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Saturday, December 31, 2011


It is almost here, 2012!! We all have been given the gift of another year.

I know some of you will read the words I have written here, others will just skim over the images. I hope you who have  taken the time too come by my blog today will take the, “TIME!” to read what I have written………

.....I look at my upcoming year a bit differently than I use to when I was younger. It is not so much about how much I will get done this year, or how much stuff I will get, but I look at the time I have been given as a gift.

I choose to use my time as a precious gift, and when I get the opportunity to spend time with my loved ones or friends, I am going to use my time wisely.

 I know it feels as if time goes by faster,but trust me we have same 24 hours as our ancestors had. What is different is how we choose to spend our time.

Life has taught me a couple of really good, and meaningful lessons about how I use my time, some were hard lessons and some were wonderfully pleasant lessons, but I did learn from them……..

One lesson, and the hardest lesson in my life, was taught to me at the age of twenty four when my Dad at the age of 47 died of a heart attack.

My world crumbled at that very moment. You see I was a Daddy’s girl, through, and through. I basically thought this man could walk on water.

Through losing him I realized at a very young age, that it was the sweet moments, the time I could never get back. 

I might have pictures, or gifts he had given me, but I never could get back the time, that precious gift of time to spend with him.

I remember thinking if I could just have 30 more seconds to tell him once again how much I loved him, and  how much I appreciated him, I would give up everything for those precious seconds of time.

I am not glad that my Dad died, but I can truly say I am glad that I learned how important it is to spend my time wisely when it comes to the people I love and care about. 

My other lesson was a happier lesson, and it came in the form of a little 6 year old boy. 

We had our boys, and their families here for some occasion, and all of the girls were in the living room talking about, design, hair, make-up and the latest fashions. 


I was in the middle of a story when my 6 year old grandson came up to me and asked me if I would play volley ball with him. I told him sure, just give me a few minutes to finish my story.

Source: aol.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

A few minutes to a little guy is an eternity, so of course he came back in a very short period of time. I stopped my story, and looked into those blue eyes and said, “Sure, Grammy will play with you!”

We went down the hall, got the beach ball and started tossing it back and forth down my almost thirty foot hall.

All of the sudden, that little guy came running down the hall, hugged me around the waist, and ran back to his end of the hall, and we continued our play. 

Not a word was spoken, but I knew! He was telling me how much he loved me, as only a small child could with such a heartfelt demonstration of love.

It was not hours, truly it was maybe 10-15minutes, but the point had been made. I put him, and spending time with him above everything else, and he knew without a doubt how much his Grammy loved him.

You see it is not the amount of time, it is the quality of time, and how you choose to spend your time that matters.

So with that my dear readers, I leave you with this……..

.....Time is a gift, we all get to choose how we will spend it, and who we will spend it with. 

I pray that this year you all spend your time wisely and lovingly with the special people in your lives……….

Happy New Year, and May God bless each and everyone of you with precious, precious “TIME!”!



Linda in AZ * said...

*** This is soooo lovely Kathy, and so beautifully "y*o*u"... I never talk about it, except to thank Him in my nightly prayers, but I almost died, several times, about 7 years ago... I was "so blessed" to have had fantastic doctors who discovered what it was & what caused it, and THEY are why I am still here today! BUT it was THAT "fearful experience" when I TRULY realized "what life's truly all about"... it changed my life... most DEFINITELY for the better!

This was a wonderful, positive, thought-provoking blog, and as always, I THANK YOU, my dear friend! (You are an ANGEL, you know!)...

HAPPY 2012 (well, in several hours, anyway!)...

Linda in AZ *

vignette design said...

Beautiful Kathysue. Happy New Year to you my dear friend!

NanaDiana said...

Kathysue, I read every word and am sitting here with tears in my eyes. I lost my own father when I was 21 and I have ALWAYS (even as a young child) had the sense of the movement of time...always wishing to slow it down even as a child.

I also understand that unbridled hug that you got because every once in a while I am honored to receive one of those..and know the joy that swells the heart when that happens.

God bless and keep you and your family this New Year- xo Diana

Cheryl said...

Dear Kathysue,
Your blog today has left me with tears streaming down my cheeks. I am thinking of Alexandra and Graham who are dealing with losing their hero, their daddy this August. The time they spent with him is something I know they will never regret. I know that when they are able, they too will remember the sweet times without it hurting so much.
We spent our time with him, as he declined. Often there were no words. Just a touch, and that was all we needed. That was all he needed. I am so grateful for that.
Thank you for taking your time to share today. It truly does matter.

Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

What a great reminder. I really need to work on living in the moment. That is a goal of mine! Happy New Year!!

Unknown said...

What beautiful words Kathysue ... I read every one of them. Thank you for sharing your heart and for taking the 'time' to write it all down. Happy 2012! xo Sherri

frances said...

Thank you for that. Happy New Year to you and yours. cheers Frances

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

Your words have touched me deeply, as they so often do. What a beautiful tribute to your Dad (which you WILL see and spend time with again) and a lovely example of how we make other's feel is so much more important than what we say. Love = Action.
Have a blessed and joyous New Year, my friend,
~ Wendi ~ xo

The enchanted home said...

Kathysue, loooove this post. I was touched by the poignant and touching tribute to your father, I am happy that you were able to turn a tradgedy into a lesson about treasuring time and time spent with those you love.
The story of your grandson is too cute.....I was imagining him running down the hall out of sheer excitment, that totally touched me and made me smile.
I love posts like this that make us stop and think about such simple things as time and how we spend it. Thank you for a beautiful reminder.
Wishing you, my dear friend a very happy and healthy New Year. Cheers to a fabulous 2012!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Beautifully written, Kathysue.
Happy New Year!!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Your grandson's hug had to be the most wonder gift. I miss my father, too. It would have been nice for my son to have known him.

I have tears in my eyes now....better go put on that Boing concealer that you told me about.
Happy New Year, Kathysue!

Linda Hartong said...

Happy New Year to you too.

Erin {House of Turquoise} said...

Absolutely beautifully written, Kathysue! What a great reminder that time is a such a precious gift! Thank you for all of your inspiration in 2011...I look forward to seeing what is in store for 2012!! Happy New Year!!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Very lovely and very true...those of us that have lost loved ones can appreciate your words even more.

A very Happy (and well spent) New Year to you!

debra @ 5th and state said...

precious story, so agree with you kathysue.

i was twelve when my father died suddenly, i so remember every moment. one lesson in particular came from the moment the ambulance drivers took him away on a stretcher with a sheet over his entire person. a woman was watching, she was detached to the scene before her and our cries, probably in her 80's. and i thought "why were you granted so much more time?"
that experience then and there taught me an enormous lesson about time, how much we have here on earth and how important it is to cherish those close to us while we can, like the story about your grandson

now in my fifties i still hold those lessons, as do you, but i so appreciate the reminder. be thinking about you tonight
wishing a new year of seemingly endless time and blessings

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Fabulous post! I believe that you do spend your time wisely...you are always an encouragement to me. Happy New Year! Mona

Diane said...

Like many of your commenters your story about your Dad brought tears to my eyes as well. While I had my dad a bit longer than you did there isnt a day that doesnt go by that I dont wish I had just one more day with him. I miss him so much (he has been gone for three years) But we all need an occasional reminder to stop and smell the roses (or throw a beach ball) now and then so thanks for that. A happy and healthy new year to you and your family.

Allison said...

Such a beautiful post, Kathysue! Thank you for the reminder of how precious time really is. I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Well said Kathysue. I have often said that if I could go back and have just one dinner with my family, the way we were when my kids were small, it would be a dream come true. I think the meaning of time becomes more apparent as we age. There is nothing worse than regret over wasted time. Happy New Year and thank you for all your nice comments on my blog. I appreciate it so much.

Stacy CUrran said...

Kathysue, if ever there was a post to really, truly take the time to read and reread, this is it. The story about your father was so sad, and the one about the child resonated with me. What a wonderful post-- you have so many life lessons that you share, and I really appreciate them all. Wishing you all the best this year my friend!

Karena said...

Kathysue my dear friend! Wonderful thoughts and the first clock how do you do that (tech inept here!)

All the best in 2012!

I hope you will enter my Giveaway From Serena & Lily!

Art by Karena

Victoria said...

Thank you, Kathysue, for sharing this beautiful, inspirational post. You are so right. I have lost some people in my life who were so dear -- especially my husband. It is difficult to live with regrets of things left unsaid, and so important to try to remember to tell -- and show -- those in our lives how much they mean to us. I plan on doubling my effort to do that his year. All the best to you and those you love in 2012.

Haven and Home said...

What a beautiful post Kathy Sue! I am glad you stopped by today, I needed this reminder!

Jeanie Cash said...

What a beautiful story. I read it last year and remember thinking it should be published for ALL the world to see - so beautifully written. I'm taking the time to tell you how much I love your blog, how much I love you, and how much I thank God from the depths of my heart that you are my friend!