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Friday, May 18, 2012

SIX Steps To A Tidy Home



Do you ever feel as if you need to be more than one person to keep your house nice and tidy?

I have found if I do just six things each morning it helps my home appear tidy, and fresh through out the week.


Each of these steps literally takes just a few minutes when done daily…………


1. Go around the house and pick up any items that
    don’t belong in the room they were left in, and put
    them away.


2. After doing morning dishes I clean my sink with
    cleanser, finish off the sink, and counters with a     
    spritz of a nice smelling cleaner. Dry off with a
    towel to make shiny.

3. Add a fresh dish rag, and dish towel every day.
        Make sure to  put the wet towel, and cloth on the
    side of the laundry basket to dry.


4. Clean out bathroom sink, and counter tops with
   some type of disinfectant cleaner. Dry sink, and
   faucet to make shiny.

(A little trick is to use a spritz of window cleaner  to make it look sparkling clean. While you are at it, do the mirror too!)

5. Check to see that you have  extra toilet paper
    under the sink, and add accordingly.


6. When making my bed I spray my linens with linen

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On some days I just pull the sheets back so the bed will air.

I do these six things every day! It really, and truly helps make my house look tidy.

Do you have anything I could add to my list that you do in your own home?

“Enjoy The Process!” Of:

Keeping a routine to help you make your home look fresh and tidy.


The enchanted home said...

I love the step of adding a lovely scent to the bed making...I like to do that too. I also like to either put fresh towels or refold all the towels to look nice and neat. Good tips.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Thanks, Kathysue! I need to follow YOUR plan! Here are my six steps: Feed the staff, clean the litter box, make coffee, drink coffee, check email, stare into space! Yours are so much more productive! :-) Have a wonderful weekend!...hugs...Debbie

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

I follow each of these daily routines as well, Kathysue. I also change the kitchen garbage daily and spray the can with disinfectant, and wipe down the stainless steel appliances (I hate fingerprints!). After my morning shower, I spritz a little freshener on the shower curtain and bath mat. Oh, and I just close to the door to my teenaged son's bedroom... it's a lost cause!
Great post, as always, Kathysue. Have a lovely weekend!
~ Wendi ~

kim @ whitebarnbasics said...

Great ideas! I do pretty much most of those things, it's amazing how much better you feel about your home after these simple steps! I have to "try" to dust every other day as well! Oh, the scent sprits! I'm going to do it!

Melissa Miller said...

Sounds like a great list Kathysue! I need to try the linen spray. I wonder if it's hypo allergenic? I have bad ones. I would add to the list vacumn floors every day. I have no choice with my allergies. It definitely helps. :)

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Great ideas, I do all of those and sometimes even wipe down a table that may look a little dusty as I straighten things. Love ya tons, hope your week has been special. Hugs, marty

michele said...

mmmmmmm. i can smell the clean.

love to you and happy weekend.


Susie @ Maddie G Designs said...

Great tips. I do many of these things several times a day since I've got a 4 year old and an 18 month old. Our nanny is doing overnights this week for a nearby family and after living in their house for 24 hours she told me that I keep my home pristine. I cannot stand clutter or crumbs underfoot!

Dream House Trish said...

Great list Kathy Sue, i do all of the same except the linen spray, I like that idea!!!

Linda in AZ * said...

*** Yes ma'am, I do about the same... IMHO, it makes me at least "FEEL" more organized as I start the day!!!

I also do a quickie "flower check/update", as I'm "picking/straightening up", to see how fresh my flowers still are~~~ (I ALWAYS like to have at least one in a vase on Jim's side of the bed, and one at each of our bathroom sinks... it makes me smile & I actually think that my Sweetie really DOES appreciate it (altho I COULD be wrong!)...

Even as "poor" as we were in our very "early years" living in Germany, we always had fresh flowers from the flower/food market on Saturdays...every Saturday... I just lovvved GOING w/ my girlfriends, & I got soooo spoiled by that "little luxury"!... It's just a delightful little "part" of me/us/our home n' life now, & it feels soooo wonderful as well as brings back such fun memories!!!

Thinking of you, dear pal!


Victoria said...

I love your tips. I have a similar list, but I would add swiffering, sweeping or vacuuming the floor, depending on the need. (I have a dog.) I use the same linen spray, but I iron my sheets with it. The scent lasts a while, but I will have to try the additional spray mid-week.
Have a great weekend.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Kathysue, I need a someone to clean my house, but these tips are great and will help out.


6 simple steps...yes. I NEED to follow those every morning. AND...quit reading blogs until the last minute when I need to get going :)