Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Dozen Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I never know what to call them, socks, or stockings? I instinctively say socks, so for this post I will refer to them as Christmas Socks! I hope that is alright?!!

Now that we have cleared that up shall we get down to the business of what to put in them?

Source: horchow.com via Elaina on Pinterest

I usually start buying for my family’s Christmas socks even before I purchase their gifts.

I do a sock for each grandchild, and my grown-up children as well.

They love their socks and I actually think they might forgo a gift before they would give up their socks.

When my boys were young men they would wake up in the middle of the night dump out their socks and go back to bed.

Here are a dozen items  to fill up the younger members Christmas sock in your family.…….

The kiddos love these straws!

More straws……..

They can create, and build with these straws!

Scented colored pencils/smencils

These cute hats are a great deal at Target for $6.34 each..

A pencil kit with erasers and grips.

Hand puppet tattoos!

Build your own calendar with Lego-like blocks.

Glow in the dark shoe laces!

Experimenting with the sun for the little Scientist.

An umbrella for a girl or a boy!
I hope this gives you some ideas on what to put in your kiddos socks/stockings this year!! If you need more ideas, be sure and visit my Pinterest board HERE!

Do you have any Christmas memories about your socks/stockings?

What are some of the fun things you put in your family's socks/stockings?

"Enjoy The Process!" Of:

Stuffing Socks/Stockings!


The Buzz Blog said...

Growing up, we had Christmas boots that our mom would fill with treasures and candy. One year, they were placed too close to the fire and all the candy melted in the toes. Love all your suggestions and will have to bookmark this page for next year (shopping is all done for now!)
C + C

Kathysue said...

C&C I love this story!! When we were kids we would get an apple, orange and nuts in the bottom of our socks with a candy cane and a few other goodies. I read that in Victorian times it was a real treat to get an orange in the winter time so it was a favorite in their socks/stockings. Can you imagine if we gave the children of today FRUIT?

Victoria said...

I also like the stockings as much as the gifts under the tree. In my 2 year old grandson's, I put a Matchbox car, mini stuffed baby bears, crayons, mini books, etc. The adults have travel candles in tins, small blank books, fun costume jewelry, socks, gloves or hand-made hats and a card in each that lists the charities to which I have donated in their names. This year, it was the local food pantry and Hurricane Sandy victims. Thanks for your suggestions, Kathysue.
XO, Victoria

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

OH, most overlook the fun of the "Stocking"!!
Some of my better gifts were in the stocking's toe....

Merlin said...

These were WONDERFUL sock suggestions!!! franki

The enchanted home said...

Oh how I miss finding all kinds of fun little things to put in their stockings! I love your ideas..gee am I too old for those glow in the dark shoelaces and crazy straw set? I think I might love those things......what can I say at Christmas I regress and become a kid all over again right down to my crazy Santa socks that I insist on wearing:)

Henhurst Interiors said...

My sister's husband is English and she discovered during her first Christmas with them that instead of stockings they did pillowcases. She loved it. ;-)

Melinda said...

Great idea - always on the look out for stocking ideas that will actually be useful too, not just a waste of money as soon as they are opened. Thanks for the tips.

Melinda said...

Great idea - always on the look out for stocking ideas that will actually be useful too, not just a waste of money as soon as they are opened. Thanks for the tips.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

My kids have always loved stockings too! They always go for the last... always!!! Isn't it funny how we all love fun LITTLE things! I love those tattoos!

Leslie said...

Those crazy straws bring back so many memories! I didn't know they were still around :)

I like those SOCKS at the top! I have natural linen stockings in my living room and my kids stockings in the great room. Well.. my kids are now in college and, until they have their own kids, I will continue to do it!

Wonderful ideas and hope you are enjoying the holiday season!

Mumbai said...

nice little presents, want to be a child again and choose a lot of them.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Great ideas, Kathysue! And thanks for showing my stockings, too!...hugs...Debbie