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Sunday, November 29, 2015

10 Gifts For The Hard To Buy for Guy!!

One of the things that we can all use each others help with is gift giving. 

I love to give a special gift chosen for the people in my life, however sometimes I come up with a blank, and many times I have found the perfect gift by reading a blog that had a gift list of ideas.

So in the spirit of giving I am going to show you some ideas that might help you out in your Christmas shopping.

Lets start with gifts for men, that seems to be the hardest for most women to find since when we ask our men what they would like, we always get the reply, “ I don’t know!”  I don’t need anything!”

Amazon.com: Anker® 5-Device Charging Station - Made for the Anker® 40W 5-Port Desktop Charger [Sold Separately] (White): Cell Phones & Accessories:
In this day and age every family has multiple devices of communication and this station can keep them all in one spot and looking neat and tidy!! Yay!!!
The Chesterfield Flip Clip Wallet:

Pendleton Blanket, $135; williams-sonoma.com

This is a gift of a lifetime because a Pendleton wool blanket will literally last a lifetime. I love the masculine presentation with the leather belt strap holder.

If your man loves GOOD sound then these Bose ear buds are for him!

This electronic meat temp. monitor will allow your man to leave the grill and continue watching his favorite game on tv. The remote will tell him when the meat on the grill is done!

Once he gets the meat all ready he can carve it with his own personal carving set. This is on sale right now too!!
For the guy that likes to take his lady on a picnic how about this fun grass is greener blanket and then add two of these, one for her and one for him…….
Bamboo Wine Table

Hey Handsome Shaving Kit Bag - Grey
Handy, and complimentary to and for your man!!
A love note he'll see over and over ! Copper Wallet Insert Card Anniversary Gift for Men by RameWorks:
How about a special metal card he can carry in his wallet with a personal note from you. Or if you want a reminder of how much his family loves and appreciates him, include one with a personal photo…..
Personalized Wallet Insert Card - Anniversary Gift for Men - Custom Image - Your Own Handwriting - Aluminum- Copper - Husband - Boyfriend

Since this blog post is all about sharing please leave any ideas you might have that you think we all might like for the men in our lives!!!

Happy Gift Shopping!!



John said...

It's that time of year where this predicament comes up. Diane had a suggestion that we're going to do. Our plan is to each have a specific amount of money and head for the Fashion Show Mall. We'll separate and do shopping for ourselves! Everything will be kept in the bags which we'll exchange while having dinner at one of the many fine restaurants there. She'll wrap my stuff, I'll wrap hers and we'll end up getting exactly what we needed! This may not work for everyone but at this point in our life it's worth a try --- now, what do to about her Christmas Eve birthday ;-)

Sarah said...

Kathysue, my husband and I fill each other's stockings. That's it. The gifts have to fit in the stocking. Well, sometimes there is a note with a clue of where something too large might be waiting, but that's rare. For me it's a fun challenge to find stocking stuffers through the year. I recently ordered four TrackR, a little device that you attach to keys, phone, pet, etc. to easily find them. Will see if they actually are useful. Last year's big hit was a pocket size LED flashlight. I gave him multiples so he can keep them in various places around the house. My husband's passion is cooking, so I always include speciality food or spice item as well as something to use when cooking.
I'll be back to see what others share. Great idea for a post!

Mary said...

Hi Kathysue,
Since we don't need anything, we gift each other with experiences. Tickets to a play or concert. Gift certificate to indoor skydiving.
Car wash coupons were well received one year. Couples massage. Tickets to a ball game.
And food is always welcomed. He loves his meat & cheese trays. Or home-made cookies.

Karena said...

Kathysue these are great ideas for the guys in our lives!
Thank you so much for sharing and I am excited to see the latest with your new home as well!

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