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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Can We Talk?

Sunday is a good day to think about things in life, don't you think?!

Today I was thinking about blogging and how it has changed since the arrival of Pinterest.

In some ways the changes are great, and in other ways, not so much!!

One of the ways I think it has changed, and not for the better, is the lack of communication between bloggers, and their readers.

I know I have found myself not reading as many blogs, and commenting less, and less. On my own blog I see fewer comments than ever before.

Comments are a bloggers life-blood, it is one of the things that keep us writing. We need to know that our audience is out there, and that they are enjoying our efforts.

This all came to mind today when I was visiting Joni at Cote de Texas. She always does such a thorough job on her research, and always gives us such insight on the subjects she is writing about.

I realized I had not visited her wonderful blog for awhile. I also had not left a comment for a long time. I truly felt a bit guilty so today I left a comment telling her how much I appreciated the time and effort she put in the beautiful post she posted today.

I looked back at some of my old blog post, and I found a post about non-bloggers commenting. I would like to share that with you all today, if you don't mind.....

.........Sometimes we just need to talk about blogging. You know the ins and outs of this mysterious and wondrous place we call blogland.

While visiting with a couple of my friends a few weeks ago a discussion about blogging came up. One of my friends has a blog, and the other loves to read blogs.

Little did we know there would be many questions that would come up from time to time that there just would not be any answers that made any sense. We all agreed.
 There was one question that came up that did have an answer……  
“Is it alright for a non-blog author to make a comment on a blog?”

Let’s face it, we were all readers before we were writers of blogs. I think we all became captivated about what we were seeing and reading in blogland, and that prompted our own desires to become blog authors.

My answer was, “Of course!” After all, comments are like food to blog authors. Without comments it is hard to have enough energy to come up with what it takes to write a blog.

At first I was a bit surprised at the question, but then I had to think back when I first discovered blogs.
 I remember thinking that I did not have the right to have an opinion since I was not part of this new found group of people called, “BLOGGERS!” 
 It all seemed so special and wondrous to me.

I honestly felt that I should just keep my opinion to myself, after all they were the one’s that were putting all the work into writing the blog, I was just sort of a voyeur looking in on their world, unbeknownst to them. 
I could quietly enjoy looking on, and  I could have an opinion, and no one would ever know. It just seemed to be the right thing to do at the time.

Source: None via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

As time passed, and I read more, and more blogs I realized that maybe, just maybe my comment, or opinion would be valued by the author. Still unsure I was hesitant to comment.

Once I finally felt as if it was alright, and the only reason I felt it was alright is because I discovered that other non-blog authors were leaving comments. 
 I finally started leaving comments, and making my presence known to the blog author, and fellow readers. 
A wonderful thing happened!! I actually developed some amazing friendships with like-minded people. Now this is something that is missing when commenting does not occur.
Source: None via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

Eventually, as you all know I started writing this blog. I am now on the other side hoping that my readers will feel comfortable here, comfortable enough with me and what I am writing about to leave a comment to let me know they were HERE!!
Whether you are a reader, or you are a blog author, “WE!” need, and want your opinions, and comments.

You, the readers are  what keeps me writing! Without you, and your feed back this journey would pretty much be meaningless. 
I for one have had so many wonderful experiences here, in blogland because of you wonderful readers.

So, I am here to tell you. Yes!! by all means, please leave a comment whether you have a blog or not!!

Readers are what gives me the energy, the want-to, the desire to keep writing.
If you feel you need permission, please feel as if you have been given permission………

I so appreciate all of you that take the time to not only read, but to let me know how you feel about what I am presenting here on my blog.
 I actually find it a bit hard to express how much it means to me.
Just know this……. As long as you are reading and commenting I will be writing.

I can only hope that you are still……..

“Enjoying the Process” Of:

Following along with me in blogland,



NanaDiana said...

