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Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday’s Question of The Day!?

Today’s question is one that I know we have all wanted to know the answer too……….

I see blogs that say “don’t fall for trends, go for classics.”  But just what is considered classic?  Who decides that?  How does something remain “timeless”; what is “timeless” in terms of interior design and home décor?

One blogger has said “brown sofas are out, done, done, done but gray is timeless.”  And just last week this same blogger said, don’t paint your walls shades of gray all over your house; mix it up.   Alrighty then.

And I believe the adage, choose what you love.  But falling in love with some “thing” can change, even with a big purchase, like a sofa.  So, knowing that, I can end up with ‘analysis paralysis”!

So now it is up to YOU my dear readers! Leave your answers in the comments. Remember we are a community of like minded people. This forum is open to everyone and it can help us all.

Let the answering begin……..

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laxsupermom said...

A white kitchen can be timeless, but the other finishes will often date the kitchen. A black & white checkerboard floor is timeless, as is a medium to medium dark toned wood floor. Too light of a floor can date the floor, as can too dark of a floor(though dark floors read more current.)

Regardless of what we put in, no matter how "timeless," those of us that like to decorate, will always want to continue to update.

Kathysue said...

Its so hard to not follow the trends. I have learned for my own home i like to stay with neutrals on my larger pieces, sofa and chairs. That way if i get board, I can change the look with pillows, paint and a rug. Its easier on the pocket book. I also think there are classic lines that never go out of style. I also like a mix of antiques and some funky pieces. I am in the middle of changing my living room decor. My larger pieces will stay, but I changed the color to something lighter and more casual. I just started a blog with my design partner- tginteriors.blogspot.com. I find I get board of the trends a lot faster now that I am in the blog world. It becomes visual over load. I do have a cow hide rug! It will be for just a season! Thanks for the fun questions. I hope I answered it.

Barb @ The Everyday Home said...

I guess I would have to answer, without sounding too PC, timeless is what makes you feel comfortable within your own surroundings. Or as the cliche saying goes....to each his own. I have a dear friend who's home is decorated in a country theme. Without going into detail, I would consider it outdated. But you know what she said once? I like Country because it will never go out of style. So who am I to say anything. People do jump on the bandwagon. And yes, grey is the current bandwagon. No one would even touch a grey color chip a few years ago much less put it on the walls. I read once that if Kirkland's is selling it, it's the current "trend." my apologies to anyone who shops Kirkland's but I gotta agree. So I guess what I'm saying is....it's your home. If uu are vying/decorating in a style only because everyone else is too, that may not be he right reason. I'm just saying....

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Interesting question. I think there are certain curves of a leg on a piece of furniture or fabrics that will always be timeless. Meaning they look great for decades. Stripes, checks, toile and florals are always here, the colors just change. Hugs, Marty

The Buzz Blog said...

Good question, Kathysue! We moved from a very large home which was designed by a decorator into a 900 sq. ft. cottage for a year so that we could decide where to spend the rest of our lives. I have to say, the pieces we kept were the ones we bought ourselves or inherited from our parents and we realized that we didn't need to much "stuff". Now that we're in a slightly larger home, we look around at all the pieces we love and are thankful that we didn't follow trends when we picked them out.

vignette design said...

Great question! If you love it, it's timeless! Everyone's taste is unique and individual, so figure out what you love, not what you're told is fashionable and stick with it! That being said, white walls are always classic. White kitchens too. Wood floors. Wood furniture that hasn't been painted in the last year...! Natural fabrics like linens and velvets.
Just listen to your gut and don't invest too much money in trendy stuff. ~Delores


Great ques! Timeless things for me go more in the furniture choosing, like Marty says, than, the decorating; is what you wish to do with the timeless... you want to use them in classic, minimalist, modern, etc. Classic is in "the eye of the beholder", like your friend with the country. Timeless for me is more of the Eng. decor, mostly European in general with Oriental accents. Have a nice weekend. FABBY

diane said...

