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Friday, June 29, 2018

My Summer Decorating Continues With Some Sparkle!

My summer decorating has continued and I am pretty happy with it all so far. 

There is one exception though and that is my dining room, but to be honest what I have done will do until we can DO what I really would like to do in there. More on that on another day!

Today let's talk about what I have done. Last report to you all was all about my pillows, which I am in love with.....

I couldn't be happier with the cool, crisp look of our room for the hot days of summer.

There is an area below our TV where I have a  3ft. long nickel plate tray sitting and it has 3 clear glass bubble balls sitting on it. I got this years ago at Restoration Hardware, so I am not sure they still carry it.

I decided that this tray needed some more glass balls/fish floats.

Luckily a nice reader told me that Pottery Barn had just what I was looking for so that very same day I ordered 2 sets of 3 balls. I think I might need one more set though.

They actually came with two blue and one clear.

The table is 5 ft. long and the tray is 39 in. long just to give you a frame of reference. You know one of my decorating mantras is BIG is better and this tray definitely falls into that category!

 I think a few more balls might be in my future. I just sit and stare at these sparkly spheres. I love them especially when the afternoon sun comes in the windows.

I am really happy with the outcome!!

Every room needs a touch of sparkle! 
Remember vary your textures to keep the room interesting.

Next I am looking for a stack of baskets for a bit more texture in my room. I will place them next to the black and white spool chair.

A decorators work is never done, and this one is still going to continue to.....



cindy hattersley design said...

I love those glass fishing floats. I have a few old ones. Maybe I should add some new ones to mix it up. That tray is fabulous. I would love to get my hands on one of those. If you ever see one let me know!

Mary said...

You always make me look around my home to make sure it’s up to snuff. And sadly it’s lacking sparkle. I have a small collection of glass budvases. I hope putting those on display will add what’s missing.

Anonymous said...

Super-Duper website! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am
bookmarking your feeds also

Judy B said...

Kathysue, I have lusted over that table when I saw it in your previous home, and the rental and now! I have also admired your long tray. The way you have filled it for summer is perfect. It really adds to the cool, summery look of your room! Just love the whole room!