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Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Think I Have Another Problem!

I am not sure how many of you read what I wrote in small print at the bottom of my last post, but I said the next thing I was going to do a post on was lipstick and lip gloss.

Yes, it is true! I am addicted to lip gloss. I have this compulsion to put something creamy on my lips as soon as they feel remotely dry. I am sure the scientific community has a word for this addiction. For now we will just call it, “Slippery Lips!”

Last season I did a major purge of my lip glosses and lipsticks. I had about 56 or so. I know, I know!! I told you I think I am addicted to lip gloss!! Now the quantity is much less, but still way too many for one pair of lips to wear.

If you ever go shopping with me in the make-up department of any store you will find that I will buy at least one new lipstick or lip gloss. The funny thing is they are all about the same color. I put a swatch of my lipstick on a white piece of paper to show myself I need more variety or less of the same color.

Lipstick 015 (800x600)
You can see how close in color they all are. I think I have a problem!!!
I keep my little treasured friends in little plastic stacked drawers.

They are a bit of a jumbled mess at the moment, but I am about to remedy that with a good purge.

Lipstick 002 (800x600)

Lipstick 003 (600x800)
Lipstick 004 (800x600) 
  • First you must get out your make-up mirror.
  • Next you will need your make-up remover cloths
  • Gather all of you lip colors and start trying them on 

    I like to do this when I have  no make-up on. I figure if the color brightens up my look and works with my natural coloring it is a keeper. It is more obvious with no make-up on.

    I will admit, by the end of the ordeal my lips were a bit darker from being rubbed with the cleaning cloth, so keep that in mind and rub gently.

    I have purged and kept my favorites in one drawer, my wear once-in-awhile in another drawer and I even have a drawer of a few that I might get rid of on my next purge.

    Lipstick 012 (800x600)
    See that pretty little lilac gloss? That is my all time favorite lip gloss. It is one that I have bought repeatedly, by Bobbi Brown. I really think her glosses are the best, they stay on the longest for me.

    Lipstick 014 (800x600)
    This drawer holds the lipsticks that I wear the most. Count them!! Eleven!! That is really good for me!!

    Lipstick 021 (800x600)
    This last drawer holds the lip colors that I only wear once-in-awhile and a couple of lip liners. I now have 24 lip colors in my possession. I probably need to purge more, so I need to call in help!!! Seriously, I am going to have my BF look at the colors on me and help by being my mirror with an honest opinion!! Every one needs a friend like that in their life!!

    Through this process I did make a really good discovery……..
    …..I read a long time ago that there is lot of lipstick left in the tube after it appears to be all gone, or at least you can no longer put it on from the tube. I am not extremely green or frugal, but I thought this was worth trying.

    I do have one favorite color of lipstick( Rose Tea by Estee Lauder), and I had two tubes that I could only use if I used a lip brush in the tube. I took a toothpick and scooped out what was left in the tube and put it into a little plastic pot that a sample of cream came in.
    Lipstick 005 (800x600)
    Lipstick 006 (800x600)
    Lipstick 022 (800x600)
    It is not smooth like a new lip color would be, but it will work just fine with a lip brush.

    I was literally shocked at how much was in those two tubes. I now have a little pot of lip color that will last quite awhile. Normally I would have just tossed them.

    Don’t get me wrong, I will not be washing out zip-loc bags and saving them or keeping all the rubber bands off of the veggies. I am so NOT that kind of girl, but I will be digging out the last little bit of my lipsticks from now on!! Try it, you will be shocked!!!
    So there you have it!! Another true confession from Kathysue!! I hope this inspires you to do three things.
    • purge your cosmetics
    • re-evalute the colors you are now using
    • dig out the last bit of lipstick out of your tube!!
    “Enjoy the Process” Of:

    Purging and Playing with your make-up



    Anonymous said...

    Oh, I share this obsession. I have to have something on my lips at all times too and am constantly buying lip gloss. I'm like you that they are all pretty much in the same color family. My favorite of all time is Blizzard by Chanel... check it out! lol (See we could never shop together it would spell TROUBLE)!! You and I are connected, Kathysue... I swear we were separated at birth!! xo

    The enchanted home said...

