Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blog Mission Statement

This is a hard time of year for many. I have read several post on questioning why they blog or they are feeling what I call, “The In-Betweens.” There also seems to be a bit of meanness out in blogland that is occuring. I have read several post on that subject also.

All of this made me think and take pause about blogging and why I blog. I also think this time of year we are all taking a bit of time to re-evaluate our lives.

When I read that one of my favorite bloggers, PK of Room Re-Mix was quitting, it really made me start thinking as it did for many.

Janell at Isabella and Max blog wrote a post here on is blogging sustainable?

A to Z has also written a wonderful post about some of the many pit-falls that can occur while blogging.

Kat's post on some of the meanness that can occur in blogland, on her blog Low Tide High Style.

On my very own sidebar I have a  post written by Sande at A Giftwrapped Life that so eloquently describes why we blog.

Before starting a blog, I thought long and hard for over a year before taking the plunge.

I had many friends in a design chat room that were encouraging me to do so, and even my very own family were cheering me on.

One of the things I did was to really examine why I would write a blog and what I wanted my blog to be like.

I made a mission statement. Nothing formal or fancy, just something to remind me of why I was writing a blog.

When I get off track, and trust me I have done so, I look at the mission statement to get me back to who I am and what I want my blog to be.

When it is all said and done, I have to be true to who I am.

As a Design consultant for over 30 some-odd-years, I became somewhat of a teacher to my clients. Teaching would have been my second chosen profession after Design consultant.

I wanted my clients to be able to make choices on their own based on what I had taught them. I had long term relationships with many of them and consider them friends.

This profession was so “Good” to me and that is why my blog is called, “The Good Life Of Design.”

It seems we all have the same demons, rewards and doubts if we are bloggers.
I knew these issues would come up from time to time, so that is why I wrote a mission statement of what I thought I wanted my blog too look like and be about.

My Mission Statement

In writing my blog I want it to be an extension of my life in design now that I am retired.

I want to:

  1. Write about the process I go through in designing a room.
  2. Hopefully teach as I go along.
  3. Be motivating to others.
  4. Make others feel as if they can do it!(design)
  5. Give tools and methods to my readers on what has worked for me over the last 30 years in design.
  6. Share some of my home projects
  7. Keep the look of my blog simple and uncomplicated.
  8. no advertising,
  9. no blog list on sidebar, I never want anyone to get their feelings hurt if their blog is not listed, so I choose to not list any.
  10. No pictures of my children or grandchildren
  11. If I can not say it to a stranger then I should not put it on my blog.
  12. Keep my private life private.
  13. Try to be uplifting
  14. Hopefully try to make a difference
  15. Have fun!! When it quits being fun, time to quit!
  16. Try to not get caught up in the number’s game of how many followers and how many comments I get each day.
  17. Try to keep blogging in perspective and keep balance in my life.
  18. Write about what I am interested in.
  19. Stay true to who I am and what I stand for in my life.
And Most Importantly!!

Try to:
 “Enjoy the Process” along the way.



vignette design said...

Beautifully said KS! Your mission statement sums it all up. I agree on everything you have stated here. Enjoy your glorious Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you started this journey and continue to teach and uplift us every day. Your time and effort is very much appreciated, Kathysue. Thanks for all you do!

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

I'm so not surprised that you were so deliberate in your decision to blog. It's how you approach your life, and it's working so well for you. I appreciate you and what you stand for, and that is why your blog(and you!) will always be favorites of mine. It's lovely that we are all different and that our blogs are a personal reflection of our lives and our values. No one would ever question yours. Glad you're in blogland, Kathysue!

Tote said...

Kathysue, very well said! Your blog is one of my favorites. I think you have followed your mission statement and your heart. Please keep up the good work.


Kat said...

You've done all this and more Kathysue. I love the inspiration that you give to us, and I always learn something from you. Hugs, Kat

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hear, hear, Kathysue! You have said it all very simply, yet eloquently! I made many of the same decisions myself as I matured as a blogger. I try above all not to let the blog interfere with my time with my family...the most important and a very private part of my life! Great post, my friend!...hugs...Debbie

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh Kathysue, I so agree. It seems too many are trying to watch the numbers, blog every day, and craft things they really aren't interested in. This should be a place to share our own experiences and knowledge and to learn from others, not compete with them and certainly not a place to be critical of others. I am always so impressed with your knowledge and how freely you share. I know others appreciate it also. Keep up the good work. I hope those in doubt will reconsider why they blog and just enjoy the fun of it. Love ya. Hugs, Marty

Anonymous said...

