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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Can You Help A Girl Out?

As you all have read on my blog I am about to make some changes in my master bedroom.

These changes are somewhat welcomed, but not totally. I know most of you probably think I must be nuts, too not be excited about getting a new piece of furniture.

After all, it is not as if I get a new bed every day. In fact this will be our third bed, and by bed I mean the actual bed not the mattress.

We are upgrading to a Cal-king bed instead of a queen.

Where the problem lies is in the fact that I love my room just the way it is except we do need a bigger mattress to sleep more comfortably.( Yes, I am a snorer!)

I am actually duplicating the bedding that I have now with Pottery Barn’s Grand Hotel bedding in Sandalwood. The sandalwood color is a wonderful compliment to the wood frame of my new headboard, and foot board.

To refresh your memory here is a picture of a bed that is very similar to what I am getting, but mine has a foot board and the headboard is slightly curved at the top.  

This bed is from Wisteria and mine is from Ethan Allen. The wood is very similar to the wood on this frame and I even have a cream bachelors chest as one of my nightstands

This bed has a natural linen inset and my bed will have a cream linen inset to pull the cream from the other furniture in the room.

Now this is where I have a problem, and where I hope you all can help a girl out.

I also have to get new sheets.  I like them to be soft, and almost have that worn out feel, you know how wonderfully soft they get right before your big toe goes through the sheet, and shreds it?

I have another problem, they need to be very pale blue. I have a set of white sheets, but I need a set of pale blue also.

My question is: What sheets do you love that are at a reasonable price point, and have an extremely soft hand?

One more semi-problem: A couple of my friends that have King sized beds have told me I will need enough pillows on the back of the bed to make it look full, and fluffy. It has been suggested that I use three Euro’s with two pillows in front of those. 

The dilemma is: I am not sure I want three Euro’s. I like my stacked pillows so I am seriously thinking of using two kings on the bottom and two standard size pillows on top of that, or just two kings stacked.

I know I will probably be able to tell better once the bed gets here, but I am  a planner. I like a clean uncluttered look so too many pillows kind of unnerves me.

There you have it, I need sheets!! Do I get three Euros or go with the stacked pillow look?

Please give me your opinions I need your help!!



Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Kathy,
I love the new bed that you are getting. It's going to look pretty with the lovely PB bedding.

As for sheets my only problem is getting the fitted sheet to fit properly on a king size bed with a pillow top mattress. I have yet to find what I'm looking for.

I'm looking forward to seeing you completed and very pretty new bedroom.


Patti said...

We just upgraded to a king sized bed from a queen and I'm using 3 euro pillows on top of the king pillows we sleep on, plus one regular pillow in a monogrammed pillow case (Pottery Barn Grand in light blue). I don't like too many pillows, either--too fussy. Pottery Barn sells a very soft sheet but I'd suggest looking around and feeling the sheets. Love your inspiration photos and can't wait to see the finished bed.

The enchanted home said...

3 euros gets my vote. We have always had a king bed and always done the 3 euros 2 king shams, and then 2 regular shams in front of that or some of throw pillows. Just my humble opinion. I am not sure what you consider reasonable..but Home Treasures though not cheap are by far the best sheets I have ever slept on, they are like a mini investment but they last FOREVER. and even from day one are super soft...they are amazing!

The enchanted home said...

3 euros gets my vote. We have always had a king bed and always done the 3 euros 2 king shams, and then 2 regular shams in front of that or some of throw pillows. Just my humble opinion. I am not sure what you consider reasonable..but Home Treasures though not cheap are by far the best sheets I have ever slept on, they are like a mini investment but they last FOREVER. and even from day one are super soft...they are amazing!

Cheryl said...

Oh my gosh.... I have just gone from a queen to a king and am still trying to figure out the pillow placement. I am not happy with the way I have them. I think I am going to start stacking them. As far as sheets go, I am lucky enough to live near the Matouk Factory Outlet. I run in there every few weeks, and find the mark down, mark down, mark down corner....
However, I did find an amazingly soft, worn out feeling set of sheets at Target that I bought for my daughter. I went back and got them for myself. They are the Target Home Brand. I don't know what colors are available, but I do know they are so soft and comfy!