I agree so wholeheartedly, Kathysue. It is one of the reasons I decided NOT to sink too deeply into the world of Pinterest- yes, I KNOW it is wonderful, but I, personally, would rather develop relationships than find one new way to fold a bedspread!;>)....but that is just me.

I love your blog and try to comment often- xo Diana

Toy Carli said...

Interesting. I just started doing this blog-following about a year ago maybe, maybe less; and you, Kathy, introduced me to Pinterest and your blog. Obviously, LOVE both.

I now follow about five other blogs and enjoy them all. For some strange reason, this newcomer never feels uncomfortable posting comments. Maybe because you, Kathy, are always asking for our thoughts and asking us what we do or would do. Other blog authors do the same, for the most part, but the invitations are not requested as much as yours it seems.

Maybe what authors are experiencing is followers now get "just so much information." Technology is awesome but there's so much. I have to fight with myself to STOP, get up, and get it done, as opposed to being glued to my iPad in the kitchen for hours.

I can only imagine how nice it was to be a blog author when blogging was somewhat new. I can see why you have made close friends with people from other parts of the country. Perhaps then it was like a small town where everyone knew everyone, and now it's a big city and we rarely see anyone we know anymore driving down the street. Oh, and there's so much traffic!!!

For this follower, I always want to comment. I just don't take the time, but I always feel welcomed. Know this, I'll always follow your blog. oxox

Unknown said...

You're right about the change, and I'm guilty of not blogging as much because of it. Since Im still a working designer, I still have to spend lots of time doing my job and researching products and ideas. I used to spend hours reading blogs for that purpose, but now Pinterest has made the research so much easier, and I'm guilty of getting lost in the images. I realized that I was reading blogs more for the pictures than for content, so it's easier to see pictures on Pinterest than to spend time going through tons of blogs. I miss writing my blog, and I hope to get back to it, but for now, I'm enjoying getting lost in the beautiful, organized pictures on pinterest. I still read your blog though! LY!!

Designs on 47th Street said...

Such a well written post. It definitely deserves a comment! I have not been blogging lately because I didn't feel people were reading my blog. It is very frustrating to take time to post and put up pictures and then feel like no one is looking at it. I still think I will go back to blogging as I did enjoy it. In the meantime thank you for taking time to bring this subject to light. Your blog is excellent. :)
Hugs, Donna

Stacy CUrran said...

I didn't know of your blog before I started mine, so I can't really answer how I would have felt to comment, but I can guess I would have been 100% comfortable given what a friendly and welcoming place it is here!

carolyn bradford said...

Oh, there is so much I want to say on this subject and I'm SOOO glad to read this post! I know exactly what you mean and I struggle with all of the above! Not the commenting issue but just wishing I knew if it was really worth it to keep up the blog! Especially 2 blogs! I guess I have to remember that I started it for myself and that really if that's what I enjoy doing it shouldn't matter if people comment or not. But it does matter to me and it does make it a whole lot more fun to know that people care! I so appreciate comments and try my best to leave comments on all of the blogs I read just because I know how much it means to me! There is nothing sweeter than when people introduce themselves to me for the first time when they come to my shop and tell me how much they enjoy reading my blogs. I love it! I really do! But I'm always thinking in the back of my head…" I sure wish you would comment then!" I like this post so much I may have to share it if you don't mind? Hope you are having a great Sunday!

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...


It has only been since ORC that "other" bloggers knew or read my blog.

I did have a small "15 minutes of fame" back in the Spring. Once the "event" was over, those readers left.

I have written my blog since September of 2008 and only family and friends read it. I lived for their comments. Actually they thought I was nuts!

I didn't know any other Design blogs or bloggers until this "event". I did comment on some of these VIP's blogs that were involved. I never received a comment from them, so I stopped reading their blogs and went back to my "old" self.

