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Thursday, January 26, 2012

What Do You Unknowingly Collect?

While blog hopping yesterday I took a look  at some of the blogs that I follow. One of my daily reads is,  “The Zush,” written by the talented, and beautiful Sue!!

If you are not familiar with her blog, be sure and visit! She also has an on-line shop that has some amazing pieces for purchase.

She showed several star themed elements in her home, and noted that the theme just sort of evolved over time.  She posed a question to her readers…….

Picture 368

…..My house is star studded (as captured recently with instagram).  It's not like we intentionally set out to have stars in all shapes, forms and sizes in our home, these were just accumulated over time.  It seems like a lot when grouped together here, but in real life it's really quite subtle.  My love for this shape even extends right into jewelry and clothing as well! Do you have any running themes or motifs in your home or wardrobe?  If so, please share!
There are several things I love about her  post:

The collection of stars evolved over time.  

The star elements were not placed in one vignette, but  scattered throughout her home in a subtle manner.   

The collection started subconsciously, beginning with a love for the shape of a star.

All of the above reasons will produce a home that is interesting and it will truly reflect the homeowners personality.

I think often times when we try too hard and get too thematic in our design process we create a very contrived, and uninteresting look or feel.

I left a comment on Sue’s post where I stated that I have a love for stripes not only in my home but in my wardrobe. You can see by the images below of my home where I have my stripes.

Family room summer look May 2011 023 (800x600)_thumb[3]

I have always had an affinity for stripes. I have written a few post on my love for stripes. You can go Here to read one of my post on stripes. My Pinterest boards will show how much I love stripes for my wardrobe, you can go Here to see them.

finished porch 018 (800x719)_thumb[4]

Because I tend to always analyze the why and the wherefore, I realized it was my need for order that drew me to stripes.

fINISHED PLAYROOM Guest room 008 (800x600) (800x600)_thumb[2]

They are all lined up like neat little soldiers, and that feels so comfortable to me. I love when they are paired with white. The crisp contrast fulfills my need for a fresh,and airy look in my home.

fall dining 2_thumb[3]

I have another element that has evolved over time in my home. Come back for my next post to see what that is!

So dear readers as Sue posed a question to her readers I will do the same to YOU…..

Do you have a collection of shapes or elements in your home that evolved into a collection before you even realized you were collecting them?

Are you more deliberate in your collections and you purposely started a collection merely because you just love the element or shapes?
Please share and leave a comment so we can all read what you have to say!

 "Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Discovering a collection in your very own home!



helen tilston said...

Hello Sue

Your pose a great question here.
I have an affinity for toile.
Have a great day

Stacy CUrran said...

This question always throws me because I would think I'm a collector, but other than shoes and handbags, I can't think of anything! It's so weird! Have a great day!

Jeanette said...

Wonderful post, Kathysiue. Your stripe collection is fun and fresh. Not at all contrived. Oh how I miss your beautiful home. And I miss you!
coxo Jeanette

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I know that I love anything with a floral pattern and I really struggle to control it because a little bit goes a l-o-n-g way! Love all of your stripes.

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

Your home is so lovely! It's interesting that you feel your affinity for stripes is derived from your need for order.
I love to incorporate round side tables, mirrors, and decor accessories in my home. They soften the more masculine, linear elements in a room.
Great post, as always!
~ Wendi ~

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

I love sculpture, and I collect as much as I can to add to my collection of my own work.
Great post, Kathysue. I love Sue's blog too.

The enchanted home said...

Such a good question...hum.....well I do love anything with a trelllis and as we just moved cannot speak to this house but in my previous house you definitely saw the trellis shape repeated in different areas of the house. Funny how we gravitate towards certain shapes or design without thinking about it too much, now I am really going to be paying attention!

traci zeller designs said...

I have a love of typography ... which I never really realized I had used a lot until a photographer shooting my house commented on it! I have a funny saying in our entry, each person's name on baskets in the mudroom, art with my boys' names in their room, and a "logo" for our "wine room" (bonus room). And that doesn't count a lot of monogrammed pieces!

Tiffany said...

I'm new to your blog. I don't think that I collect anything per se, but I've noticed that all the fabrics that I've chosen for my house so far have been florals. Apparantly I'm very drawn to them.

Blondie's Journal said...

As far a collectibles, I have a thing for birds. Little statues everywhere! And for decorating, I love muted florals. I guess I have a free spirit!


Unknown said...

Your home is absolutely beautiful, and I am a fan of stripes . I think it is a great pattern that can be incorporated into any room. I collect vintage cameras . I could decide what to do with the area above my cabinets in kitchen. So, I put vintage cameras with black and white photos of places my husband and I have been. I also love numbers and use them throughout my house. Great question and love your post .

Unknown said...

Thanks for the lovely feature....your stripes and your home are so pretty...I love stripes too!xx

Melinda said...

Haven't noticed that I collect unintentionally, although I do have lots of stripes and florals, just because I love them. Used to have the odd check, but not so much anymore. Perhaps I collect more in colour now. I'll have to give it a little more thought......

Karen said...

When we were building our home we unconsciously incorporated round shapes and arches into the architecture and the design of our rooms. All of our doorways are arched, the fireplace mantle has an arch, even the kitchen cabinets have an arched element. I found a round iron piece and hung it over one of the openings between our rooms...Sometimes the way we design is an organic process, but that creates rooms that make us happy.

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

I've been thinking about your post since I left my first comment. While I have circles, soft curves and arches throughout my home, I have to admit that their presence is intentional. I've realized that what I do collect without intention is bird decor... in pictures, ceramic and mercury glass figurines, decorative cages, etc.
I love small birds and their symbolism of spring, nature, freedom and beauty.
Fantastic post, Kathysue! Have a wonderful weekend,
~ Wendi ~ xo

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh Kathysue, I always love seeing pics of your home. So warm and inviting. I love everything. You are so good with color and pattern. Thanks tons for the suggestions for my pillows and fabrics. You are right, I can make several changes when I decide to use a lighter scheme. Thanks. Love ya. Hugs, Marty

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Kathysue, Great post. I have to think about this. My home is in transition. The longer i am in blog world I see so much that I am reinventing my style. I just might be like Wendi and have to come back and answer that question after i have thought about it.


Hmmmm.....Does junk count? Just kidding...I know I can't pass up a pretty fabric remnant that is for sure...I have always loved textiles...and beautiful bedding. In my home I would have to say I love old metal signs.....I want more.