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Monday, July 11, 2011

How Do YOU Shop??

I love to go shopping! I like to shop for clothes, shoes, make-up, but especially for my home. Today I am going to be talking about shopping for your home. Have you ever thought about your shopping style?

Yes, we all have a shopping style. I use to shop for, and with my clients. I would watch how they shopped, and what they were drawn too in order to get a better feel on how I could direct them in making choices.

I have found that we are all drawn to a particular  feature when shopping for our homes.
  • color
  • pattern
  • texture/patina
  • shape/size

I fall into the color category. I almost always shop by color. I am drawn to an object first by color. Let me give you an example that we can all relate too. Pillows!! We all love our pillows, don’t we?

First I will have a general idea of the colors I will be working with in a room. Of course it can change as the  design unfolds according to what is available. The first thing that will always draw me in is the color.
Next I will look at the pattern, texture, and shape or size.

 Years ago I read one of Rachel Ashwell’s books. She talked about how she shops at flea markets. She said she could scan a booth within seconds, and find the items she wanted to purchase. She did this by always looking for her signature soft color palette of creams, whites, pinks, greens, blues. 

We all know when something has a signature Rachel Ashwell look, after all she is  the one that coined the phrase, and the style of, “Shabby Chic.” She also said that she looked for texture as in cashmere sweaters, old blue jeans, which you would see her wear often. Then there is the patina or texture of her chippy white or off white furniture pieces and crystal chandeliers.

I was fascinated by how her mind worked. It made me think about my own shopping techniques. I realized that, I too shop by color. I mentioned in a previous post that when I was a teenager,  my Mom and I would go clothes shopping I would look at items based on a particular color of the day. It could be pink, blue, red, green etc.

We use to wonder what color mood would dictate our shopping day. As the day progressed it became very obvious to us both what was going to be the color of the day.   It was always fun to find out which was the color of the day. It was never forced it always just unfolded as the day went happily along.

On a shopping trip with my friend, Terri, from La Dolfina blog I observed how she shopped. She was unaware of my observations until I made her aware of them. If you have read Terri’s blog at all, you know she is a treasure hunter extraordinaire. She always finds such beauty in the unique.

I had so much fun watching her. She does not shop at a fast pace, but one of deep concentration. I discovered by observing her that she shopped by texture. If a piece stood out as having an interesting texture or patina, she was drawn to it. She would touch it, and I could see she was making up a story line in her mind about how special this piece was.

I told her of my observation, and she thought with a pause, and realized she did indeed shop by texture.
So think about it for awhile, do you shop by………
  • color
  • pattern
  • texture/patina
  • size/shape
However you shop I  hope you will always……..
“Enjoy the Process!”



Privet and Holly said...

Hi Kathysue!
Well, I have to
pause and really
think about that
one : ) I'm a
collector, so first
thing at a flea
market is simply
scanning for items
that I collect...
Then, it's a matter
of all those things
you described to be
sure that the one
I select is IT! I
also try to stick
to my list or I get
very overwhelmed at
big sales!
xx Suzanne

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I have a similar post up today about shopping for clothes..my new system is called the Foundation Five. You might want to check it out...I think with interior, I look for color and style. Yes, shape and size have to play into it as well...has to fit in the room!

The enchanted home said...

Oh not to worry I enjoy the process very much! I too am mostly drawn by color first then by pattern. I tend to zero in right away on what i like and can quickly discount most things, I am fast, extremely fast in fact and know what i like and dont' even bother with the rest. I tend to have a strong idea of what I am looking for and am not a big "brower" who lingers from item to item and takes it all in. I am more of a "get to the point" shopper. Ditto with clothing I can walk right in and my radar tells me if I should bother or not. Perhaps I wish i had a wee bit more patience, though the upside is that I generally get what I am after because I am so tuned into what I am there for. Another excellent thought provoking post!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Kathysue...I never thought about how I shop! I either love it or I don't...so I will have to notice what draws me in! However, I do think it is color and frenchiness. lol I am off to go GW hunting today...but that's a whole different story! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

Anonymous said...

Now that I think about it... I shop by color too! Yes, Terri is amazing! I can totally picture you two out on the hunt! xo

Splendid Sass said...

I am first drawn by color and texture, but the shape has a lot to do with it too. Pattern is something I can usually make work.
I hope that your week is of to a great start.