Interesting question. At one point those things we think are timeless were a new trend. No one had a white kitchen in the sixties and seventies but it is timeless now. History tells us that mission style furniture was frowned upon because, at the time, fluffy victorian was in, and now mission is considered timeless.

I say if you love it it will be timeless in your own home. But that time could be a few years to several. I know I have pieces of furniture that I have had for years and years and just reupholster or move into a different room but would never get rid of. And yet you might not consider them timeless. I like Kathysue's idea of neutral with trends in accessories, paint and fabric. Cant go wrong that way!

Kathysue said...

I learned a long time ago.... From a wise woman of style.... To choose what honors who I am. Am I reserved? Am I afraid to stand out? Am I afraid to put my personality out there?

Kathy Sue calls me her "primary girl". I have a tailored style that uses bold color choices which are a reflection of me. Muted tones make me sad.... My house is cobalt, pure white, clear red, navy, sunshine yellow, strong black and granny apple green. Personal style never goes out of style.

Thanks to our Kathy Sue my home is cozy, fun and above all it's ME not a trend.


Velvet and Linen said...

When Steve and I were writing Patina Style, we asked ourselves this question many times...
To avoid trendy, stick to pieces that have classic proportions. Nothing too overstuffed.
Don't go with anything faux. Natural materials are always best and will age beautifully.
I also find that neutrals last longer than bright colors.
Great discussion Kathysue!
Happy weekend.


Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Love this discussion. Antiques and vintage pieces by their very nature are rimless. Classic shapes of furniture legs, tables etc. Are also timeless. As far as color and upholstery, I agree that neutrals seem less trendy mainly because you can change things up as you tire of them. But seriously, color choices and upholstery, curtains etc. Do and will change. The new neutrals as people like to call them, are just that. They will be something else in a few years because we live in a market driven society.

The older things that I have collected and bought through out the years are the things that I have never tired of. I've changed lots of upholstery and am quite sure will feel the urge to do so again in the future.

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

To me timeless means something that is good quality , not flashy and will be simple enough to fit in with newer pieces that might be purchased at a later time. I don't pay much attention to trends but decorate with whatever style makes me happy when I walk into the room. Thanks, Kathysue for letting us give our opinions . Shannon

Splendid Sass said...

I love so many different styles, so I can't really say, but I know that modern is my least favorite. I do like a little modern, like a parsons table, but I am a diehard traditionalist. At the same time I am somewhat of a minimalist.
Hope that you have a great weekend.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Classics are furniture and decorating themes have proved their worth through the timelessness of their appeal. They can be in different styles...asian, french, etc. but continue to follow certain guidelines. Trends can become classics but only over time.

Stacy CUrran said...

I agree with everyone who said that if you love it, it is timeless!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

To me "timeless" is quailty that will adapt to many styles, can remain, when everything around it changes... like white subway tile. Things that are more simple and can take a backseat to the trendy junk. It's the things that find favor with the masses because they are calm and quite.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Great topic Kathysue. For me timeless elements are wood floors, beautiful moldings, antiques and blue & white porcelain. I don't think it would ever be wrong to use any of these elements. And yes, trends are unavoidable. I think we all crave change from time to time, and that's when pillows and accessories in trendy colors and patterns can inject a more current thread.

mel@georgicapond said...

It's very tempting to follow trends, particularly as we are bombarded with them from all directions in blogs, the internet, magazines etc. And some trends can in fact become classic and timeless. I am finding it very hard to make decisions about my decorating for the new renovation because I am often swayed by pretty things and bright lovely colours and something fresh, but when it comes down to it I always seem to revert back to the colours and style I know and feel comfortable with, that will last and I won't tire of. But I think you can incorporate trends and fashions with smaller, less expensive items and remove or change them when you get sick of them or they become too trendy and overdone. Funnily enough a lot of the things we see today as new and trendy are generally reinventions of styles and fashions from the past anyway and as with fashion all these designs just go around and come back eventually.