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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Heart To Heart With Kathysue!!

This post is going to be a heart to heart. There won't be any decorating ideas or inspiration, just a real honest post about how I have been feeling lately. Grab a cup of coffee, relax and read on........

I feel as if I am going through an awkward stage. You know the stage when you feel like nothing in your closet fits or looks good on you. 

The disappointment in yourself because you did not lose the weight you thought you would lose by some miraculous happening, since you never exercised or went on a diet.

When you feel like your hair is no longer the right style, but are way too afraid to make a drastic change. 

The older women looking back at you from the mirror no longer resembles the gal that is pictured in your head.

This is a very awkward stage! Kind of like puberty right before you blossom into a beautiful young lady, but in reverse!!

Now I like to think I am a pretty positive gal, and I truly am, most of the time, but the past couple of weeks these feelings have been my reality. 

I decided to write about it to help me sort through it. I figured I am probably not alone in the way that I am feeling.

I am also very realistic, so I try looking at my past history to figure out what I will most likely do within reason. My past shows I won't do anything too drastic so I have to approach it all realistically.

 Yes! To top it all off I am a Libra and YES I require balance and peace in my life.

When I start to feel unbalanced I look inside to see which areas feel off kilter.

 Body, Soul and Mind

I have found it is usually because one or more areas of my life have taken over, or has been left behind.

We all need to feed our body, soul and mind so that is where I am starting.


Since we are about to change into  a different season, Spring, I figured I better start by being ruthless about what clothing pieces actually fit comfortably for Spring and only have those things hanging in my closet.

Let's face it there is nothing more disheartening than trying on 5 different items of clothing that don't fit properly right before you have to be ready to go out.

So I figured it is time to put away the things that ALMOST fit but not quite. Then I can evaluate what I truly have and can wear now. This will me seewhat gaps I have in my wardrobe.

I have to admit I have been feeling a little frumpy lately. Winter months will do that to you.

The other thing I am going to start doing is doing what I call a Kathy Perdue makeup, a little blush and lipstick, even if I am inside the house, Oh and curl my eyelashes. 

I don't like wearing makeup on my face unless we are going out for something special but without any makeup I look a little sickly, if you know what I mean.

I will say I am happy with the condition of my skin, minus the wrinkles which are a given at this age. My skin texture is still pretty good. I can thank the gene pool for that.

Probably one of the worst things I have done to myself lately is telling myself negative things about myself, just because I am not looking or feeling how I want to right now. That is counter productive so those negative thoughts are going to stop and in their place I will do something constructive and positive throughout my day.

The weather has finally settled into a lovely Spring weather pattern so a daily walk will be good for body, soul and mind.

There are always things we can do to make our lives better and more comfortable for the way we live. Just look inside and try your hardest to stay positive. 



Sandy said...

So many good quotes and thoughts here today, Kathy Sue. I relate well to your situation. I may be a bit older (62) but I understand the awkward stage and how winter brings on the dowdy feeling. This year in February I did two things for myself. I scheduled Botox and ended up with some filler which just gave me a bit of my younger version without feeling plastic. Then I hired a wardrobe specialist to come go through my closet with me. She gave me great suggestions on how to wear what I have together, how my jeans and shorts should fit, told me to have my jeans shortened to make them more attractive and gave me a few suggestions of pieces to add to my wardrobe. We took lots of pictures of combinations of things that were already in my closet. It was very hefpful and now I have some things that look stylish and I'm more aware when I get dressed. Hoping to put together a capsule wardrobe for spring and one for summer and use everything in my closet without wearing the same things from now to September. Having her appointment on my calendar also motivated me to take off the five pounds that were making me uncomfortable in my shorts so that too was a bonus.

Karen Salp said...

Kathysue, I feel your pain! I keep telling myself, Spring will help return me to my happy place. Hang in there! Love your blog!

Karen said...

This wonderful reminder and the post helps all of us! Thank you. I think we over fifty women need to remind ourselves daily that while our body and face may not look the way they did earlier in life, our insides are rich with experience, knowledge and love. I enjoyed many of the quotes you've shared and will be saving them to remind myself to be kind to myself, I am kind to those I encounter, why not give myself the same?!

