Monday, August 15, 2016

Sometimes Repurposing Can Really Look Good!

First I have to say I am not a DIYer, nor will you find me doing a lot of repurposing of old furniture into something new and useful. However if I see something done well and I think YOU, my readers might be interested, I will write a post.

Today is one of those days!

Did you all own one of these in the 90s and the 2000's? 
The TV armoire!

This is actually a picture of my family room in my previous home. A home I loved and lived in for 37 years. I think we had the armoire for a good 20 some odd years so we definitely got our use out of it.

We had a smaller tv in the armoire at one time, and then when we got a larger tv  so my hubby put piano hinges on the doors so the larger tv would have room.

It was a fairly expensive piece, and well made when we purchased it. Over the years the patina of the wood got a beautiful satin finish.

However this piece ran it's course and has been retired to the garage for storage. Sad but true, it just does not work in our new home....

I figured if I had an outdated armoire there must be more of you out there in the same position.

I saw a picture of a repurposed armoire that changed my mind about repurposed armoires. I have seen many ideas for repurposing an armoire, but to be honest I was not that impressed with any of them until I saw this one....

Let me tell you what I like about this one.

1. First they took the doors off, and that immediately made it look less armoire-like.

2. It is treated like part of the kitchen cabinets by painting it the same color as the kitchen cabinets.

3. Shelves were added, and backed with paneling in a lighter color which gives this piece depth and interest.

4. A marble counter top was added so it can be used as a work surface. The top part was cut so it could be set back,again giving the piece some interest and dimension.

5. Look at the top it has an interesting piece of architecture that was added, and kept in a natural wood instead of trying to make it integral to the piece. (Ballard designs carries a piece that looks just like this, you can find it here...

Personally I think this is a great looking repurposed armoire. It no longer looks like an armoire and I think that is key when you are trying to update a piece.


I can't use a piece like this in my own home, but I bet someone out there could do this!

Let me know if you do this, would love to see the results!!


Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

I do like what they did with the armoire that you've featured. I was prepared to see yours all painted white and integrated in your home! I never had an armoire for a tv but we did have a large unit that served both for tv and the stereo equipment. Eventually as the TV's grew larger it became out of favor so I sold it. Now I have one in my guest room that has shelves where the tv would be and is used for bedding storage and extra room for the guest's things.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

That is an amazing re-purposed armoire! Beautiful!!!

Lady of the Manor said...

Great idea, especially that it's used for wine!!

michele said...

i love that repurposed armoire! i actually had the exact same armoire you have. i painted it white and used it for storage then sold it before our downsize when i sold more than half of everything we owned.i owned another monstrous armoire that was a corner unit. we actually designed a bathroom around that thing, built it in and used it as the ultimate linen closet--all these roll out drawers and deep storage. awesome post which is destined to inspire a ton of folks who are thinking of trashing their armoire! xox


I was ready to see what you did with your great armoire, lol.. Yes, it's pretty what someone did to the one without doors.
How about yours for linen storage in a hallway or bedroom?