This could well be my own mission statement Kathysue.
I am about to start my 5th year blogging. I began with the encouragement from Kim at Daisy Cottage. I know Kim through an online decorating group. Rhoda came from there as well as others. Some of us still post frequently others have decided to stop.

I have been discouraged many times over the years. Even lately I've begun to doubt if anyone really reads what I write or more so, if anyone cares. The past couple of months have really been sort of a "downer" time for me and I've found myself struggling with the notion of Back Porch Musings.

Then I get an email or note in my comments that encourages me to continue.

I am writing and photographing what I love. My friends and family and many readers enjoy my little bits and pieces. And I just met two readers while J and I were out gallavanting, last Friday. They are local folks. I had no idea they were reading and enjoying.

This morning J asked me about a restaurant. He had been visiting over the backyard fence, with our next door neighbor, who asked about about a local restaurant I had written about. Wow! I had no idea he read BPM.

So I may not get many comments, but I do know there are those whose lives I've touched. And there are those folks who have touched me.

Thanks for this post...I really needed this!

quintessence said...

What a wonderful mission statement that I think you have achieved so successfully. I went back to read Sande's piece since I was not blogging then - that was also an inspirational read. I am thrilled with the incredible people I have met through blogging - so many like-minded, creative and insightful women (and a few men). My only issue is the time involved. My husband wasn't so happy at first when the laundry wasn't getting done and the beds made so quickly but then as person after person came up to him to say how much they enjoyed my blog, he's come to appreciate the effort and dedication involved. We all come to blogging with different goals and perspectives and that's what keeps it interesting. I had my very first nasty thing happen last week in the blogosphere - it felt like junior high. I want my experience to be only positive, so I'm ignoring it and concentrating on reading blogs like yours that are informative, interesting and supportive!!

sissie said...

Hi Kathysue,
I say that you have lived up to your mission statement. I have learned so much about decorating and design from you and I always leave here inspired and ready to try something different.
I feel fortunate to be privy to all that stored up knowledge in your pretty little brain.


La Vie Quotidienne said...

I think that my mission statement is simple and it is also on your list: When is stops being fun or begins being stressful perhaps it is time to take a break or quit. I also think it is important to be true to yourself and post what pleases you and not to worry to much about the numbers.(-:

Casa Bella said...

I can see your mission statement perfectly reflected on your blog, Kathysue. I imagine it is different for different people, but I believe that as long as their blogs represents them (and doesn't offend others!) then it should be all right as well. Some people choose to share personal issues, and I'm okay with that. I love that we get to meet different bloggers and that we can choose to follow those we feel a connection with. I love your blog and I can feel the wonderful person you are through it. Thanks for blogging, and please...keep it up, as it is a gift for the rest of us :-)

Mona Thompson said...

Kathysue, You have so lived up to your mission statement and I'm proud of you that you put that much thought into it. I had a very nasty comment a few weeks ago, that still stings every time I think of it. (I try not to). It questioned who I am and my abilities vs. an idea, that we all welcome and love to debate. I chose to stick with it, but I can see why some have not.

Privet and Holly said...

So very glad that
you took the plunge,
KS!! I have learned
so much from you over
the last year! As a
matter of fact, I
thought of you today
while I was up on our
ladder, stencilling
big damasks in my powder
room : ) Thank you for
being such a kind, classy
and inspirational blogger
to those of us lucky
enough to follow you!
xx Suzanne

lvroftiques said...

I think you've achieved mission statement nirvanna my friend! *winks* I've learned a lot from you! And I always come away better for having been here. I feel the same way. If blogging stops being fun for me I'll quit...again...After all you can always come back. Nothing is written in stone. *winks* Vanna

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Beth of A to Z sent me this link, which I think is brilliant:

Many would-be creators remain consumers because they fear criticism. Perhaps they created something, thinking they’d be encouraged for their work, and they were, but then they read something or heard something critical and felt they were being treated unfairly and were scared back into consumer-mode, sitting on the sidelines.