Lee said...

I tried the three Euro's on our king sized bed and I REALLY wanted to love them. And I tried; I had bought them for Pete's sakes, plus the shams for them. But . . . I just didn't. I wish I knew why. I t felt like the bed was just too structured, too blockish? I opted, finally, for two king-sized shams and two regular shams in front of those with sleeping pillows behind those. Now, it feels inviting, softer.

I have the PB embroidered duvet and two shams in porcelain blue in the guest bedroom. never tire of them. guests seem happy too.

vignette design said...

Well, as per our discussion and analysis of your bedding dilemma yesterday, I say keep your sheets white. Just buy another set. And if by chance, someday you happen upon the perfect pale blue set, then buy them.
Also, buy the three Euros. Even if you change your mind, you can change it up later with standard shams. If you don't want to cover most of your headboard, buy the king shams as they are longer and skinnier and won't hide your beautiful fabric on the headboard. :)

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Kathysue, Your bedroom is gorgeous. I know what ever you choose it is going to be beautiful!

Tiffany said...

I vote for the three euro pillows. I've got nothing on sheets though...sorry.

michele said...

i absolutely adore the bed you are getting!!! it is perfect! we do the stacked 2 king size sham thing just because it is simple to live with and just the right amount of cusion for sitting up and reading in bed. if i was styling the bed for a shoot though, i would add more decorative pillows.

our sheets were very expensive because my husband picked them out, and i have to say i prefer what we use to buy. don't remember the brand i liked, but a very brushed medium weight. these look as new as they did a few months ago (not crazy about the sheen) and they are thick and heavy which is supposed to be desirable.

your master is going to be great, kathysue.



Kathysue said...

Cheryl I know of two other people that bought sheets from Target and they love them. I will be sure and check that source out also. Lucky you for living by an outlet for Matouk!

Libby said...

The only sheets I ever buy...ever....are from Garnet Hill. Their own brand, made in Portugal. Soft, fit nicely and last years. But remember...I never have put them in a dryer! I'm sure this makes them last twice as long.


Kathysue.....I like 3 euros...but I can appreciate 2 king also. And as far as sheets...I say get white....and restoration hardware has nice ones...in fact when they have a sale that is when you should get them. Change is hard huh???

Kathysue said...

I got this in an email and found it to have some very good information so I wanted to share it with you all......


Blues can really range in sheets to blue green to blue teal to blue violet. Consider the softest grey or silver you can find. Often the soft grey is more bluish and therefore flattering to your skin tone. Muddy grey is not flatering to paler skin tones.

One must also not only feel good but look good in bed! I called the Williams Sonoma Home outlet in New York and ordered sheets half off. Happy Hunting!


Karen Reyhan Mandell

Victoria said...

The bed looks lovely. My choice is three euros, but I like lots of pillows. As for sheets, this is what I like: made in Italy of Egyptian cotton sateen that is at least 300 thread count.

This part you may not like: you have to iron them. It makes them silky. I spray mine with lavender water as I iron. Think of it as a zen experience. If you have a problem with the fitted sheet on a pillow top, I buy my fitted sheets from DreamFit. They used to be carried you William Sonoma Home. Now I buy them directly from the company (made in USA). They have a very deep pocket with elastic all around and elastic straps that go diagonally across the corners. It never slips off and the quality of the sheeting is very nice.

Enjoy the process, Kathysue.

XOXO Victoria

Melinda said...

I think if the pillows have a pattern or design on the front then perhaps they should face you so leaning up against the bed, but if they are plain with a border then you can see it if they are stacked.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I love the look of the 3 Euro Shams and 2 regular in front, however, do what pleases YOU!..you are the one who will see your bed every day and if having too many pillows bothers you..don't do it...by the way you are describing embellishing your bed, I think it will be beautiful...

