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Thursday, June 29, 2017

This and That For Thursday!


I think this might be the longest I have gone without blogging. I have to be honest here, and say I feel as if I have written about everything at least once or twice, or maybe even three times. 

I want to stay current and fresh in my life as well as in my writing. So you might need to help me out a bit and give me a comment, or an email to let me know if you have a subject you would like me to write about. I would really appreciate it. 

After all, YOU my dear readers are why I write. I don't advertise on my blog so it is just you and me. I am my own boss and you and your comments are my paycheck!!!

So what have I been up too lately? A whole lot of relaxing and enjoying the summer or last week was spent staying in the nice cool house and out of the heat blast we had.

Our roses are in their second bloom so I am bringing in some fresh cut flowers from our garden and also from the grocery store. It is my weekly treat to get roses.

I figured something out this week. When my roses begin to look like they are going to fade, I get another 5 days out of them by putting them in a close clump with a rubber band and putting them in a vase with an added touch of some fern.

I was waiting for a couple of summer tops to go on sale and this was the week of sales around the internet so I ordered two that I had pinned on my pinboard shopping list....

This first one is from Jcrew outlet and it reminds me of my childhood. I wore lots of plaids in those days and this one just makes me happy. It has all my colors in it so I am going to have fun with this one!!

 I will show you all some different color combo's in a later post. This fits true to size if you were wondering, maybe a little on the larger size so if you are in between sizes order down a size.

I have had this one pinned for quite awhile and have been keeping my eye on it. I love when I get sale alerts!! 

It is a very dark navy and the fringe on the bottom is made out of the same fabric as the top. It moves with every movement I make and makes me feel like when I was a little girl and wore a twirly dress. Remember doing that? Nothing like twirling. 

This is a dress up, dress-down top, so I am going to have lots of fun with it. This also fits very true to size so order your current size. I will do an upcoming post on how I plan on wearing this and the other top.

Next we have been spending some time shooing Mr. Peter Rabbit from our yard. As cute as he is, I don't want him to eat the flowers. If he sticks to not digging and only eating the grass he can stay, but you and I know that is not going to happen, too many juicy green things in my yard to eat.

I am not sure if I shared with you all that our 5 little birds flew the nest and did not even say good bye. Oh what fun we had watching them grow and test out their flapping wings. A true pleasure and they can come back anytime. OH!! We do have another nest in our tree out back, but we can't see inside it only the bottom, but it is nice to know we have more baby birds on their way. This time little yellow finches.

Yesterday I was sooooo excited because our new light fixture arrived. It has been on a backorder for almost 3 months and was not due in until July 21st so it is almost a month early. If you don't remember it here is a picture and trust me when I say, it is even more beautiful in person. Love the elegant matte finish and the sparkle of the glass bowl, which weighs a ton....

I will do a post on the install of this beauty!! Hopefully sooner than later, of course that depends on my handy-dandy hubby's mood. He is a mood worker just like me!!!

Last but not least I spent about an hour at CVS getting this and thats and spending way more than I realized, but I found a new lip balm stick that I love for summer. It is a really pretty watermelon color and glides on like butter,plus it is sheer and looks moist like I already put on a lip gloss, This will be great for my beach bag when I go to the pool this year.

It's covergirl jumbo lip perfection balm in the color cherry twist. I was told by a reader that rite aid has them on sale right now. I am going to go and check out more colors I love the creaminess of this product. Let's face it I LOVE lipsticks and lip glosses.

One more thing, Hubby just called me to look out the window in the backyard, now we have two squirrels and a dove eating under the tree. Oh dear we have become a little animal playground!!!



Sue said...

I seldom comment I know, but yours is one of the few blogs I still read and enjoy. In part because of the ad free, but most of all I love your posts about home and life and little things you are doing and planning. It's just real life, and that is really missing from most blogs I used to enjoy. I enjoy posts about your home most of all, organizing home and wardrobe, really just keep on doing what you do so well.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Oh love those tops! And, I battle the wildlife in my backyard every day!...I feel as if I was looking at a Disney movie with rabbits, squirrels and deer. Looking forward to seeing the beautiful pendant in your home! Have a most wonderful holiday weekend!!!

Victoria said...

Just to reaffirm, I love your posts and read every one, even if I don't always comment. I am going to check out that navy top with the fringe. I hope they still have it. Your new pendant light is fabulous and I cannot wait for your hubby to be in an installing mood. Enjoy all the critters in your yard.
Best, Victoria

cindy hattersley design said...

I love that navy top as well. Unfortunately sleeveless is not good for me ...but it is darling!!

nancy2 said...

I like your new tops, good buys. Sleeveless not for me any longer or I would buy the blue one. We do battle with the bunnies too. They are so darn cute, but they are eating everything in my back yard. I enjoy your blog!

Unknown said...

Hi Kathy. I read and enjoy all your posts. I always find something interesting. Love your style and makeup recommendations. Your new yard turned out so well! Here in Massachusetts we battle deer, rabbits, squirrels, moles and chipmunks. We are getting ready to remodel our kitchen to white. Something I have been waiting to do for 20 years! So I appreciate all your decorating advice.
Keep up the good work!

Mary said...

Hi Kathysue, I don't think you need to worry about your blog content. I love everything you write about. Especially anything that's decor related. And fashion comes in second.
Keep doing what you're obviously great at!!

June from Oregon said...


I subscribe to three blogs. Used to read a few others, but due to time constraints I just kept my top three favorites. I love the look and feel of your blog. Your info on mill work was terrific. Enjoyed the "journey" with you from your former home to your new home...and the interim apartment. Always learning from you.

You asked about other subjects. Clocks came to mind....probably because I'm in the market for one...or two! And perhaps choosing and coordinating flatware and dinnerware sets. Or maybe table cloths?

Karen said...

I apologize for not commenting. I used to blog and realize how vital it is to receive comments. Life has been busy and I seldom miss reading your posts and thoroughly enjoy them. I believe we're similar in age and I thoroughly enjoy your fashion and finds (where skin care and cosmetics) are concerned. But I also love seeing your home and the inspiration you provide is welcome.
Have a wonderful 4th of July!

marsha said...

Hi Kathysue,

I think your blog is a fun read, and I especially enjoy seeing the progress your lovely home is taking.

Have a wonderful Fourth!