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Monday, August 17, 2015

Decorating For Fall Without Any Orange


GEORGICA POND: A Country Wedding
Every year when Fall comes around I find it hard to get motivated to change out my Summer décor to Fall décor. 

I love Fall weather, crisp air, beautiful colors in nature, but inside my home I have a hard time accepting Fall.

Fall decorating can be hard for a Springtime gal like myself. Especially when I don’t decorate with the typical Autumnal colors, ( NO orange in my life!)

To help me get motivated I had to write down the elements, and colors that I DO enjoy.

I thought about what represents Fall to me and made a list.

You will notice many of the elements have some texture and warmth to them. Layering texture to a room will make your room more welcoming in the upcoming cooler months

Wooden bowls
antique bread bowls as decor.


There is nothing like the warmth of the patina of an old wood dough bowl.

Wooden turned candlesticks
Chunky wood candlesticks

Wooden cutting boards
17th century French stone counters

 There is something about wooden cutting boards/bread boards  that fascinate me. They add not only a textural interest to a room, but a wonderful silhouette as well.

I like to place a a few on my kitchen countertop, the warmth of the wood next to the coolness of the marble makes a nice contrast in the room.


Pomegranate de-seeded in under 5 minutes. Slice half lengthwise, make several 20-degree slits around the cut-side. Place the pomegranate half, seed side-down, in your palm, over a bowl. Using a large spoon, whack the fruit. The seeds will tumble out!
Such a beautiful pinky/red color.

Soft Green Eucalyptus Leaves

Eucalyptus wreath

I have found that this color of green works very well in my home. It has such a soft silvery green color and the fragrance is also a very nice addition.

Cream or basil colored candles

Green candles
Crisp red and green apples

.Fall colors I can live with

Brass candlesticks that glow

Brass candlesticks barley twist brass candle by cristinasroom, on etsy.

Pale Green/Gray Pumpkins

Beautiful pumpkin

Golden Pears
.beautiful color and texture

Fall Plantings from Halfmoon Bay  http://goodlifeofdesign.blogspot.com/2012/10/i-am-going-to-be-busy-girl_1.html
I love to use purples, white, and yellows for Fall. These are my Fall plantings.

Ornamental Kale
Tone on Tone  ornamental Kale and white pumpkins♥♥♥
Loi from Tone on Tone’s Fall Kitchen

one of my all time favorite looks with two of my favorite elements, baskets and cutting boards= Perfection
Adding texture with baskets adds warmth to any space.

Bakelite or Horn handled silverware

vintage bakelite silverware set
Bring in the warmth of Bakelite silverware. 

Bakelite knives 002 (800x600)
I placed mine in a vintage spooner.

adore this idea of all the "lantern" candles together and all lit at once. so pretty.

Nuts and acorns
follow nature's cue and use natural decor in the home to accent each season.

Fall Branches in a vase
FALL*SPIRATION - White Mini Pumpkins in Bowl and on Table,  Dried Leaf Branches in Clear Vase.
By having this list on hand it makes it easier for me to change my décor to a more Fall-like look.

You will notice that in my list there are no russets, or oranges! 

So you see it is possible to decorate for Fall without using any of the colors in the orange family!! 

Do you like to use traditional autumnal colors, or are you like me?

For more ideas that I like for Fall go to my Pinterest board.......



Beautiful Fall images and inspiration for decorating without orange. I don't have much orange, but a set of china I love, cause it's a floral pattern with small orange flowers.
I'm smitten with the big basket holding the cutting boards.
Have a happy week. I'm pinning.

Barb @ The Everyday Home said...

Great examples of adding Fall to your home by using texture and neutrals. I love splashes of orange, but some rooms, like my formal DR which has my pink Staffordshire just doesn't play well with orange. So like you, I use neutrals and soft greens and off whites. So many pretty examples, thanks for sharing. xxoo, Barb

Karena said...

Kathysue I love all of your non orange ideas for autumn decor!!
Very natural and interesting!

The Arts by Karena

Mary said...

I'm like you...no orange in my home. Your list is great. I would like to add pinecones to it.

michele said...

the golden pear image took my breath away. yer good at that, mama. peace to you.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Great examples!!....I so love the basket with all of those great bread boards!!!

Unknown said...

Your annual anti-orange post always makes me giggle as I love orange and use it throughout my home. But your ideas are beautiful and I love them all and incorporate them right next to my orange, with my favorites being small acorns that we just dont find here in So.Cal. Hope you are in your new home in time to decorate a bit for fall.

Laurie said...

I love your vintage spooner! Do you happen to know the maker and/or the pattern? Great ideas for a non-orange fall!

Kathysue said...

Thank you Lorie, I have no idea, it might be considered a thumbprint pattern, but I really don't know. Sorry!