Sheets..I say buy the absolute best you can afford..Luxurious sheets are not just a "luxury" anymore, I think they are a necessity..you spend a good part of your life "between the sheets" and you should treat yourself to luxury!

Susie @ Maddie G Designs said...

I vote for three Euros. I just bought hotel bedding from Macy's for the beds in our house....it isn't cheap but if you use a coupon and hit a sale it helps. We don't like ours too soft though. Your room is hard to improve upon...I've always loved it!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I am right with you...too many pillows make the bed hard to make and drives my husband crazy...but I do like the plush look. This is fun watching your decision making.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hi Kathysue! Oh, I've never had a king bed! 3 euros sounds great though!

I have done a couple of polls on my blog about brands of sheets with some great ideas listed in the comments. I bought my current set of sheets at Costco. However, they disappointed me, they felt a little crunchy. Don't you hate that? I am with you, I want mine to feel super soft!

Your bedroom is gorgeous! And wow, your new bed is fabulous. I have not decorated my bedroom yet so I'll live vicariously through yours!

debra @ 5th and state said...

cannot wait for the big reveal!

i use the stacked kings and call it a day because i am really too busy to fuss with shams, etc. sounds lazy but i know myself

do you have a tuesday morning shop by you? i have sferra and at a ridiculously low price, and without flaw!

Stacy CUrran said...

I think you can go either way on the pillows! I use three Euros, but the stacked looks great too. As for sheets, have you tried Overstock? I love their 1000tc Egyptian cotton...they are usually about $100 for a king set. Good luck!

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

Be prepared for sticker shock when you go shopping for king-sized linens. Wow, can they ever be pricey! One thing to consider: 2 king pillows and shams are generally less expensive than 3 euros and shams. If price isn't an issue, go with the look you love best.

For our king bed, we found king sized pillows too cumbersome for sleeping so we use 3 standard pillows. Then, when I make the bed, I hide the 3 sleeping pillows behind 2 king pillows in (aqua) shams that match the coverlet that is folded at the end of the bed. In front of the king shams, I center 2 standard pillows in white matelasse shams that match the coverlet I use. In front of the white standard shams I center one standard sized pillow covered in a sham that is a print of aqua, white and lime green (my accent color).

I've bought expensive 600-800TC sheets in the past and was never impressed so the last couple times I bought sheets, I got them from TJ Maxx or Marshalls because they were only about $50.00 for the king size. Although they were soft, they were very thin and didn't last long before they got holes in them. Last month, I bought a set of JCPenney's Easy Balance sheets for only $30. Yes, $30.00 for king! (They were on sale for $40, and I had a $10 coupon.) I was hesitant to get them because of the cheap price, as well as the fact they are only 300TC but overall they got great reviews online so I decided to try them. Much to my surprise, I love them. Best sheets I've slept on in years!

Karen said...

I have 3 Euros on my bed and love it, but it's a matter of preference I suppose. I recall you once used a laundry basket to give you an indication of the size you wanted for a basket for your living room, could you do a trial run with some pillow and see what you think? Maybe buy some and return them if you don't love the look?

Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

I'm so excited for your new bed! Do you have a Tuesday Morning near you? I love Sferra brand sheets, but they can get pricey. They always have them at Tuesday Morning though and they're much less expensive there. Also, look for 100% Supima cotton. I have this one Ralph Lauren 100% Supima cotton top sheet that I've had forever and it's so soft and worn it's almost translucent. It's for a full bed, but I keep it anyway because I can't bear to part with it. I'm so obsessed with soft sheets. I'm thinking about starting my own line of bedding as an excuse to buy more sheets and linens! Here's a great blog post on what to look for when buying cotton sheets http://jenningsandgates.blogspot.com/2012/02/design-tip-friday-counting-sheets.html I found it very informative! Finally, I can definitely identify with the pillow situation. I think you can play around with pillows and find what you like. You can really do whatever you want!