All creators get criticized. There are many people who cannot create, but wanting glory, they will use creators and their criticisms of creators to get into the spotlight. I’m not talking about helpful criticism, teacher to student criticism, I’m talking about the modern fare of criticism floating around on the internet, the equivalent of a Jr. High slam book.

This is going to bother you at first, but you must move through it to a higher evolution of the creative life if you are going to become a great creator.

Here are some things to remember:

1. Only creators get criticized.
2. All creators get criticized.
3. The best way to answer your critics is to succeed. Keep working. Work harder.

When you find yourself having genuine, fond feelings for your critics, because without them you would not have been driven to succeed as much as you have, you have become a better creator.

(I'm going to keep this in mind!) Janell

diane@onlinefabricstore said...

HI Kathysue,

I just clicked over to Janell's blog and read her comments about blogging. I agree with everyone that blogging should be fun and if you are not getting anything out of it then, like other hobbies or jobs, you should move on. However, a lot is said about negative comments and I feel differently about those. I am a ghost blogger meaning that I blog for other designers and retailers who do not want to or cannot write themselves. This gives me a different perspective, I think, on comments. Any writer will tell you that negative comments/criticism are part of the writing game. If bloggers wants to be taken seriously and considered a force to be reckoned with in the design field, or any other field, then we need to toughen up a bit and deal with the negative comments, not run from them. Some are just mean and cruel and others are meant to be constructive. I dont think we as bloggers are looking for a bunch of "yes" women who simply agree with everything we say or tell us how wond3erful our ideas are. I personally like to hear different points of view.

Blogging is relatively new and I hope that all of us who have hopped on this train will stick with it and make blogging an even more powerful tool than it already is. And, selfishly, I would miss each and every one of you as I look forward to reading posts from those blogs I have chosen to follow. I guess I will get off my soap box now. Thanks for an inspring post.

Designs By Pinky said...

Oh KS, I for one am so glad I found you and your blog. It is a huge inspiration and almost a design CLASS every time you post! I so look forward to seeing all you say! I LOOOVE design and have no formal training so all the help I can get is greatly appreciated!!! I hope the blog world stays sweet and does not become invaded with "meanies". I have gotten so much love and support, it warms my heart so much! Thank you for all you do. XO, Pinky

Low Tide High Style said...

Kathysue, I'm so glad you decided to start blogging and I'm sorry to hear that others are questioning whether or not they should continue! Keep doing what you're doing, you are a wonderful teacher of design! Thank you for the shout out too!

Kat :)

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Kathysue. Thank you.

Jemsmom said...

Hi Kathysue! I think your post is brilliant and your mission statement is carried out in all of your posts. I am sad to see that so many bloggers have become upset and saddened about their blog. That shouldn't be what it is about. My blog is a very personal one and that was my choice. All of our family live far away and this was the best way we could really keep them up to date. I have had concerns over posting pictures of my child, but I wanted my blog to be real and about us. I have never worried over numbers or tried to create something just to blog about. I can see how it would get very tiring to do that and then have people be mean spirited. I am grateful that I haven't had that happen. Your blog is beautiful and a continued source of inspiration and encouragement for me. Thank you for all you do!

Acanthus and Acorn said...

I love your reasons for blogging, many of them I share. Often I question why I continue this, but presently I'm still learning, sharing ideas and thoughts and (most days)and having fun! I don't post everyday or is it likely I ever will. It's funny to me sometimes that I have blog rankings...often they are laughable. But, a bloggy friend set them up for me and it reminds me of her. I too struggle with the blog roll too. I add and sometimes I delete. It's not meant to offend anyone. But I can only read so much and what I am interested in fluxuates. I read a variety of blogs and definately have my favorites. I get something from all of them...good and bad, it's all useful information in one way or another.

I think there is a ton of talent in blogworld...young & old...designers and homeowners...writers and non-writers. There is room for everyone I think who is sincere in their postings. Often the blogs I am most attracted to are the ones sharing helpful information, honest perpectives and their opinions. Not just an ongoing "isn't this wonderful or fabulous" or "look what I did and see who I met". Frankly, that sometimes gets a bit tiresome.

