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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Party Is Over!

The party is over it was a big success. Everyone is healthy, happy and well fed so now it is time for a little of this ……….

untitled (468x286)
I might even do some of this………

6 (337x508)
Or this……..

5 (338x506)
I actually might do a little of this too…………..
7 (225x225)
So if you see me around blog land you will know that I will look something like this……….

8 (457x373)
How about YOU?

What will you be doing today?

Whatever you choose to do I hope that you are………

“Enjoying the Process”



Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

One thing we are doing..Friday we are going to see Les Mis. Can't wait! We saw it on Broadway and a few times "on the road".....can't wait to see Hollywood's version.

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

I never got dressed today until after 1 p.m. We were under a blizzard warning until just about a half hour ago so it was a good day to stay in. I did a little of this and that and then a whole lot of nothing!

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

I am right there with you Kathysue! It was a great day to be comfy and cozy at home! Jane

The enchanted home said...

Well...first glad to hear it was a success as was mine, it was a wonderful day. Supposed to go see Le Mis tonight but a nasty storm is keeping us in and surprisingly I don't' mind! I have loved getting into my pjs early, feasting on all the leftovers and watching The Notebook and Its Complicated, two movies that never get was a really relaxing day, oh and I must add..playing nurse to my sick hubby and you know what THAT'S like! Cheers to a great new year! said...

Merry Christmas, Kathysue, and all best wishes for a Happy New Year, too. I always enjoy reading you. :)

Ivy Lane said...

I might be wrapped up like a pretzel while "practicing" my yoga.....

Hope you're rested and refreshed for the weekend ahead!

michele said...

another pj day for me here as i try to recover from this respiratory thing. i think i slept 20 hours yesterday!

smiles to you.


Sarah said...

I'll be doing a lot of that too! It's cold here so we are snuggled in by a cozy fire, laptop in hand. ;-)
Happy New Year! ~ Sarah

Merlin said...

KathySue...if you enjoy "Cirque du Soleil"...the movie in 3-D we watched today was just enchanting. franki

My Crafty Home Life said...

Hi Kathysue, I have napped, watched Netflix movies and wasted a ton of time on Pinterest. I am fully enjoying my in between time.

John said...

Aw Kathy, today is a church then workout followed by a nutritious (aka no sweets) dinner at Sweet Tomatoes and vowing to never look at a dessert again -- at least until New Year's Eve!
Happy New Year to you, Doug, and the rest of your clan.