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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Anatomy of An Easter Table


Many of my readers have told me in the past that they like to read about my thinking process. 

This post is going to take you along with me, during  the process of how I come up with ideas for my Holiday tables, in this case an Easter table. Not my Easter table, but a table that anyone could use in their own family celebration.

We all need inspiration, and ideas from time to time. When it is for a special occasion like Easter it is always fun to do something new, and interesting.

Coming up with ideas is hard sometimes so I thought I would show you some specific ideas to create an Easter table.

This particular table is going to be a table that is done in a simple style using neutrals, and whites.

 My tablescapes almost always start with a color in mind. 

The first thing I will do is to look for images that incorporate the colors I have in mind for inspiration…….

Neutrals and Whites

This particular image is giving me inspiration for the colors to use. Whites, soft natural linen, and maybe a touch of dark brown.

I like this image because it is showing me that texture is also nice to add to the mix in the form of baskets, or crates.
 I am also loving the simple bunny motif that is used here. I like the use of a silhouette, or an outline of a bunny.

The simple gleam of silver or pewter will be a nice mix with the colors I have in mind for this table.

At this point: I will look further for inspiration to add to what I now have in mind:

1. Flowers I can use that are all white.

2. Interesting container for flowers.

3. Linens in either white, or linen colored.

4.Textures to add that will probably introduce the  
   color brown.

5. Simple uncomplicated Bunny/Easter motifs in 

6. White ceramic/porcelain dishes.

7. Ways to incorporate silver/pewter for a bit of textural shine for the table.

8. Place cards to tie in with the look of the table.

At this point: I will also keep in mind, what will be the star of the table, the centerpiece, or the place settings? 

Since I am going for a simple neutral design it is important to make one element the focus. 

 As the design starts to unfold it will become more apparent.

Now lets start looking for inspiration for the elements that I will possibly  be using…….

All White Flowers:

White Gerbera daisies, and white roses could also be a nice option.

This is one of my all time favorite Easter tables. I love the use of all white, and putting white tulips in clear vases with the white eggs. 

Simple lily of the valley is so pretty in clear vases en masse.

I tend to like elements en masse. I need to keep this in mind when figuring out my centerpiece.

At this point: I am really leaning towards the white tulips for this particular table. I should check on the availability in case I need to order them. Once I find out the cost I will decide on the container size for obvious reasons.

The container will have texture, like a basket, or wooden crate, or box. It could also be a clear vase, or white porcelain container?

At this point: I will take a survey of my own existing pieces.

I happen to have baskets, wooden box, clear vases and white porcelain pitchers and urns..

This is when you need to keep in mind your original vision… I am trying to create a simple, neutral  looking table, so I think I will need to choose either a basket, wooden box, or white porcelain pitcher. I have all three so I am set!

At this point: I need to also look at my tablecloths. I have white, and I have natural linen.

If I use a basket (dark brown), or a box (also in the brown family) I will need to use my white table cloth. I would choose white to keep the table looking fresh and more Spring like, not autumnal.

I will now keep both possibilities in mind as I look for further inspiration.

Bunny Motif
I will move onto motif since I decided I really liked the simple outline of the bunny motif in the second image above. I now start thinking of where I could add this in my over all scheme.

I could use neutral colored bunnies in a basket.

White egg cups with covers from Pottery Barn have the outline of a bunny. It is simple, and uncomplicated, just in keeping with the look I like.This could be a bit costly to have one for each person so this is out of the budget for this year.

I could get some of this darling fabric and have a tablecloth, or napkins made. I could also order 4 pillows to place on the chairs. One at the head of each end, and one in the middle of both sides. hmmmm? the wheels are starting to turn.

I could use a bunny chocolate mold in a basket, this would fit two elements, The bunny motif, and the look of pewter.

Another way to incorporate the outline bunny motif would be with a silhouette……..

I like this idea, and placing it on linen is a great idea. I would use simple white frames, not an embellished frame because we are going for a neutral, simple design. To see the tutorial on how to do this go to Uncommondesignsonline.com they show a step by step process. Great tutorial!

This would also fill the bill for two of my elements, the bunny motif, and these could be used as simple place cards for my guest, and they could even take them home if they like.

Are you seeing how this design is about to unfold?
Next element to be addressed is:

Place Cards
In choosing a place card design we must keep in mind some of the other elements that will be used.

  • white tulips
  • bunny motifs
  • basket

These are perfect on three counts, linen colored, white tulips, and a place to write the guest’s name.

A small natural colored bag that would tie in with the linen color scheme. Write the persons name on it, and fill it with chocolate Easter eggs. Now, you have a placecard, and a little gift for your guest.

I would use a linen colored napkin where they have chosen a bright grass green napkin. The little nest would tie in with the natural elements, and give texture to the table.

 The eggs could be chocolate filled eggs for a treat. This could also work.

Another little nest with eggs, very cute.

Probably the simplest of them all. A natural speckled egg with the persons name on it.

At This Point: We are now ready to make some concrete decisions.

