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Sunday, October 2, 2016

A FASHION POST: How To Wear Plaid Pants

How To Wear Plaid Pants And Still Look Like A Grown-Up!!

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Plaid has been on the fashion scene for several years now.

We can all wear a cute plaid shirt in cotton, or flannel with our jeans, and feel in style, and quite comfortable. 
However, when it comes to plaid pants we are not all quite as brave, or adventurous.

Plaid pants were huge in the 80’s, and they were a staple in my wardrobe back then. 
I had a black watch plaid pair, and a cute red plaid pair of pants that were go-to wardrobe staples in the winter months.
plaid pants with blue coat, cutevia
I was one happy lady when I saw plaid pants emerge again. 

I purchased a black watch plaid pant at the beginning of the winter season, and I must say those pants have become my go-to pair of pants.

Since I have enjoyed wearing my plaid pants I thought I would share a few ways to wear them that are appealing to me.
plaid pants and mustard

When I saw this outfit I immediately ordered a mustard sweater. I knew it would make a good combination for me, since mustard is a color I can seem to wear with my coloring. 

One very important detail  I want you to all notice is the proportions in the outfit above. 

The sweater is not pulled down around her hips, which is a good thing it would only shorten her legs.

She also has a V-neck sweater, which is also a good idea since  that will elongate her neck, and make her look thinner. If you don't have a V-neck sweater try wearing a long pendant to elongate your look.

She accessorized with one great statement necklace, and  simple cuff bracelet. This was a very smart choice. She kept the plaid, and the pop of color in the sweater the focus.
I love the pop of the red shoe with this outfit. It feels a bit unexpected, and makes this outfit more fun, and interesting.

The layered tops are dark enough to make your top look slimmer. 

The shirt peeking out of the bottom of the black sweater is fun, but to be honest it is peeking out just a tad too much. If you decide to wear the peeking shirt tail make sure it is just barely peeking out.

Also remember with this look you are creating a horizontal line  across your body that is going to stop the eye unless it is close to the color of the pant. 

A simple black purse would have been a bit more classic, and I would have added pearl stud earrings, and a simple strand of pearls. I almost always wear one gold bangle so that would have been my choice of bracelets.

I know layering of bracelets is in style and I love the look, BUT and I do mean a big BUT,you do not want to over accessorize, and become a TREND-ZILLA. So keep that in mind when adding layer upon layer.
Helpful Hint:
When you know you are wearing one very current trend try to not overload on other trends, keep the other pieces more classic and simple. Let the trend speak for itself.
LE FASHION BLOG OUTFIT COLLAGE Theyskens Theory Fiola Tee Elizabeth and James Crescent Sunglasses Iosselliani Twisted Multiwires Necklace Tibi Plaid Skinny Beatles Pants Pour La Victoire Butler Large Haircalf Tote NARS Nail Polish in Dovima Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Ariana Band Ring Christian Louboutin Particule 100 Leopard Print Pumps
I  love every element of this outfit.

Unfortunately I can no longer wear a high heel so I would opt for a leopard flat, but every other piece is a smart and classic look.

For the winter I would also wear this ensemble with a black turtle neck and a simple long gold pendant necklace.
Plaid and Leopard for fall
In this outfit collage you can see the person shows 6 different  shoe options. 

I personally would not choose the nude shoes, only because I think the plaid needs a little more weight as in the leopard or the black shoes.

The chambray shirt is fun, but with the accessories I think the shirt needs to have a bit more tailoring, and I would never wear a huge statement necklace with a shirt that has two pockets. 

Too much going on in one small area. A more tailored chambray in a darker color would be a more classic choice for me personally.
When choosing a necklace keep in mind what is going on around where the necklace will be placed. If there is a yoke, collar and pockets, keep the necklace simple, or do not wear one at all, try statement earrings instead.

Two pair of plaid pants that I like……..
Classic black watched plaid, slim cut ankle pant.
Fun red, cobalt and black plaid on a winter white background. Slimmer cut ankle length pant.

The current way to wear plaid pants is a slimmer cut, and hemmed at the ankle. 

When wearing this look make sure you can see skin, that is key. 

I just ordered these pants at a great sale price of $29.99 marked down from $89.00. 

One thing about these pants, they will hem them to your desired length, and if they don’t fit you can still return them, now that is what I call great customer service, and the hemming is FREE!!

I love fashion almost as much as I do interior design, and I hope you enjoy my post on fashion from time to time.

I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, however I do like to dress well, and feel good in my clothes, so that keeps me on my toes with my ever changing body at this age, if you know what I mean.

Have fun with your wardrobe, study what is out there and find the looks and proportions that are right for your body type.

I have 18 pinboards on fashion that are at the top of my pinterest page if you would like to see what I like to wear.
Click HERE to go to my pinterest page.
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Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

So happy to see the plaid pants!...I know that plaid is back in a big way...I so love the outfit with the yellow sweater.....so classic....and nice to know that the leopard print looks good with the plaid too...I would have never put that together, but it works!

Karen said...

I may be closer to your age than the darling models in the post, but I love this post. I appreciate the details of navigating some of the new trends at my age. I like classic and traditional but enjoy adding a trend to stay current. Thanks for this post with the details you've given.

Mona said...

Love it...I'm a huge fan of plaid. Great post.

Mary said...

Hi Kathysue. I am really appreciating the fashion posts. I lost a bunch of weight over the past year & have taken an interest in fashion again. I still have trouble wearing some things. I am only 5ft tall & very short-waisted with a larger bust than I would like. Anything that creates a horizontal line wouldn't look right on me. Do you think I could pull off plaid pants if my top/sweater was a little longer then what you've shown?

Kathysue said...

Mary PROPORTIONS are soooo important to we shorter ladies. We have to keep in mind what silhouette we want to create. I would NOT do a long sweater on a 5ft. lady, but I would do a black watch plaid pant with a V-neck cashemre sweater and a gold long chain with a pendant necklace. I would pair it with either a cute patent flat or loafer or if you can wear a heel go for the heel. Remember your goal is to make your legs look longer which will make you look taller. Never cut yourself in half with a long sweater. A nice white collared blouse under the sweater with a strand of pearls would also look great. Make your plaid on the darker side like the black watch plaid. Let me know if this appeals to you! Thanks for the question and for reading my blog.

vignette design said...

Hi Kathysue!
Love this post! As you well know, I love plaid and love seeing it paired with leopard. Great post on how to pull this look off without looking ridiculous! Hope all is well with you and Doug. -Delores