One day, I was on the internet, and found an interesting article. It talked about a Blog that had a very funny Post. The writer was questioning whether the "story" could possibly be true. I checked it out and read all about Sherry Hart and her extremely funny Post about her neighbor. I commented, and mentioned that I also wrote a very simple, silly blog. She responded and thanked me for making my comment. Sherry was in the ORC and I started following all the bloggers involved. I saw that blogs were mentioned on their blogs, that they read, and I started checking them out as well. I made comments on all of them!!! Then all of a sudden I noticed that they, including you, were reading and commenting on my Blog.

My whole life has changed! I have so many new and wonderful friends. I can't tell you how much it means that the "comments" show up.

I don't have a Design business, just a passion for design. I was using Pinterest last Spring, and realized I was just pining to pin. Why? I know that's crazy, but I love my magazines and I love reading all my new friends' blogs. So I stopped using Pinterest.

I will say over and over, thanks for the COMMENTS.....FROM EVERYONE. It means everything!


Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Think I hit the wrong key. I wrote a very, very long comment and it disappeared.
I was commenting on the wonders of the Blog World.
I have been writing a blog since September 2008. Just family and friends read it. I didn't know about the blog world.
This past Spring I had a very weird 15 minutes of fame. During this period I clicked on, and commented on the other Bloggers that were involved in the "event" I was in. When they never read or commented on mine, I stopped.
One day I was on the internet and read a piece about a Design Blog that had a very funny post. I checked it out and left a comment. It was a Post of Sherry Hart who writes Design Indulgence. I left a comment and she in turn read my blog and left a comment. At this time the ORC had began. I followed it and commented on all of the blogs. I noticed that other bloggers were commenting and I read their blogs and commented on those as well. All of a sudden bloggers from all over the world were reading and commenting on my blog, including you!!
My whole life has changed due to this. I can't say enough about how important those comments are!
It never dawned on me that because someone wasn't a Blogger they couldn't leave a comment. If I had thought that, I would never had made that comment on Sherry's blog. I didn't consider myself a Design Blogger.
Thank you for bringing this up. I have no strong feelings about Pinterest one way or the other. I don't use it ....I don't have a business and love looking at my new, old and well read magazines! If I'm looking for something special, I google and have very good results.
Hopefully I hit the right key this time.

Barb @ The Everyday Home said...

KS - this is a great post! It has been discussed so much over at Hometalk. I am just as guilty as the next. I try to visit as many blogs as I can and comment too, but there just are not enough hours in the day to visit them all. I end up feeling so guilty sometimes. I agree that I think Pinterest has created a "visit and go" mentality. But thats ok, what counts are the loyal Readers who we bloggers are so, so grateful for. Thank you for this thought-provoking post. xxoo

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Kathysue, Your right...its nice to get comments on your post. Its not only about the comment its about the communication. Meeting people, networking, and sharing ideas. Pinterest can be a bit un-personal. Even though I think it is not used to its potential. I guess we need to leave more comments on Pinterest to start dialogues. We were made to have relationships. Sometimes technology gets in the way of this, but humans have a natural need to communicate. That is why I love blogging. Great post!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I do like the personal connection with blogs...and I love the editorial. I use Pinterest like a filing system...not really big with it...but it is fun.

michele said...

before i had a blog, i voraciously read blogs but did not comment because i never heard back from the blog's author so it kind of felt awkward and one sided. i also sensed a club that i wasn't a part of.

since i began blogging, i felt something different. not leaving a comment feels wrong to me. i don't think this is true for everyone, but it does to me. so if i read a post i leave a comment unless it stirs up something negative, in which case, i leave nothing. i think footprints are important and wish everyone would leave a simple 'thanks for the post' kind of response.

that said. i will keep blogging even if comments disappear because i'm still writing for me. it sounds selfish, but i have to be honest. it feels like a lovely scrapbook.

love to you, kathysue.


Vidya said...

I have been blogging and look forward to comments! my day is made when I see a positive comment.. :) I have been following your blog and love it! love this article!

