. I could almost see the fairies playing in it when we were done. You reminded me how much fun we had together, and now I really want to make one, just for me!
Thanks for sharing this!
Heidi - Heart and Home

Unknown said...

That is so precious! The fairies will be sure to visit such a lovely spot, xx

Kat said...

Kathysue, this is just the most amazing activity! I love all the plants you chose. So pretty, and your special little girl has quite a talent for design - wonder where she got that :). She is going to remember this forever. Sweet, sweet memories were made here. Hugs, Kat

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Oh My Goodness! I have to do one of these - or maybe 2 or 3! That is so pretty and what fun to do with the grands! I can't wait. Thanks so much for the inspiration. laurie

Tricia said...

No wonder I missed this post...I was away on Spring Break. Thanks so much for sending me the link, this is incredible!! I have to make one and will be certain to 'remind' the fairies that it's ok to leave some rose petals and crystals behind. You're too cute!

Velvet and Linen said...

Leila is going to love this Kathysue! I can't wait to share it with her.