Friday, December 28, 2012

The Little Black Dress For Your Home!

What Little Black Dress Does Your Home Wear?
With the New Year celebrations coming up we all start thinking about what to wear for the special parties.
Should we go glitzy or should we stay classic?

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We have all heard of the “Little Black Dress.” No one wore it better than Audrey Hepburn. 

We have been told for years that we all need one in our wardrobe. 

I have my simple Calvin Klein that I will be able to wear for years to come and I can dress it up or down. 
The “Little Black Dress” can go with anything, and go anywhere. It can be changed by just adding different accessories, color or texture.

I also think we need pieces like this in our homes.

I started thinking about what is the “Little Black Dress” in my home?!
You know the item, or room that goes with just about anything and it can be changed by an addition of an accessory or a color. 

My Little Black Dress In My Home!
My “Little Black Dress” in my home is definitely my dining room with it’s simple green and white striped wallpaper and wood floors.

Unadorned it is just a square room with wallpaper and wood floors, but with a few changes it can be changed for the seasons, or for any occasion.

fall dining 2

summer dining 2 (800x600)

christmas dining room 2010 013 (800x600)

christmas dining 2009 007 (800x600)

Christmas kitchen 2008 034

Easter Table take 2 011_thumb[2]

Do you have a “Little Black Dress” in your home?
I think we all need an area or an item that is easily changed, don’t you?

Tday 2010 048 (800x600)_thumb[3]_thumb[2]

Thanksgiving Table 2008 038 (800x600)_thumb[3]_thumb[7]

Thanksgiving table 2011 011 (800x600)_thumb[15]_thumb[2]

After all it is change that keeps us motivated, and moving forward towards a new goal. 

Change is exciting, and motivating so we need our own “Little Black Dress” in our homes.

Easter table 2010 001_thumb[4]

I think a good goal  for 2013 is to make more areas in my home dressed in it’s own “Little Black Dress.”

How about you, do you have a little black dress in your home?

Take a look around! 

Do you have areas that are easily changed with just a few accessories, textures or color?

Something to think about, isn’t it?

I wonder what my dining room will be wearing for New Years Eve?!

“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Finding the “Little Black Dress,”
for your home!


Blondie's Journal said...

I love that you are able to change the look of your dining room with a few simple touches or all out changes! How versatile! Crazy...but I think my bathrooms are the little black dress in my home. I love to change the curtains and towels often so I painted them white. A new look is always so refreshing!


Merlin said...

GREAT LOOKS!! The two pedstals in front of the long mirrors...genius! franki

Ivy Lane said...

mmmmmmMMMMMMmmm..... what a thought provoking post...I would say the great room or the front hallway would be the "little black dresses" of my home...working on the master bedroom this year... I love the way you change your dining room for special occasions. It is the perfect backdrop or "dress" to accessorize! Thanks for sharing!!

Happy New Year!

ps.. I'd love it if you pop by my blog sometime!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh I totally love your dining room, it is wonderful and it definitey is the room that can do it all, just like a "Little Black Dress". I loved seeing all the pictures of all the beautiful tablescapes you have done. I hope your Christmas was the best ever and your new year Blessed. Love ya. Hugs, Marty

A dream house for Trish said...

What a fabulous room Kathysue & some stunning styling on your behalf. I think my loungeroom is this space, with timber furniture & an ink blue lounge all I need is a few new cushions & some accessories for the side tables & its a whole new space!!
Great post!!

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Since our home is mostly white, black and adorned with gold accents...our Bucket List House is our Black Dress!
MC and I wish you a very Happy New Year, filled with lots of Marthasue's!!!!

The enchanted home said...

Wow your dining room looks amazing in all those different "personalities"!! Love everything......the yellow and white is particularly fresh:)I love seeing your creativity at work!

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Love this post question and your beautiful dining room with all its looks. I am with Jane @ Blondie's bathrooms are definitely the black dresses at my house! Jane

helen tilston said...

Hello Kathysue'

Happy New Year

Your LBD aka dining room is beautiful and I love all the themes you present here.

I would say my dining room is also the room that can change, as I love good china and have amassed sets.

Helen xx

Henhurst Interiors said...

I do a little seasonal re-decorating here and there, certain things come out when the cold weather arrives and are then put away for the summer. But I have to say the dining room is the most versatile and that is because I like changing the table setting regularly. Yours is spectacular!
Wishing you a very happy 2013!!

Sarah said...

Kathysue, I've long admired your dining room. It's so distinctive! I can remember the very first time I saw a photo of it, and have been intrigued ever since. I love the stripes and mirrored doors. Your round table and slipcovered chairs are a favorite look for me. Never thought about how easily you could change the look of this room. Great idea!
Can't wait to see the New Year's Eve look.......Sarah

michele said...

so cool to see the mood changing in there. i will ponder this LBD further!



Jeanie Cash said...

I love, love, love your blog. However, I feel so inadequate when I see your beautiful "little black dress." I don't have your talent, but you certainly inspire me to at least try! My big open kitchen, dining room would have to be my little black dress. I enjoy changing what's on the island, the buffet and the big chunky table - just never sure what to do! I read your blog and look at all the magazines, but I just don't have the eye for what works. Anyway, thanks for your inspiration and for sharing your talent with those like me who depend so much on you!

Mary Ann at classic•casual•home said...

I LOVE your dining room and the stripes. I change my living room all the LBD.

designchic said...

How wonderful to have a room that is so diverse and eay to transform. Love the striped wallpaper!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Oh how I love this post...No one likes to change things up more than I do, so I would adore such a space that can take on so many different looks. Your dining room is indeed the perfect "little black dress". Happy New Year, Kathysue. I wish you a happy, healthy 2013. XO, Mona

Karen Albert said...

KathySue, I love all of your dining room decor themes, especially the next to last image. Thank you for sharing so much beauty with us all year!

Wishing you all the best in the Year ahead!

Art by Karena

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I love seeing all the ways you changed and dressed up your LBD dining room. I would have to say that my dining room is also the LBD in my home. I have tablecloths in almost every colour and use them with different coloured dishes to make seasonally appropriate table settings. I remember a co-worker saying she only buys table cloths in earth colours so it will match with her room and I thought to myself how limiting that would be. I love having a blank slate so I can go wild with different arrangements.

By the way, I noticed that many of your table arrangements have tall vases of flowers or candles - do you remove them before dinner? I always try and make low arrangements so people can see across the table. Just wondered how you dealt with that.