The Final Decisions:

We will use a  long rectangular basket (about 30in. long) like the one pictured above. Since tulips can be a bit pricey I have decided to use tulips mixed with wheat grass and white kale. Our tulips will be standing a bit taller than these.


Choice #1
To incorporate the bunny motif we will have two choices, one will be  a concrete bunny from my yard.

 He is perfect full of wear and tear and touches of moss. 

The other option would be  a chocolate bunny mold. If I used the mold I would then use a natural brown colored basket instead of a white basket to balance the heavy look of the mold.

Choice #2

At This Point: You can now see what color of table cloth you will need. Since the basket is going to be white, and filled with white flowers we will need a natural linen colored table cloth.

Keeping in line with our simple neutral look we will be using plain white linen napkins. These will look fresh, and crisp next to the natural linen table cloth.

  • All of our dishes will be white stoneware plates, furthering our white and linen color scheme.

  • Simple stainless will be used for our utensils.

  • Clear simple pedestal glasses will be used for our drinks.

The only thing left to choose is the place cards.
With option number one,  the white basket, and tulips with the concrete bunny we will be using…….

For option #2 using the antique bunny chocolate mold: 
We will be using small cards just like the above image but we will be stenciling a white bunny silhouette and will be writing the persons name on it. This cute card along with the white napkin will be placed folded lengthwise, and placed vertically across the middle of each persons plate.

There is one more element that I have to add to this both option #1 and option #2….

I think a pillow at the head, and foot of the table, and one on each side in the middle will be the perfect touch to either table setting.

There are so many other options using the above elements, but I am trying to keep the explanation and the look simple. My mind spins with ideas and I love to share them with you all.

I wanted to show you all of the elements so you could come up with your own designs in this process.

So there you have it, an anatomy of an Easter Table. I can only hope I have taught you a little and inspired you a lot!!

"Enjoy the Process!" Of:

Writing post that hopefully you enjoy as much as I enjoy writing them!


Stacy CUrran said...

I am in awe. You know how I do my tables? Start throwing stuff on, remove, replace, rearrange, until it looks right. I swear, I have never planned this much, and it shows! I like my tables, but yours are AMAZING. Just goes to show that planning pays off. I'd never do a room like I do a table (can you imagine?) so I don't know why I don't plan more. I learned a lot from this wonderful post!

The enchanted home said...

WOW! Like Stacy I am in total awe.....so impressive. This is the best Easter related post I have ever seen. LOVE the all white and all the beautiful and sophisticated ideas for an elegant Easter table. You have inspired me to start thinking...and I have a lot of work to do. GREAT JOB KATHYSUE!

NanaDiana said...

Wonderful explanation, Kathysue, on how you get from an idea to a realization. I love the simplicity of what you are trying to create. Beautiful! xo Diana

Tammy @ A Walk in the Countryside said...

I'm like Stacy! I remove, replace and rearrange! Your post is beautiful. I love your planning process!

debra @ 5th and state said...

boatloads of inspiration here. i can say i actually wish i was entertaining this easter.
this thought provoking tutorial takes us through your easter table but the process will be invaluable for entertaining in general
thank you kathysue!

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

I love your thought processes, Kathysue! Great post filled with beautiful ideas!

Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon Designs said...

Beautiful collection! So much thought and inspiration!

Melinda said...

Lovely ideas and I enjoyed reading about your process. I'd never thought of it as a process as such, because I go through the same steps but it's always kind of subconscious and just happens. Interesting to see it dissected like this. Beautiful images and lovely inspiration.

michele said...

love how your process is focused and yet dreamy.

the cutest eastery idea i saw recently was on barefoot contessa when her florist made these little fresh flower vases for each guest using an egg shell as a vase in an egg cup! adorable!

smiles to you.


Karena said...

Kathysue your thought process really makes a difference in the final tablescape.

I suppose I am a wing it and know what I like together person...which sometimes turns out just fine. Yours are exquisite!

Please come and join my new Fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce!

Art by Karena

Mathew said...

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Anonymous said...

I never would have thought of using eggs but it's so fun! Love the tulips on the place cards. When are you coming out with a book on tablescapes?! xo

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

I love the white tulips and the eggs in a basket. The white on white is beautiful

chateau chic said...

Great inspiration and thought process. I have to admit I'm much less scientific when I throw together a vignette.
I'm a new follower, Mary Alice

laxsupermom said...

I love how you break down the process! I've just started thinking about my Easter table. I have some definite ideas if we're hosting the whole crew again this year(I have a new yellow cloth that's begging to be used,) but my numbers are still up in the air. I'm not sure what the table will look like if it's just the four of us. I love your design direction and look forward to seeing it come together.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Wow, Kathysue! How fun to have a peek inside your creative mind! I can't wait to see the table!...hugs...Debbie

Victoria Mische said...

So many wonderful and inspiring ideas! Tomorrow I'll be preparing our to decorate our table for easter and those cute little bunnies will be listed as part of my tablescape. Thanks for sharing this wonderful thoughts!

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