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Monday, August 27, 2012

My Transition Wardrobe From Summer To Fall!

Transitioning from Summer to Fall/Winter can sometimes be difficult so I decided to get a head start on this years transition wardrobe.

 I started pulling some clothes out of my closet to see what I had to work with. 

Working with some of my existing pieces I came up with a color scheme that I am very pleased with for this Fall/Winter season…….

bright greencamel_thumb3cobalt

 Of course these colors are added to a base of blacks and whites and some navy pieces as well.

I am a planner as you all know, so of course I pulled my clothes out of my closet, and started playing with my key pieces, and adding shoes, and accessories to the mix.

I set up a simple clothes rack in the playroom and started playing……….

Fall Wardrobe 017 (800x600)

These are some of my main tops. Can you say STRIPES?!!

The pants and skirts, not pictured consist of:

  1. Black wide-legged dress pants
  2. Black tapered ankle pants
  3. Dark washed jeans 
  4. Camel tapered ankle pants
  5. Black pencil skirt
  6. Casual camel skirt


Fall Wardrobe 009 (696x800)
My dresses are a comfy jersey knit that can be worn with a navy, or a bright green sweater if it gets cool. 

Living in California our weather is not that harsh at the beginning of Fall so I can get away with a few light-weight pieces.


Fall Wardrobe 010 (800x600)

I have always been a scarf girl. I wear them around my neck, or around my purse handle. I have for years, and I feel very comfortable in a scarf.

 Plus, I find that a scarf is kind of like a pillow in a room. It can pull together colors, and patterns that might not necessarily work without the addition of the scarf, or pillow.

You can see my tanks on the left, on the right my sweaters that will pull all these pieces together.

I have a wide brown leather woven belt, black patent skinny belt, and a leopard pony hide skinny belt.

Fall Wardrobe 013 (800x749)
These are a close-up of the bracelets I find I wear most often when I am wearing all of the above colors. They have been tried, and true favorites of mine.

As far as shoes go I will be showing you only four pair, trust me I have more, but all of these seem to work nicely with the above wardrobe……

Fall Wardrobe 014 (719x800)
I am showing my most comfortable shoes that still have some cute factor. 

Trust me it is hard to find comfortable, and cute in the same shoe. 

The leopard pony-hide shoes are Taryn Rose ballet flats, and I can not say enough about how comfortable these shoes are.

The mustard driving mocs are also quite comfy by Cole Haan (Nike Air).

The blue, and black patent ballet flat is by Bloch, and it is a shoe I have worn all day shopping!

The upper right shoe is by Sam Edelmann, it is a bit out of the box for me with its studs, and spikes, but I love them and they are also quite comfy.


Fall Wardrobe 001 (800x573)

Not shown are cashmere sweaters in Camel, cobalt, and black.

For cooler weather I have a cute all weather jacket by Betsy Johnson…..

betsey johnson

I also have a long camel sweater coat, and a cobalt unstructured blazer……..

Fall Wardrobe 011 (800x600)

So there you have it! My Fall wardrobe. When winter hits here in California I will be wearing more of the cashmere sweaters, and a pair of brown leather ankle boots.

I will be carrying this bag for winter……….

This is a re-issue by Fossil and it is a new addition to my wardrobe. I can’t wait until cooler weather shows up so I can pull this baby out of my closet!!!

Fall is just around the corner, have you started working on your Fall Closet yet?


Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Wow! That's great! I adore that new bag!!!!!!! and the outfits look perfect.
I'm just thinking about what changes I can add. It will be summer here for ever!!!!

Sarah said...

You are so organized! I love the kelly green and navy with the camel. I'm impressed, Kathysue. Makes me want to toss out what's in my closet and go shopping. Love the green stripe with that scarf and the green knit with the animal print scarf. We share similar taste. I have the Taryn Rose leopard flats too. They are comfy!

michele said...

fabulous fall pieces, kathysue.

i haven't thought about fall stuff yet but scarves for shre!



Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I love the kelly green. I'm seeing a lot of it around this fall and it's a colour I really like - especially with cobalt blue. You have some great outfits planned.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Yours looks amazing. I just bought a black/white strip silk shirt, and that's all I have gathered new for the fall season so far. I need to take a look and see what I can pull together. Love your wardrobe and your colors, they look amazing. Hugs, Marty

Elizabeth "Libby" Day said...

Can I just say "Inspiration!" This is exactly the push I needed to get my own fall wardrobe together. I love the color combination and gives me ideas for meshing my own favorite colors. Also, I may use your pictures for a wardrobe planning session I will be doing. Thanks so much for sharing.

Merlin said...

Nary an "ox blood" in sight! LUV'n the scarves! franki

vignette design said...

Great wardrobe inspiration! Are you beginning to pack for Paris? Love it all. I see touches of leopard! Looks great with that fabulous green, which is what I wore to my nephew's wedding.

auntp said...

You inspire me to think about my clothing with a plan in mind....not something I am very good at!

Stacy CUrran said...

Wow! You really pulled it all together in the collage - the outfits look great!!

The enchanted home said...

You are soo good! You could easily become a stylist and a successful one at that, love the palette and how smart and sophisticated but practical it all looks...awesome!

Dovecote Decor said...

I started working on my closet in March. Then I decided to go on a diet so I wouldn't have to toss out my favorite skinny sizes. I do remember living in Ca. and longing for winter clothes--I have more winter clothes now than anything and love them. I could use some inspiration to finish the task of dieting and closet cleaning!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I just read in my comments that you are headed to Paris and might be packing right now. Have the most fabulous time Kathysue and you will enjoy your Paris rental. I am entering my second week in a Marais rental and we all thought this is the way to do Paris. Though I have loved Paris hotels several times, apartments are very comfortable and homey. One other thing..........please find a day to visit Versailles. I am blogging about it right now and it truly is spectacular and something not to miss. Have the most fabulous trip!! xo


I love how you are such a planner Kathysue! I can tell that we gravitate towards classic with just a little fun thrown in! I always love some leopard...and that green is so pretty. I did buy a green scarf last year and wore it so much for that little pop!