Keep doing what your doing, many of us enjoy it so much. But, I do think your header is calling out for a little green with black! :)

Kathysue said...

Hi R, Thank you for your comment and guess what?!
I started working with someone last week on my header!!! You are so right it needs a touhc of green, but I think everything needs a touch of green!! Have a great Monday,KS

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

Hi Kathysue!!! Just got around to being able to sit down and catch up on some blogs. So thought provoking. I love the spirit in which blogs are created {most of them.} I am enamored with the idea that we all have something to share and try to do so. I love your blog, your kind words, and your generous spirit. Keep up the good work. So happy to have "met" you.

Cherie said...

Your mission statement is well worked out and so honest and respectful of others.

I think one possible thing that contributes to snarky comments is envy #1 and also the recession as many readers may not feel they can achieve their decorating dreams and resent those who still can. Just a guess.

But it's all about seeing the possibilities and and being creative about loving what you have and thoughtfully creating a home that speaks to the heart as well as to the eye.

You give me so many ideas, Kathysue. And I'm a regular reader. I love your style and generous spirit.

Hamptontoes said...

There is so much that is wrong with the world, a blog should not be a place that people come to be mean spirited. I can't imagine ever being mean or intentionally hurting someone on a blog, or in life. Life is short and I'd rather live it with goodness than not. Life gives us many negatives that we don't need to create our own, so it's why I tend to be a happy person with a huge appetite for life. Great words my dear friend!

Linda Merrill said...

Excellent post Kathysue - thanks for pointing it out to me! I love the simplicity, yet completeness of your mission statement. We all should write it down as clearly as you have!

The Zhush said...

Kathysue...just look at this thoughtful discussion you have started over here! For me personally blogs are about sharing great ideas and beautiful images...there are a few really smart and funny and entertaining blogs that I love as well. The negative stuff...I think if done intelligently and with thought is fine, the mean stuff...that is just not acceptable, and should really just be ignored! Thanks for this great discussion!

Storibook Designs said...

Love your list Kathysue!! It just reminds me of how lovely you are, even though I already knew that by your posts!

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

I'm so glad you wrote about this Kathysue. I love blogging and I don't think I will stop blogging for a while, but sometimes it just seems that I am in rut and that the thought of writing tomorrow's blog post is too overwhelming. I love your mission...and it's inspired me to create my own, so that when I do get in my ruts, it will be easy to get out of!

Marianne (Style For Living) said...

Love this Kathysue! I think your mission statement is perfect. Great discussion going on about this topic.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

You have accomplished your mission statement and so much more. I have thanked you often for your inspiration and being such a wonderful teacher. I truly believe that is why so many of us are addicted to your blog. Thank you so very much for all your wonderful posts.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I never wrote out a statement..., sometimes I think I blog because I simply don't feel attracted to anything else..., and the virtual quality of it all fits me like a glove. It's definitely worth pondering upon more. I enjoy to read about how others feel about it all..., so thanks for sharing!!

Kellie Collis said...

Lovely post! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx


I am stealing your mission statement...yep...just like it is...perfect. I just want to have fun with it and hopefully entertain a big deal.
You are the best! I so want to come to Calif one day and have tea or coffee with you.

Susie @ Maddie's Nest said...

Love your mission statement. I often wonder if I share too much personal stuff on my blog. I really try to avoid the nastiness in the blog world and maybe am oblivious to a lot of it I think. I know there are cliques in the design blogging world and really, I just don't really care or have the time for them. I guess I would just rather be nice and hope people read my blog because they get something out of it. I do struggle with the blog roll thing too. I have a handful on my roll who have never once taken the time to comment back to me but I enjoy their I leave them on. I guess to take them off just because they don't follow back would me mean spirited. I am with Lisa, life is too short to get caught up in anything other than kindness. And, as for inspiration I am suffering an opposite problem. I have lots I want to blog about but I am so busy with my two little ones and my business that I often find myself putting out quick posts to share what I am loving at the moment. Some would probably call this uninspired but I also use my blog as a library of things I want to come back to or consider using in projects, etc. And sorry for the book here. I love your blog, please keep it up!