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

Color then texture for me. I used to make my living turning trash into treasure, so I got really good at scanning an aisle for color and being able to pick out something fabulous. Now as a designer, I almost always have a color in mind while I shop, but I find I am often paying attention to the texture as well. Fun to think about!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

It totally depends what I am looking for...if my need is definate I am very focused. But I like to shop randomly too ala my current post. (-:

La Dolfina said...

I'm smiling as I remember our first shopping trip together at the WES no less. It was so crazy, I can't believe you could concentrate on anything that day...
Well, it was fascinating to be observed by you and your analytical mind my friend! I never really did realize what drew my in before and now thanks to you I know that I am a texture girl and the funny thing is that when magazines would talk about texture I'd always think to myself, I need to remember that and here I was doing it all along and not realizing it!!!
What would we all do without you Kathysue!!!
Have a wonderful week my friend.
I might see you this week :)

Jessie said...

I am usually drawn by color first, then shape/size, followed by texture or pattern when it comes to home decor or clothes. I am usually a quick browser when it comes to shopping whether it's in the decor or clothes department. I know what I like and doesn't like and I generally don't like to waste time in things I don't bother. :)

Another thought provoking post, Kathysue. Good post! Have a lovely weekend.


lisaroy said...

I shop in different ways depending on where I am. If I'm shopping for furniture/accessories, it's colour and texture, followed by shape. If I'm at a flea market, it's shape and size (I know I can paint it to what I'd like later on . :)


Kathysue....I think it is safe to say that I am the ultimate consumer...and I LOVE to shop. I don't necessarily have to be buying either...
I am sure that I am a little ADD when it comes to looking for things. I definitely have to go through the store a couple of times :)

Tote said...

I think I shop by color and texture. I look for natural fabrics and items. But sometimes I find something else that is completly different from what I am shopping for, especially if it is a good deal. I do wish I could just finish one room at a time instead of hopping all over the place.


Linda Hartong said...

Very insightful. I shop by color

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I haven't really thought about it. I just know I always go to lamps and pillows.

designchic said...

I tend to shop by color first and then by pattern. Always have a color tone in mind...

Mel@Georgica pond said...

Definitely shop by colour first and foremost. That's what catches my eye and draws me into a shop and that's what I search for. Always blue based colours for starters. Now I have kids I do a lot more research online before I go out, as I can't afford the time just strolling and browsing. I'm always on a mission.

K&B by the Sea said...

I've never really thought about how I shop. Hmmm... Probably by colour first, then pattern, then texture. Although it probably depends on what I'm shopping for. I'm going to pay more attention next time I'm out shopping!

Marcus Design said...

Ooh! I love this post, I think I am a texture shopper!!! I always touch things, to the point that some of my friends have made fun of me for it, ha ha.
Nancy xo

Erica said...

I love this post, I've never really thought about how I shop. I shop by color too.

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Lee said...

Now that I'm 'downsizing' and need to curtail purchases and make those really count, I'm much more prone to be mindful of what I already have going -- colors, textures, design, shape, etc. But I'm open to surprises all the time. It feels like shape and texture draw me in, then color, though I know I automatically shop certain colors and that narrows down what I see from the get-go. I'm pretty analytical like you Kathysue and at the same time experimental.

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Gf, You are always making me think... I shop for patina/texture. I am very fast. I tell clients we can shop together, but it will cost you more. Most the time I go alone...Even shopping for clothes, I prefer to go it alone. I know my taste and I know what will work for me, so I hate waiting around and talking about it... I make decisions fast as well, so a slow thinker drives me crazy !

laxsupermom said...

I think I tend to shop by texture first then color. I'm always picking things up when I shop. Even with clothes, my hands tend to run through the racks and I'll stop and look only after my hands have told me to. Interesting discussion, because I've never really thought about it before. Thanks for sharing.

Sandra said...

Great post! I shop for color, but everything is brown and orange in my house...I haven't shopped for clothes in a very long time. I've been shopping for the house...I want to go shoe shopping now.

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Fascinating. I have no idea how I shop, want to go shopping with me and let me know? I do know I shop fast, scanning a vignette as quickly as I can and move on if nothing grabs me. Wonder what that is when something does. I'm going to pay attention next time I shop! Janell

Anonymous said...

I know I shop by color and style. I'm a shabby chic girl myself, so my eye always goes for pastels and old or old looking things. I've had to train myself to look at other colors since outside of my personal portion of our house, everything is more tradiinal. Interesting to learn how different people shop!