Black Door Cottage said...

Kathysue, I have been following your blog for quite awhile. I enjoy all of your posts and have loved watching you transition to your new home. Today's post hit home big time...this 59 year old understood each and every word you wrote. Thank-you...it was very timely for me and I'm going to have to bookmark it and re-read it every so often!

John said...

You're certainly not alone with those feelings. This aging process "ain't for sissies", I just keep pushing myself and count my blessings -- hard as that may be some times! Two phrases I try hard to keep out of my vocabulary are "when I was younger" and "I used to ....." . Keep strong and positive like you always seem to do okay Stripes?

nancy2 said...

Kathy Sue,
As we grow older and that girlish figure goes away and those lines on our face appear �� we all have those feelings from time to time. I schedule a girlfriends lunch, enjoy a glass of bubbly and share some laughs. A new hairstyle or color, maybe just highlights is good to perk things up. I remind myself of the blessings in my life, count your blessings, as they say.

Ssprague said...

Thank you for sharing - you are definitely right that others might be going through something similar and might benefit from your words. I am turning 50 this year and am in the same boat with nothing fitting. The New Year plans to lose 15 pounds before my trip to Maui at the end of this week have come to nothing. But I must work with what I have and not spoil the much-anticipated time alone (minus his conference schedule) with my husband while my parents stay with our children. Reframing my narrative into what I get to do rather than what I SHOULD do helps. Thank you for this blog post and for all the others!

michele said...

Beautiful post that surely everyone can relate to. To acknowledge that we are enough is not a small thing. But we are. So no need to keep hustling for our worthiness (totally stolen from Brene Brown!). xox

Mary said...

I went through this last year. I finally got off my butt, joined Jenny Craig, and a gym. I love my workout classes! I am usually the oldest one in class and can't believe the results I've achieved. Now my 42yr old daughter says she wished she was as strong as me.
But...I did not do this to look better. I did it to get healthy. To feel better. And get strong. I didn't want to become a burden to my daughter.
I feel better now than I have in many years.
Now I look forward to your fashion posts. I find myself wearing make-up even if I'm not going anywhere. I just feel better!
You can make this happen for yourself. You just have to commit to it.
I have faith in you!

Barbara said...

I can relate to your feelings Kathysue, I recently turned 70 & see changes in my appearance that can sometimes make me feel very low. I have kept my weight reasonably stable but I confess I own a "thin" closet full of clothes & my current wardrobe, I just can't bring myself to dispose of the "thin" clothing just yet. My skin is in pretty good shape but my hair is thinning faster than I would like & quickly turning grey. When I feel down I very quickly check myself by saying - yes my hair is thinning & my weight could be improved but there are too many ladies out there losing their hair & weight for dreadful reasons so I immediately count my blessings & I have those in abundance. I try to live with gratitude & enjoy the simple pleasures like sharing our thoughts & chatting on blogs. Thanks for sharing yours.

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

I just turned 60 and have had these same thoughts for a while. This post could have easily been written by me. We all get to that place at some point and struggle with our reality not being what we imagined. Lets face it after menopause we aren't the same and things like weight and endurance change. Emotionally I'm in need of more peace and calm- I don't do hectic well anymore! Having a loving and supportive husband is a blessing and somehow I bet yours loves you just the way you are! I have part of a jingle that runs through my head frequently "look for the silver lining" which helps me through the difficult moments.
P.S.- I'd love to see pictures of your yard since the landscaping has been in for a while now. It was such a joy seeing your yard get transformed!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Oh my gosh...this is truly a wonderful post! You make people feel as though they are not alone with their thoughts....especially we women of a "certain age" i try to keep positive...I think for the most part stress (brought on myself) can suck the life out of you...trying to do too much and please so many people to not let them down...but in the end, no one can take care of one's self, other than ourself...We all want to look like we feel..in our 20's!...but reality sets in. I feel you are on the right path...the right attitude...I want to have the attitude like my mom....to just be happy that I am alive and healthy...to greet each day happy to see the sun with a few more pounds and a few more wrinkles. Thanks for sharing your thoughts...some of those many of us have!