    This is so funny. I am not a lip gloss kind of gal but I do love makeup and am somewhat of a makeup junkie. You put me in Sephora and no telling how long i might be in there or what I might come out with! This however is an excellent reminder to purge, clean out, straighten up and organize and suffice to say yours truly could use a serious dose of this as her poor makeup drawer (s) have been neglected. Thank you for the reminder!!

    helen tilston said...

    You post made me smile and recalling how when I was a teenager I would use up the last drop of lipstick from my tube and also cut an divide in plastic makeup tubes and use the last morsels of make up. Fun post

    Unknown said...

    Interesting. So when my favorite color seems so low the edge scapes my lips, I'll just dig it out. I had no idea. You are so funny!

    Thanks for entering the Flokati giveaway on my blog!

    Bring Pretty Back said...

    Kathysue! This is post after my own heart !You have no idea how much right now! Kathusue- I just love you!
    Have a PRETTY day!

    K&B by the Sea said...

    I'm the opposite extreme - I have no lip gloss and maybe four tubes of lipstick. Which I hardly ever wear! I'm not a make-up girl - a bit of eyeliner and I'm good to go :-)

    Good job purging :-)

    Kellie Collis said...

    Wow! That is a lot of lip gloss! Loving the colors too! Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx

    quintessence said...

    I do this every once in a while.While I do have more makeup than I need, lip gloss is not a particular addiction (that's fine- I have plenty of others), I now have 2 daughters who are frequently happy for the leftovers.

    Cheryl said...

    You made me giggle.... which of course I love to do! My lip glosses are all variations on a theme.... and I love them all!!!! I will get some little pots to use the last little bits... but not re-using of the zip-loc bags. I do, however have trouble throwing out beautiful bags... :-)

    vignette design said...

    We have the same lipstick colors, except you have more than me. You win! haha. I'll have to try saving the remaining lipstick in a little pot. My favorite Bobbie Brown broke off right away so I have to use a lip brush on it. Scooping into a little pot seems much better. ~Delores

    Tote said...

    Boy, I do know what you mean by too many lipsticks! I do purge every once in a while. They do go bad, you can tell by the smell or taste. I use to manage a cosmetic department for many years. I received so much free gratis from the different venders. I am finally through all of it I think.
    I did give so much away to my friends and family. They loved it!
    It is now time for a purge again.


    lvroftiques said...

    *guilty hand raised in the air* I too have the same problem (I think we must collect the same colors Kathysue *winks*) I have no idea how many I have, but I know some of them should be tossed from old age alone *sighs* Alas I have the same problem with sooo many other things as well. I need to purge my whole house to be honest.....That said....I'm going to check out that Bobby Brown lip gloss! Thanks for the tip!...I know I'm sick....Vanna

    Anonymous said...

    Well Kathysue, I have alot of thoughts and I'm trying to decide which and how to share. First let me say I have enjoyed your blog even though my taste goes in a differnt direction. I enjoy your personality, too. As I look at the pictures of all your lip decor, I feel deep concern about the brands you are using and the health risk involved. You seriously need to look up the ingredents in those lip colors. Studies have proven the link to cancer and hormone function. Just to name a few problems. All in your drawer have petroleum products which you are then eating. Your body does not digest this - it just sits in there. Please look into a food or plant based lip gloss such as 100% Pure out of SF or Dr. Haushka or Aubrey. I too can't stand my lips dry and bare and I changed what I use about 10 years ago. Next is, when you purge, where does all that non recyclable stuff go? Just asking. It's not a bad thing to make those plastic bags last as long as posible (or don't use)It could be your gift to your Grand children and Great Grand Kids. Again thank you for the great blogs, I always enjoy them.
    Miranda SF Bay Area

    Libby said...

    Oh Kathysue: this is a riot!!! I can honestly say that this is one "problem" I don't have, at least as far as lip gloss/lipstick goes! I rarely wear it at all, and now always think I look strange when I do!!!
    However.....makeup in general? Yes, we have a problem there, for sure! Bare Escentials, to be specific. I could buy all their eye shadow and still not be satisfied. Maybe someday (don't hold your breath..) I will do a post on my makeup drawers and containers!
    Great post my dear!

    CJ said...

    I have a tip for you! Take that lipstick you put in the little pot and heat it in the microwave just a few seconds on low and it will remelt and be as smooth as new! I don't have as many lipsticks as you, but I do like to make them last as long as I can...especially when they discontinue my favorites! (and they always do!) You do a great job on your blog. I love it!

