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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Can We Talk?

Sometimes we just need to talk about blogging. You know the ins and outs of this mysterious and wondrous place we call blogland.

While visiting with a couple of my friends a few weeks ago a discussion about blogging came up. One of my friends has a blog, and the other loves to read blogs.

Little did we know there would be many questions that would come up from time to time that there just would not be any answers that made any sense, we all agreed. There was one question that came up that did have an answer……  “Is it alright for a non-blog author to make a comment on a blog?”

Let’s face it, we were all readers before we were writers of blogs. I think we all became captivated about what we were seeing and reading in blogland and that prompted our own desires to become blog authors.

My answer was, “Of course!” after all comments are like food to blog authors, without them it is hard to have enough energy to come up with what it takes to write a blog.

At first I was a bit surprised at the question, but then I had to think back when I first discovered blogs. I remember thinking that I did not have the right to have an opinion since I was not part of this new found group of people called, “BLOGGERS!” It all seemed so special and wondrous to me.

I honestly felt that I should just keep my opinion to myself, after all they were the one’s that were putting all the work into writing the blog, I was just sort of a voyeur looking in on their world, unbeknownst to them. I could quietly enjoy looking on and  I could have an opinion, and no one would ever know. It just seemed to be the right thing to do at the time.

Source: None via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

As time passed, and I read more and more blogs I realized that maybe, just maybe my comment, or opinion would be valued by the author. Still unsure I was hesitant to comment.

Once I finally felt as if it was alright, and the only reason I felt it was alright I discovered that other non-blog authors were leaving comments.  I finally started leaving comments, and making my presence known to the blog author, and fellow readers.
Source: None via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

Eventually, as you all know I started writing this blog. I am now on the other side hoping that my readers will feel comfortable here. Whether you are a reader, or you are a blog author, “WE!” need and want your opinions and comments.

You, the readers are  what keeps me writing! Without you and your feed back this journey would pretty much be meaningless. I for one have had so many wonderful experiences here, in blogland because of you wonderful readers.

So, I am here to tell you. Yes!! by all means, please leave a comment whether you have a blog or not!!

Readers are what gives me the energy, the want-to, the desire to keep writing.
If you feel you need permission, please feel as if you have been given permission………

I so appreciate all of you that take the time to not only read, but to let me know how you feel about what I am presenting here on my blog. I actually find it a bit hard to express how much it means to me.
Just know this……. As long as you are reading and commenting I will be writing.

I can only hope that you are still……..

“Enjoying the Process” Of:

Following along with me in blogland,

xo Kathysue


*Reading Between the Lines* said...

I was a non blogger once...
I really enjoy reading blogs...in fact I follow quite a few...I haven't commented on yours...this is my first.
Please keep blogging. 8~)
Thanks for the reminder to leave a comment...especially if we do enjoying reading.
Take take,
Mommy 2
P.S. I read blogs daily...
but can't seem to post regularly on mine. 8~)

helen tilston said...

Hi Kathysue

I really enjoy your blog and try to comment, when time permits.
Please keep writing. You have lots of wisdom to impart and your blog is joyful and uplifting.
Great work

Marcus Design said...

I FULLY agree with you Kathysue! Everyone's opinion is important and everyone brings a different perspective to the table. I love to hear from readers and know what they are thinking about what I am posting, it helps me so much!!
Nancy xo

Jessie said...

I love your blog, Kathysue! It's fun and informative. I will try to stop by more often. Please keep on writing. :)


Stacy CUrran said...

This is a good point that I never would have thought of. But I'm pretty sure you do everything right to make your readers feel comfortable commenting! xo

Anonymous said...

I felt the same before I started blogging, a bit as though I wasn't part of the exclusive world of bloggers, now I am a blogger I'm delighted when anyone leaves a comment, blogger or not!

The enchanted home said...

Well saId Kathysue. I must admit I never gave it much thought BUT now that you mention it when I use to lurk around a few blogs (mind you having NO idea they were "blogs" but just these great sites with little boxes that took me to other great sites) I wouldn't have thought to leave a comment, maybe because I didn't even know where the comment box was...lol. Boy, I have come a long way.
Great point and thank you for getting it out there!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I would love to figure out a way to attract more non-blogging readers to blogland!! I love my blog friends, but would also like to reach out to those just looking for good reads. Maybe we need to compile ways to do just that!

Karen said...

I appreciate all comments as well. There is one reader of my blog who always leaves comments with her first name signed at the end. To me it makes her feel less anonymous, I just wish I had an email address for her so I could send her a message once in a while.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Great post1 Your right. I did the same thing. I was a little shy of the comment thing. I just had to get my feet wet and now look at me! My own blog and all. Be careful out there, it gets addicting and so much fun..