Lauren said...

Kathy Sue,

I found you through another blog and am really enjoying your posts. I randomly leave comments on blogs. I should do a better job of it though because the enormous amount of time and effort spent on most of the blogs I read is very apparent. It never crossed my mind that maybe I shouldn't leave a comment. I have asked other bloggers questions before under the comment section and never hear back so honestly I thought they may not even be reading them. Leaving a comment is the least we can do to show our appreciation..thank you for all your wonderful and inspiring posts, I enjoy them so much!


cotedetexas said...

it does change. i tend to read blogs less daily and more like monthly - ill go and read my favorites - all their back posts until i am caught up. i always leave a comment - to so they know i visited, but usually only on the newest post. when there werent many blogs, we were all such good friends and i think new blogs need to reach out to other newbies. the best way to get readers is to comment, comment comment- otherwise no one will know you are out there!! and i also try to engage my readers so that they will comment. i like the dialogue that goes on with my commenters. i will ask a guestion and many people will take the time to comment and answer it. they they have discussions amongst themselves. it keeps the blog alive i think. i dont moderate though and i can get nasty sometimes.


The enchanted home said...

Love when you do these posts!! You said it all so well and I have to say as a blogger, its so much fun to hear from readers, both bloggers and non bloggers...it makes me day and I really enjoy getting to read what everyone is thinking. Its also a great validation for the work and efforts we put into a blog to hear back that people are enjoying what we have to say. Admittedly I read a few blogs well before I even knew what they were much less know how to comment........excellent post Kathysue!

Jules said...

Oh dear! Now I feel awful Kathysue. I remember when I was always your first comment and how you would come and visit me...it was good wasn't it?
Sadly that all changed for me last year and though I visit regularly there is more negativity in my life than positivity and I don't want to pass that around!!!!
I only post now on good days so I don't depress everybody.
They tell me that this will pass and my life will improve and here I go depressing everybody again!!!!!
I love your Pinterest boards and I love your blog and if I get to visit the USA next year somehow and somewhere you and I will catch up!!! xxxxx

Vicky said...

Un gran post y una buena reflexion. I love your blog, is excellent!!
XX Vicky

Lee said...

I have noticed the drop off in the number of comments on blogs that I visit. I thought that could be due to the summer months or to readers feeling overloaded on the web or to readers trying to read too many blogs in the time they allot for blog-reading each day or week. I, for one, am trying to cut back my time online, sit less, and move more. It's amazing how fast time flies when focused on the screen and I love doing research online. There are about 5-6 blogs I visit, daily or once/week, and others I drop in once a month or so. I enjoy Pinterest but I use it more as a filing system or a research tool. I'd much rather read blogs and see images in a context with a favorite blogger commenting on them. But blogs that simply post beautiful images with a one-liner, aren't these just breathtaking?, I rarely visit again. I'm getting more and more discerning about how I spend my time online. And I have to say, this gives me more peace.

Your blog I visit regularly with a great cup of coffee in hand!

Anonymous said...

Such good comments and I would also like to add that we as bloggers also want you share and/or follow which is what makes our blogs grow. After all, the goal of a blogger is to share with as many as possible their thoughts and ideas. And lastly, please bloggers, try to address your commenters ideas and questions. Nothing is worse than commenting on a blog and wondering if it was seen or read.

I have avoided pinterst for many reasons and continue to read the blogs I have enjoyed for so long now. Yours in one of them Kathysue.

Libby said...

I was just listening to Monica Lee over at Smart Creative Women (she does videos several times a week, with interviews) , where, among other things they were talking about the gradual disappearance of Blog Rolls. Now, I know you don't have one, and never have. But that is where I like to go to discover new blogs. This is a little off your subject (!) but generally relevant, I think.
It is a major source of my own traffic! Delores, at Vignette, "sends" many, many readers over to me.
And I am guessing that I probably have the fewest comments of almost anyone here! My blog just does not draw comments, for whatever reason. But I do have very loyal followers and that list grows every week! So...comments are wonderful, but they are not what keep me going. Perhaps it is the small number of new friends, people with whom I can connect, that keeps me going! And as for Pinterest, I only see it as enhancing my blog and blog followers/readers!

