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Monday, August 23, 2010

HGTV Design Star Wins with Outfit to Room Idea!!

Emily Henderson HGTV's New Design Star!
(Emily has her very own blog, The Brass Petal)

I knew once I heard Emily’s idea for a HGTV show that she would be a shoe-in. After all, there are no shows on the air where they take a homeowner's outfit or look and turn it into a room or in the case of her new show, a “Lifestyle”.

It just made me wonder if Emily and HGTV producers have been reading blogs?  I have seen bloggers do amazing outfits to room blog post. Although I am not sure Emily’s idea is an original one, it is still a good one. I think this should make a very interesting show if done well.

It is quite obvious that HGTV is hurting for some new ideas. I am so tired of the real estate shows and the fixer-upper handyman shows( You know exactly what I mean don't you?)

I think HGTV must also be hurting in the budget category. Did you notice on Design Star this season every task was done in teams so there were only two rooms being done on each show? I have a feeling there was lack of funds for this years contestants. I felt like we never really got to see the individuals abilities or talents with this kind of competition until the final three.

I would love to see some shows with some REAL inspiration!! Not the shows where only a college student would want to apply some of DIY ideas. I would like to see some real quality design shows  on HGTV.
We need more of Candace Olsen and Sarah Richardson type shows. I hope HGTV is reading this!

Until Emily, HGTV’s New Design Star, show appears I thought I would leave you with some of the amazing Outfit to Room  images that I have found throughout blog land done by some very talented bloggers. As I said before not a new concept, but could prove to be an interesting show!

Jenna Lyons
Jenna Lyons
Anne Sage
Anne Sage
anthro Augus
Anthropologie August 2010
Erin Elements of Styleoutfit by Erin Elements of style
Erin from Elements of Style
Debby Inspired Design
Debby from Inspired Design
Harmony and Home 2
Harmony and Home
Harmony and Home
Harmony and Home
gold pink
I even did a post on my own clothes matching them to a room in a post titled, Do Your Clothes Ever Remind You Of A Room?!
my clothes
So there you have it!! My take on Design Star and the new show that Emily will be doing! So what do you think? What kinds of shows do you think HGTV should be putting on the air? Did you like the format they had on this season's Design Star?  I think they need our in-put!!!

“Enjoy the Process Of:
Looking at your wardrobe to get clues of what you should have in a room!!


Haley's Hopechest said...

I am so glad she won! I liked her throughout the entire season, but wasn't sure who I wanted to win until I saw the final three do the glass room and hers was amazing! I thought about it all week. And I TOTALLY know what you mean about Hgtv. I cannot stand seeing that Holmes on homes guy. It seemed like for weeks every time I turned on the tv he was on!! Glad to know someone else is thinking the same thing. =0)

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Kathysue, I actually liked the DS show this year - probably more because I didn't think there were as many divas as they have had in the past, and I thought the judges' remarks were more on target than in the past (I had the feeling in past years that they thought they HAD to find something wrong with every design, and they often struggled and contradicted previous remarks they had made). I sure didn't think Emily had a chance to win at the beginning of the season. I don't watch HGTV as much as I used to, but I do love Sarah and Candace. The shows of the winners of DS don't seem to last very long most of the time. laurie

Jemsmom said...

Thank you!!!! No one around here seemed to think DS was done differently this year!! I did not like it as much. I just felt like you never really saw their true talents when they worked as a team. I never liked Emily's designs really until the glass room. I haven't seen the finale yet. Jemma (the four year old!) and I watch it together and didn't get to it today! I am with you. I want to see more upscale/high end Candace style shows. That is where we learn and draw inspiration!

Jules said...

We don't get your shows so I can't comment but...my house would be indigo denim and white with touches of red! OK.... maybe.... I could live with that!!!!!xx

Design Esquire said...

I completely agree. Candance Olsen, Sarah Richardson and Genieve are my favorite shows.

Dovecote Decor said...

KathySue: I don't get to see much T.V. so this entirely eludes me, but seeing what is out there keeps me in the loop.

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

Although I didn't watch Design Star (don't get it in Canada), I have been seeing Emily's work on blogs and she's amazing. I hope her concept of the outfit-to-room show comes to fruition because I do agree with you - HGTV needs some new stuff!

Allie and Pattie said...

Katysue, I so agree! I've actually stopped watching HGTV because it seemed like the design shows were geared to adolescents and college dorms. Sarah and Candice were the only "real" designer/ decorators out there.
xoxo Pattie

Susie @ Maddie G Designs said...

I fell asleep watching this on my DVR last night....now I need to go back and see what she did! I thought the talent was lacking this season compared to previous seasons. Maybe it was a budget thing. Like the kitchen challenge was usually in actual homes...this time it was just a department store ad, etc. Fun to see this roundup of fashion to room inspiration. BTW, Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage Blog featured a previous design star winner yesterday as a guest blogger.

Completely Coastal said...

I looks like this approach is gaining in popularity. I think it's neat..., but haven't give it much thought (yet).

Maya @ Completely Coastal

Completely Coastal said...

Sorry about the typos!

Maya @ Completely Coastal

Unknown said...

Great post idea, Kathysue. I love that fashion can translate to interior design as long as it isn't too literal. The idea that our homes and our fashion might be consistent with our style is kind of a no-brainer, although I can't live with as much black as I wear! DS for the most part was a craft contest for most of the season...very disappointed that that was what designers were reduced to doing, but once they let them actually design, I became interested. As to HGTV, they should almost throw out the baby with the bathwater and start over. I love real estate shows, but seriously???
Nuff said!

Sue said...

I didn't watch the show...but, I do love the concept. I'm with you, it seems every time I turn the show on it is a real estate show.

Rox said...

I hear you all loud and clear. I too have stopped watching HGTV because of the low quality of its shows. Bring back Joe Ruggiero, Chris Madden...the best designers around. The ones that talk with authority....bring back "Homes across America" or "Interiors by Design"....even shows like "What you get for the money". Enough already of the low budget, and by the way, low viewship...!

diane@onlinefabricstore said...

I so agree with your thoughts regarding HGTV. I used to be glued to that channel but got so tired of staging and real estate and the cheapy DIY backyard fixes that I rarely watch it anymore. Designed to sell is OK and of course Candace and Sarh but other than that I dont watch. Remember the good old day with Room for Change and Room by Room where you could see some results and no one used MDF? Maybe they will hear this.

xinex said...

I missed the shows, Kathysue, so I can't comment. I am not a pink kind of girl but I am drawn to that Anthhropologie Aug. 2010 picture. I actually love the color and the pattern is very pretty....Christine

Susan (Between Naps On The Porch.net) said...

Kathysue...these are some fun images...never even heard of outfits to rooms posts or shows. Interesting and fun! I bet folks would love these rooms. I've heard of designers looking in people's closets to decide how to decorate a room.
Did you notice that first pic of the two design contestants looks like "See no evil, speak no evil." All we need is someone with their hands over their ears to complete it. LOL :) Ok, I'm weird.

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Kathysue, You hit the nail on the head. I quit watching HGTV because I am sick of Real Estate shows. Let me know when they make some real changes and I will start watching again.

vignette design said...

I stopped watching HGTV about a year ago. About when I started blogging actually. I did like Candace Olsen's show, but got tired of HGTV'S programs. Some were seriously lacking. I am off to check out Emily
Henderson's blog.

Mary said...

I agree totally with your comments about HGTV. I am SO over house hunters and design to sell. I think those shows have really hurt the market for sellers.


Anonymous said...

Kathy, I would go crazy for a outfit to room t.v. show! Those are my favorite posts to create.. thank you so much for featuring me! xo