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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Organizing Jewelry Is Like Playing Dress Up!


As we grow up I think sometimes it seems like, "All work and no play!" I decided to incorporate a little play in my work by playing dress up as I worked yesterday!

 I spent a great deal of time organizing all of my costume jewelry.


I had so much fun re-visiting all my little pretties it really felt like playing dress-up, trying on different pieces I had forgotten about.

Little girls never grow up when it comes to sparkly things, or I should say this gal has never grown up on that count!


I started my process by laying  my costume necklaces in categories on my bed……….

organizing jewelry 003 (800x473) (800x473)


Multi-colored beads
Turquoise/Blue necklaces
Pearls(my biggest category)
Gold chains
Silver necklaces
Ethnic style necklaces

Once I had everything out on my bed I then looked at the categories, and decided which pieces I would wear on a daily basis…………..

organizing jewelry 008 (800x600)

I hung my necklaces on hooks that are below a mirror in my closet. 


Remember I am the girl that does not like too much visual clutter. This becomes a push and pull fight in my brain. I finally succumbed realizing I truly don’t wear it if I don’t see it! Sometimes we even have to make compromises with ourselves.


Next came the bracelets/bangles! I don’t have the perfect resolution for displaying my bangles. Shall we say, we are still in process on this matter.


Red, white & blue
Neutrals (tortoise, wood)

For now they are hanging on my wall shoe rack. It actually works really well, but I am afraid I might need the space for my summer sandals so this will probably be changing……..

organizing jewelry 004 (800x337) (800x337)


I have organized my earrings the same way for years. 

It has proven to be the best way for me to see what I have, and also it makes it so much easier when getting dressed for a special occasion……

……I use clear divided boxes that are sold for embroidery threads. (See today's sidenotes on my sidebar.)

This has worked well for me for as long as I can remember. It is so convenient to just pull out the box of items that will work well with my outfit.

organizing jewelry 001 (800x600)


organizing jewelry 002 (800x600)


organizing jewelry 003 (800x600)

organizing jewelry 006 (800x600)

organizing jewelry 004 (800x600)

I still have more to do in my closet, but I am making some good progress!!

Next: Summer shoes and sandals will be coming out of their boxes and replaced with my winter shoes.

To Be Continued!!



Anne said...

Great organization, KathJust found your lovely blog, and I'm a new follower...So nice to meet you!

michele said...

love this post and getting a peek at your closet and bling!

i love seeing my stuff on display like this and this is the key to actually remembering to wear the stuff!



Privet and Holly said...

I finally broke down
and bought a jewelry
armoire....found the
cutest one at Marshall's
that is painted a lovely
blue-green and antiqued.
I stil haven't done the
big organization day
with it, yet, but your
post has inspired me!

xo Suzanne

PS: I think you might
be the Imelda Marcos
of earrings, my friend!!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

The first picture is so cute.

Stephanie said...

I'm so impressed! I organized a year or two ago, and I'm in desperate need to do it again!!

Anonymous said...

AWWW thank you for sweet words on my blog:) I like yours to and Im following.

I hope you will follow me also..I have more swedish inspiration for you:)

have a great week

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

Anonymous said...

OH, LOVE THIS! How fun. You could completely open a boutique w/ that stash! xoxo

michele said...

btw, the green and pink! shazam! i love those tones.


Victoria said...

Lots of lovelies, Kathysue. Your organizational tips are great. I have to get some of those embroidery thread boxes.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

You are so truly organized!...Great tips...I think that will be a great project for my granddaughter and I...You have some beautiful pieces!!

Suzy said...

Great tips, Kathy Sue! I soooo need to organize my jewelry. I'm using the same method that I've used for years and it just isn't working any more!

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

This looks amazingly logical and well thought out! I use thread spool racks for my costume jewelry. They're hanging on the wall behind the closet door. My closet is messier than usual and needs some serious TLC!

Stacy CUrran said...

I LOVE costume jewelry and am a little in awe of your collection!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Yes it is a bit like playing dress up. I always feel so good when I complete this project or any other in my closet...Unfortunately I am never able to keep it that way. I try for a while and then my hectic schedule just gets the best of me. Thanks for the tips.

Debbie D said...

I like how you have your earrings organized. I've been using a fish tackle box for years but thinking your way might work better!

helen tilston said...

Hello Kathysue

You organize so beautifully.

I would love to come shopping in your jewellery department. You have some pieces which I cover.

Happy Memorial Day

Helen xx