Diane said...

Thanks for this post,Kathysue. Not being a blogger, I was hesitant to leave comments on blogs I follow ... often feeling "unqualified" to do so. I remember once commenting (on another blog) and when the blogger was kind enough to reply to me, I felt as though I had just made a new friend. Thanks for explaining how important it is to all of you ... I will be doing so much more often now!

Diane said...

Thanks for this great post ... until now I did not realize how important it is to let bloggers hear from us non-blogger "groupies." I'll be sure to do so more often now. I follow your blog via email and have enjoyed the pictures of your lovely home on many occasions. Thank you for sharing with us.

Merlin said...

Gee...I don't know "where I found you" :) however...I do read comments and it always surprises me when I see "my favorite blog creators" commenting on other blogs!! ("Hey...I know that one!") I'm glad I found you and ENJOY all your efforts even if I don't comment every day. "Some" blogs are almost impossible to "post on" with the security issues and all. Just saying. franki

Barbara said...

I am at an age now, retired, grandchildren etc. & find I read your blog almost daily. I love your honesty & feel a kindred spirit in your dress sense & home decor. I don't have a blog but I love to read how brilliantly innovative the younger bloggers are. Keep writing Kathy Sue & I'll keep reading.

Barbara (Canada)

Sarah said...

Kathysue, this is a good post. I so appreciate the comments left on my blog. Like you say, the comments are what keep us writing and posting. If we don't get feedback, we don't know who our audience is. I try to comment every time I visit, but I admit there are times when I don't for one reason or another. Those of us who create posts know the time and effort it takes to publish what we create. It's nice to know who is visiting, and even nicer when a friendship develops with the reader. ~ Sarah

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

I think you are so right! Pinterest has cut into time on blogs, I have found that myself just recently!

I hope that your message gets around to people!


debra @ 5th and state said...

what to add to your well said post?

a few times i have thought about writing the specifics of those i have met in blogging and how each has touched my life, the good and the bad. it is a connection we all crave but we do need to hear that people are reading our posts.......it is our motivator.

you my friend, are someone i would write personally about


Elizabeth "Libby" Day said...

You are so right and yet I hadn't actually verbalized it as you did so eloquently - comments are the bloggers food. I'm a new blogger therefore have a very few followers. I know there are others who read my blog but never leave a comment. Although I wonder some days if anyone is even seeing my blog, I still enjoy expressing myself through this medium. Hopefully, one day I may have more than 24 followers.

Was totally captivated by the "Aging Gracefully" ladies. I am a senior and aspire to look just like them a few years from now.

Just Spiff It said...

You are such a thoughtful person. Thank you for bringing this to all of our attention. Yes, many bloggers do spend tons of time on some fabulous content in a post - and it is worthy of a positive comment for all of us!!

Victoria said...

Oddly enough, I had the opposite reaction when I started reading blogs. I felt obligated to comment since the author had gone through all the research, time and trouble to develop the blog. The least I could do, I felt -- and still do -- was to leave feedback to let the writer know his/her efforts were appreciated.
All the best...Victoria

The Pink Pagoda said...

I love that you're discussing commenting. It's the best part of blogging! I love the comments I get everyday and look forward to them. And I'm commenting on the wrong post here, but I wanted to say that you have such a gorgeous, tasteful wardrobe! I love it all!


I so agree with you....it is harder and harder to comment as I read SO damn many blogs! Sometimes I wish there was a like button.....just so they know I read it! I have a few emailed to me [like yours] so I read every day but don't always comment...although today I am catching up and giving you some love!!!