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Sunday, October 18, 2015

NEW HOUSE UPDATE: Making Some Progress!


When I left you last we had received the keys to the house, and we found out they had installed the wrong color of carpet. You can read about it HERE!

The last couple of days we have been taking over things/stuff to the new house. 

We have movers to move boxes and the heavy stuff, but I am packing up the kitchen stuff and making trips back and forth. 

We are not moving too quickly and taking our time, which is quite different than our first move from our previous home to the apartment which was a crazy fast move and I don’t move necessarily very fast anymore.

P1150768 (446x800)
It has been a fun week of hanging paper blinds, putting shelving together for the garage, and putting items in the kitchen cupboards.

P1150790 (800x600)
These shelving units are going to work out great for our needs and trust me they will be filling up very quickly.

We also have plans on adding overhead storage units. I will have to do a lot more purging I am afraid, and I am not looking forward to that, but I am looking forward to a neater, more organized area.

We got these at Home Depot, and they are nice and sturdy. They had 5 star rating, with over 600 reviews, and they are on sale right now!  If you are in need of some storage shelves you can find them here. 

All our walls and ceiling are sheet rocked and painted. We have never had a finished garage before, it sure is nice and so much more pleasant to look at.

blue and white pumpkins with ornament cabbage (5)
I finally got to buy some Fall flowers and pumpkins for the porch and patio area. It felt so good to place them in our new home.

blue and white pumpkins with ornament cabbage (3)
We have a nice side back patio area that we are really going to enjoy using. We placed our black wrought iron table that we got when we were first married 46 years ago, it has served us well.

I had custom cushions made in a bright cobalt with white trim to update their look.

New house pumpkins and flowers (4) (600x800)
On each end of the patio I placed our black Chippendale styled planters with white cyclamen. 

Cyclamen grow throughout the winter months here in California so if I keep them watered they will last for a few months. 

These planters were also purchased at Home Depot. They use to sit on each side of our front door at our previous home. You can find them HERE!

New house pumpkins and flowers (3)
They need to get a quick spray of some black paint since they have been open to the elements for some time. Nothing prettier than a fresh coat of black or white paint to freshen something up a bit.

New house pumpkins and flowers (800x600)
We made a fun discovery on our walk thru. Our oven and microwave ovens have a screen saver that you can change according to the season. 

The candle flickers in the jack o lantern. It is so cool. My kids are going to love this feature.

With each passing day the house is already starting to tell me what it needs. 

I am discovering different things each day and loving our new home.  I have already learned that it is going to live bigger than I anticipated, it has a wonderful easy flow and it already feels peaceful and welcoming.

Tomorrow they will be installing the correct carpet and hopefully our mover will let us know when he can move us.

Moving teaches one to go with the flow, that is for sure. I will be busy unpacking and trying to decide where to place the furniture we already own. I think so far everything will work, but that is yet to be seen.

More to do and see, so come back and see what we are up too.

Next big decision is window treatments!!!

Until then I will continue to:
"Enjoy The Process!"


Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Well your are making progress! Love the cyclamin in the planters. Those shelving units look great. I can well imagine they'll fill up quickly. That screen saver on the microwave and oven is pretty cool! That's wonderful how fast they're replacing the carpet. I hope your movers can get you moved quickly so you can start to live in your new home!

Sue said...

Fun, fun times for you! Thanks for bringing us along on your journey. I am trying to begin the purge ~ so difficult, but so helpful to our families if we deal with all of our stuff rather than leave it for them:-)
{your patio set looks brand new!}

Donnamae said...

You gave yourself the best advice....go with the flow! What a nice way to move...taking your time. I'm glad you are enjoying the process! ;)

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Oh, my goodness, "enjoy the process." That is so hard to do or at least it was for me. Our move was so overwhelming and I do not look forward to doing it again but it is most likely that we will need to really downsize in the coming years and talking about purging. Oh, my! Looking forward to watching you make it your home.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip. I ordered one of those black planters from your link as I have been looking for a planter to go at the foot of our stairs outdoors. We purchased our overhead and garage shelves from Costco when we became empty nesters and an organized garage certainly helps store all those items we must keep like kids' artwork, boxes of photos (remember those days) and other sentimental items. I also purchased a garage armoire to house all my dishes vases and other items that I no longer have space for inside. Glad you are enjoying the process and thanks for sharing it with all of us.

Rattlebridge Farm said...

Love seeing how you and your new home are becoming acquainted. Your cushions are perfect, and I adore the pumpkins and kale. You are so right about being flexible...a bit like a willow. I needed to hear that today.

michele said...

Bravo on this beautiful progress!

Unknown said...

Looking good! I need to have a look at those shelves. We need them in the basement. Our neighbor told Jim about kitchen cabinets he may be able to get for our garage (salvage). We had cabinets we purchased the same way, in the laundry at the farm. Anyhoo...he said he will help install them if we get them. We really need a little bit of extra storage. So that might be helpful.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Glad you are taking your time to move in...so much less stress...You seem to have everything under contra and starting to make this house your home!

designchic said...

It is looking so good, Kathysue! Just love that you are taking your time and getting it just right...adore the pumpkins - such pretty colors!!