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

Great post, Kathysue. My blog is for ALL of my readers, whoever they may be, and their comments are what drive and encourage me to continue.
I'm sure that your blog touches so many with its sincerity and authenticity. Your posts are always a joy to read!
~ Wendi ~

Splendid Sass said...

I agree and I try to leave comments. It is strange to me too to know that 2 years ago I had no idea what a blog was. Amazing.
Have a great day running that great blog of yours.

Capella Kincheloe Interior Design said...

Great post - that is a question I certainly had not realized that some people had! I treasure comments from non-bloggers as well as other bloggers. Which, by the way, thank you for stopping by A Curated Lifestyle to comment on Sherry's 10 Things I Believe. Love her.

pam {simple details} said...

I felt exactly the same! I also thought entering a giveaway wasn't the right thing to do, as it should be for all of the bloggers who spend their time and energy providing inspiration for those of us who were 'just readers.' Now that I'm a blogger I wouldn't mind a bit if 'just a reader' entered a giveaway of mine. I'm guessing others feel the same??

Unknown said...

Yes, I agree. I love comments from non-bloggers. I write for a variety of different readers, but especially my "future" clients who are most likely not bloggers. It lets them know more about me, how I work and what to expect when they hire me. I love to hear from them and get questions about design. Great post, Kathysue! I love when you talk about blogging!

GeNell said...

I'm a "non blogger" and rarely comment, but I'm addicted to reading many blogs (especially yours) and maybe one day I'll take the leap into having one myself. I happen to have the day off from work today, so that's why I'm actually taking the time to comment. I enjoy your blog and look forward to it every week. Keep up the good work 8-)

Shirley said...

This was so well written and you can tell it truly came "from the heart"...Enjoy reading your blog.

diane said...

I am surprised to hear that that was even a question. As a blogger I have always assumed that most of my readers were non-bloggers and, instead, people looking for design advice etc. all the more reason to be sure and respond to any comments, in my opinion.

It is nice to receive comments just to know someone is out there actually reading what you write. But I also appreciate comments that question what I have written, offer suggestions etc. rather than just a compliment here and there.

Interesting topic..thanks for bringing it up.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Kathysue,
Well said. I used to be a looker too and then decided to join the fun. Blogging and Bloggers are very special people and as you know, we all love comments from everyone.


debra @ 5th and state said...

your blog kathysue always seems like a conversation with a girlfriend and that comfort level no doubt brings many to your "door" . hopefully your post will encourage non-blogger fans to comment.
i have noticed that i get responses from roughly the same people and wonder "is anyone else reading?" then in passing someone will recite my "doings", just not commenting. oh well........
love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Kathysue: I really enjoy your blog. I sometimes have felt that I should let you know, but was unsure about doing so. Thanks for making it clear. And thanks for all of your beautiful pictures and great ideas!
Yournewfriend . . Marty

Victoria said...

Hi, Kathysue.

I guess I have a presumptuous nature, because it never occurred to me that I, as a non-blogger, should not comment. I, in fact, feel guilty when I do not comment. I realize how much work goes into formulating ideas and writing blogs, and the least I can do is offer the bloggers feedback. It must be disheartening if you go through all that trouble and very few or -- heaven forbid -- no people comment.

At any rate, I enjoy your blogs and you have always given the impression that you appreciate hearing from your readers...a great symbiotic relationship in my opinion.


Linda in AZ * said...

*** Welllll, girlfriend, you KNOW I'M not shy about leaving comments, right???~~~~~~~~~~

MY side of the discussion is that I feel I S*H*O*U*L*D THANK someone who takes the time to put in all that work, and in many cases, soooo much "research", that they DESERVE to have the appreciation/thanks of their readers...

Gosh, you know what? It didn't take me long at all, after I discovered blogs, to wish I had the COMPUTER SKILLS to write one myself... so on top of being APPRECIATIVE, I'm also "in awe" of all that COMPUTER TALENT out there!!!

Interesting read... many thanks!!!

Linda in AZ *

(P.S. A TEENY WEENY handful of bloggers, and I, have become "friends"... and a those few have actually been sooooo sweet as to write me, too... That REALLY means alot to a "non-blogger"!!!... TTYL

Linda in AZ * said...

*** Welllll, girlfriend, you KNOW I'M not shy about leaving comments, right???~~~~~~~~~~

MY side of the discussion is that I feel I S*H*O*U*L*D THANK someone who takes the time to put in all that work, and in many cases, soooo much "research", that they DESERVE to have the appreciation/thanks of their readers...

