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Welcome to my sweet 1978 Ranch house. My home is located in a suburb about 40 miles northeast of San Francisco.
We have enjoyed living here for the past 35 years.
We live in every square foot of our home starting with the front porch………

Many a morning has been spent sitting in the chair on the far right, the curtain panel helps shade me from the morning sun.

This will be your first introduction to my love of the color scheme of black and white, and striped patterns. There are more to come!
Let’s go inside!


Speaking of black and white, I used it here on my floor by using black granite and Carrera marble. I waited 25 years for these floors and they were well worth the wait.

To the left of the entry is a step-down living room………

We have added architectural interest over the years to our home to give it our own personal touch.

 Molding is one of my BFF’s as far as design elements are concerned. 

2 living room

My home is shaped like an, “L”!
                Living Areas
We have a decision to make! Shall we go to the left to the bedrooms, or to the right to the kitchen and familyroom area?

Let’s go to the left off of the entry, to the bedrooms!

Our first stop is the guest bathroom!

Black and white are alive and well in here. I have two antique pieces in this room. The fretwork over the tub is off of an old Victorian porch from

 San Francisco…….

bathroom pedestal 015 (800x600)

The small Chinese pedestal is a vintage find. I am not really sure how old it is, but I love the bright pop of green with the black and white in this room.

Guest bathroom 005
The vanity is an all oak piece with a Carrera marble top and China basin, dating from the late 1890’s

bathroom colage

Next we are going to go down my very long hallway

to the bedrooms.

Yes, I have all the bedroom doors numbered!

time to play


At the end of this very long hallway is the master bedroom…….

Numbers on doors 003

We purchased a new king size bed this year so I still have some additions to make in this room. Be sure to come back for another visit in the near future to see what I do.
master bedroom collage

Connected to the master bedroom is our bathroom/shower area……..

master bath colage 2

Now let’s head back down the hallway and go see the living areas of our home……..

BEFORE Of My Kitchen

As you enter the kitchen eating area you will see the kitchen to the left……..

 The AFTER Of MY Kitchen

We were very lucky to have been able to do a little reno in my kitchen this year!!

 The flooring is still covered in this image but this is a pretty nice view of my new 36in. Farmhouse sink by Rohl.

I have so enjoyed using this extra large sink. I chose the larger size to balance with my window that looks out back to our pool area.

The faucet has become the jewelry of the room. It is polished nickel also by Rohl.

We have new undermount lighting and the inside of my glass doors are also illuminated, which reflects nicely off of the mirror backs in the cupboard.

We are really enjoying the new look of our kitchen. It is a nice addition to the look of my home.

The dining area is straight across from the kitchen……..
summer dining 2 (800x600)_thumb[3]

This is such an easy room to change out for the different seasons, and trust me, it has had many different looks and colors added to the mix over the years.
dining room

The kitchen area has a breakfast bar that looks into our family room.

The family room is where we do most of our day to day living………
apothecary lamp 004
family room, blue jay and flowers 009 (800x600)
family room collage
Blue end table 017 (800x600)

 In The summer time I like to use a lot of blue and white so I change up the pillows a bit....

 This is the chair that I like to sit in to read or talk on the phone. I have a great view of the backyard from here.

My mantel is also all dressed for Summer with more blue and white, and a stack of turquoise and blue books topped off with a sea shell. 

A clear soft turquoise bottle with palm fronds in it adds to the coolness of the room, don't you think?

 Across from the fireplace is our blue ticking sofa. I had a very long lumbar pillow made from fabric I ordered from Ian Mankin in London. It is so fresh and a fun addition to the room.

Now we are going to step outside to my backyard.


You are going to notice the color of the back of my home is different than the front of my house.

We have very hot summers so I wanted a cooler color pallet so the back is a soft sage green with accents of cobalt, and black and white stripes.

It makes for a nice transition from the family room’s color scheme……

summer hydrangeas

This concludes the  tour of my home, but I am always making changes so I hope you will come back for another visit soon!

As I always say.........

Kathysue is always......