    Blondie's Journal said...

    I like how you put samples of your lipsticks and glosses on a sheet of white paper. It would really help to have that around when trying to decide which to wear instead of opening countless tubes.

    I agree with you on purging the old...you have more room for the new!!


    BluBabesCreate said...

    I purge on a daily basis!

    SHERRY HART said...

    Kathysue...you know I always say there is room in the budget for a new lipstick! It does seem like I am always buying the same colors. When I get a makeover, they usually put on a much brighter color than I am used to....and I get it...of course. But then I find myself softening it up a bit by putting another color on top! The minute you throw one away...it will be the one that you will need :)

    The Buzz Blog said...

    I have clean out the makeup closet high on my list this summer and now, you've motivated me to just do it! I'm a bit of a fanatic for lip balm - Burt's Bees or Labello for me!

    ecddesign said...

    Kathysue, my gloss collection is one to rival yours. I am a self-professed gloss junkie. Stila's Brown Sugar is my 'desert island' staple. I think I have so many because buying a lipgloss is an inexpensive way to make me feel good. Like an instant wardrobe update. I'd much rather prefer a new pair of shoes, but glosses are so much more budget-worthy. I love to layer them and create new colors. I seriously don't think I wear the same shade everyday because of all the mixing and matching. I don't use lipstick, just various shades of liner with my glosses. I am inspired to organize my glosses like you, but I don't think I can part with them...and, for me, the stickier and goopier, the better. Thanks for sharing your addiction with a fellow addict!

    Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

    I am the worst. I look up at the end of the day and I have not had any lipstick or gloss on since first thing in the morning. Yuck. I don't want to be this way. I just get so focused on everything else. All of my friends are much more girlie about this than I am. I really need to work on that.

    Susie @ Maddie G Designs said...

    This is funny....I don't have this issue....I use only Bobbi Brown and have a couple of colors I buy again and again, changing when they discontinue them. But the colors look similar to yours! Here is another fun thing....have you ever looked at a bunch of women's lipstick? Apparently how you wear down / apply the lipstick says a lot about your personality. e.g. mine gets so skinny it eventually breaks....my mom's is always in a perfectly round tip. I really don't know how she does it....or what it says about each of us.

    Kathysue said...

    KathySue - Your post on the lip gloss/sticks was hysterical. Thanks for adding a little humor to my day. You are too funny. I like the idea of storing the tubes in a little stacked storage unit. Where did you get that? I think I could use one, too. I, too, just have to have a little something on my lips or they feel dry and naked. Have you seen the Burt's Bees pomengranate lip balm? It has great color when you don't want a true lipstick or gloss and is very moisturizing (http://www.burtsbees.com/natural-products/lips-lip-balms/replenishing-lip-balm-pomegranate-oil.html)

    I'm also like this with my hands...have to have some hand lotion on at all times :) Crazy, huh? Oh well...

    Keep up the great blogging! Jill

    Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

    I love lip sticks/gloss as well but usually have too many other things to spend my money on. How about a new post on your favorite brands/colors?

    Stacy CUrran said...

    Haha too funny! Reminds me of the millionaire on Oprah years ago who reused her coffee filters and paper towels!! Just kidding...I would do the same for my favorite color! I love the one by Clinique that is so famous, but of course can't remember the name! But it does seem to be universally flattering!

    designchic said...

    This is so funny. I too love lip gloss and have my share, but I must say, I think you have more than most. Love the way you organized!!

    Mary Ann Pickett said...

    Kathysue...no wonder you look so cute in your photo...which lipgloss are you wearing? I still haven't found a favorite. My search continues.

    Jessie said...

    Kathysue, I am the opposite extreme of you. I don't buy any make-up products unless I need them. And while I put on makeup when I go out, I don't usually put on my lipstick or lip gloss because I always have the fear of swallowing chemicals. Silly, I know. I have one or two lipstick and lipgloss at most. I only wear them on special occasions or when we need to take some family photos, etc. However, there is one thing that we share, and that is the plastic drawers. I swear we have the same plastic drawer! And I used it to store make-up stuffs, too.

    Fun post, Kathysue!

    Have a wonderful weekend!