Gosh, you know what? It didn't take me long at all, after I discovered blogs, to wish I had the COMPUTER SKILLS to write one myself... so on top of being APPRECIATIVE, I'm also "in awe" of all that COMPUTER TALENT out there!!!

Interesting read... many thanks!!!

Linda in AZ *

(P.S. A TEENY WEENY handful of bloggers, and I, have become "friends"... and a those few have actually been sooooo sweet as to write me, too... That REALLY means alot to a "non-blogger"!!!... TTYL

Georgica Pond said...

I agree. It took me a while following blogs before I felt I had the right to comment. But then I eventually felt more comfortable having my say. Now I blog myself I know that any and every comment is great.

Libby said...

Also, non-bloggers tend to be less tech-savvy people, and I think for that reason they have a hard time even figuring out HOW to comment.... One of my personal friends here has to sign in as Anonymous (after many, many tries) bec. she doesn't have a Google account. So, in a sense, it's not made any easier for non-bloggers and has nothing to do with us or blogs!

michele said...

what a fabulous post!

omg i wish we could chat in person about such things.

it always boggles my mind that i can get 2,000 hits in a day, and 5 comments. ya know? but you have made me feel better actually. this will tell you way too much about me but i was a little worried that the other 1,995 readers were gagging or disinterested, not that many are simply quietly shy.

hugs to you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I totally agree! One of my favorite readers is not a blog author but I have gotten to know this sweet woman well and even asked her to send me some answers so I could have her do a guest post! xo

Lee said...

I must be naive, at 64! But I always just assumed that bloggers wrote for a variety of readers and esp for non-bloggers who are interested in design. When another blogger in the field pops into a conversation, we all benefit. A melding of diverse expertise enriches a blog. I used to give presentations at national conferences and my audience would range from graduate students to the top guns in the field. I loved that mix.

Upscale Downhome said...

I went through the same process as you did Kathy Sue. First I started reading and then eventually commenting and then eventually began my own blog. I think it probably is a pretty common one. I appreciate your thoughts and I love reading your blog posts!

The Buzz Blog said...

Thank you so much for your comment today about our boys. That picture was taken several years ago and wouldn't recognize the older two. At 13, they're just "too cool" for pumpkins! We totally agree that everyone and anyone should feel comfortable leavings comments; even constructive criticism is welcome on the Buzz.

lisaroy said...

Great post! I adore comments too- after all, without comments it would be like we were talking to ourselves! Nothing motivates me more than hearing what people think about my posts and I hope more readers would be less shy and say hello xo

Unknown said...

I hope that many non-blog authors will read your post and feel free to comment away. You are so right - comments are like food - without them, you feel like you're talking to yourself and wondering if anyone cares.

I can feel my "energy" ebb and flow with my number of commenters, which sometimes can make it hard to keep going.

So, please, join the party - we all love to hear from you!

xoxo Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

I have had 2 blogs over the years, ultimately did not have time to keep them going. But I welcomed all comments on them. Isn't the point of blogging to express/share ideas and viewpoints ? Not allowing non-bloggers to comment is like not allowing non-chefs to eat; or non-authors to comment on a book. Silly. Any many times commenting on other's blogs leads to starting one's own blog.

A Vintage Vine said...

Great post...I think comments drive the process....it is where we get others input and opinion....This may not be popular to say....but sometimes I a wonder why more bloggers don't focus on answering comments, questions etc.....I understand it is time consuming but that it the nature of the business....Have a great day!

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

This question would have never occurred to me! The answer seems a definite YES, but then when I stop to think about it I get the perspective of someone who doesn't have a blog. But please, everyone, chime in if you wish! Janell

The Norwegian said...

Quite encouraging. I'm a long time blog reader that leaves comments and will not be authoring a blog...
sometimes I feel a bit like a "cheat" because no one can visit a blog of my own - but I am compelled to comment as I read various blogs and have learned to leave my thoughts and not worry about the fact that I don't have my own blog...

Karen said...

Hi Kathysue,
I am new to your blog...I found you through Party Resources. I loved your post about "lighting the candles".
I am a blogger and sometimes feel as though I must have few readers because of the relatively few comments, but then I read the google analytics for my site and figure there are some folks that are just timid about commenting. I try to comment on most any blogs I enjoy, knowing how much I appreciate and enjoy reading the comments.
I'm a California gal as well and look forward to reading your posts.

Beautifully Seaside // Formerly Chic Coastal Living said...

This is quite insightful...my pageviews are growing but I don't get as many comments. I'll have to see what may encourage readers to do so.