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Sunday, November 15, 2015

My 2015 Christmas Decor: The Whole Picture


The Christmas planning continues! If you read my last post you all know I am going for a natural-slightly elegant look for Christmas in our new home.

I always suggest choosing 3-4 main areas to concentrate your decorating efforts. Such as your entrance to your home, dining area, mantel, and of course the tree. 

If you do this you will get a lot more Wow factor than if you have Christmas sprinkled throughout your home. Another thing to think of is, everything you put out, you also get to put away. Just trying to be a little helpful here!

Here is my design inspiration board for this year…..

Ribbet Edit 2015 Christmas Inspiration
Green and white are my main colors that will be added to my base of black and white.

The reason I am calling my look  a Natural-Elegant look is you will notice I plan on using the natural elements of pinecones, boxwood wreaths, greenery, and paper whites. 

The draped sheer fabric over the main entrance into the Great room will give the feel of elegance.

I always seem to have just a touch of elegance in my designs, but always trying to keep in mind a welcoming open armed type elegance, never too precious or stated, that is just not me, or how I want my guest to feel in my home. I like to call it understated elegance.

Under our family memory tree I will be wrapping my gifts in coordinated paper and ribbons of black and white with green.

Ribbet collage 2015 Christmas wrapping paper

You will notice the black and white awning stripe is always in my wrappings, it is a signature wrap for me. 

I purchase it at Nashville wraps, the other papers are from Spoonflower.(links are below) They are a bit more expensive, at Spoonflower, but just a few gifts wrapped in these papers will give a dramatic look under the tree. I might also be using some plain white with colored ribbons to break up the color and patterns.

Remember your packages under the tree are a big part of the overall look, and feel of your room at Christmas time. I like to use soft double faced satin ribbon or grosgrain ribbons tied in a simple bow.

The other element that I like to use as part of my Christmas décor are pillows on my sofa and chairs. This year I am adding a couple of green and white patterns to my black and white pillows that I used last year.

Ribbet collage 2015 Christmas pillows

When selecting pillows for a room, first decide where you will be placing pillows, and then decide which pillows will look the best in those areas, and it will also help determine what sizes you will need. If one pillow is going behind another the back pillow should be a bit larger than the front pillow.

As an example I will have three pillows on my sofa. A solid green with the black and white in the front and then on the other side of the sofa I will use the malachite pillow. The striped green  or a solid green pillow will go on my black spindle chair.  

I also have a pillow that says JOY that I might use on the spindle chair with the solid green velvet pillow.

Ribbet Edit 2015 Christmas Inspiration collage

How I will achieve this look:

Elegance……..draped sheer fabric….. candles….. paper whites.

Natural elements……Texture……pine cones, greenery, boxwood, birch logs

Sources:  Just click on image to go to the links.
Wrapping paper:
Spoonflower and Nashville Wraps


Etsy (click on image to go to link)


Customed made Etsy shop no longer open.

malachite pillow


Now you all know the in’s and out’s of my Christmas décor. One thing to always keep in mind you also need to be flexible once you start actually decorating.

Things might not look the same as they did on paper, or they just might not be doable. No worries, you then will have another opportunity to become even more creative!! 

Remember it is all about be able to……




Sue said...

Its going to be lovely Kathysue. Can't wait to see your new home all decked out.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Love all your choices, such a nice clean look. I hope to achieve the same look here in our new house with champagne, gold and silver colors. I LOVE Nashville wraps!!!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

How lovely this will be...and the first Christmas in your new home, very special.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Wow...your plan for your Christmas decor and packaging is truly wonderful...amazing papers and I LOVE the color scheme you chose....can't wait to see it all come together...I love how you incorporate the elegance with the sense of warmth and cozy!

Dee said...

You have a lovely plan for holiday décor this year. Coordinated gift wrap is always beautiful but what do you do with gifts from others and/or family or gifts for children that don't fit a defined color/pattern choice? I don't know any children that would enjoy wrap that appeals to adults. I will move into my new home early December so any decorating this year will be very limited or none, unfortunately. Maybe a wreath for the door so it doesn't look like Scrooge moved in.

Kathysue said...

Good question Dee, my grandchildren have always seen their gifts wrapped under the tree with coordinated patterns and never complained and always delighted to find their names on the packages. I guess it is all about family traditions. Gifts come to us on Christmas eve and day from other family members and they go under the tree with the rest of the family gifts. Good luck in your new home this year!!! Fun times ahead!!

Mary said...

Oh Kathysue! When do we get to see pictures of your beautiful plan in place? I can't wait!!

Marty said...

I love everything you have planned. I wondered about the paper whites. Do you buy them already blooming and they last for a while and do you force plant them? I think that they would look very lovely. Thanks for giving us such great ideas!

LittleHideaway said...

Dear Kathysue,
the motto "Enjoy the process!" is great. I like your coloursceme and especially the windowsill with all the paperwhites - great plans!

Carla Aston said...

Love the emerald green. It looks fresh and unique.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Oh so beautiful Kathysue....you have a gift!!!...Great tip on the streamers! Happy decorating...